Monday, August 31, 2009

goodbye holidays~

aww.. the holidays have ended. I'm not ready to go back to my daily, boring routine!! aigoo.
Was supposed to watch G.I Joe today and buy that top i was eying since ytd but my mum said "no need la.. save money and buy something else" i was like == ... fine.
so we ended up watching HBO instead; Home Box Office: Michael Jackson Unmasked DVD. XD
so we watched. It progressed from his Birth to his Death. when it was over and the lights were turned on, I noticed that my dad's eyes were red; like mine. He cried. i think my mum did too. and so did i when his death part was shown.

Sadly, there are still some people who are so IGNORANT enough to believe that he molested children or is not dead. Grow up you jackass adult. I don't really care if you're married or what ever shit. you should understand as an adult. the user previously mentioned in my post before this replied to my comment which I replied to his comment. He then said:

"yuuka93.(That's my youtube account) The problem is silly people hiding behind laptops are giving me thinly veiled death threats. tbh this actually turns me on and it makes me hate even more. i only reply to the weirdos, i am not the aggresor. there is a photo of me on my channel so i dont hide. unlike gutless cowards who threaten my family and block me and hide after their comms. they should just hang their cowardly heads in shame, instead of having wet dreams about this child molester who is not even dead, cult followers."

yeah, so what if I'm showcasing what that idiot said to me? He's one fat dude who I bet drinks several cans of beer a day.

bah.. i don't get Americans. They just talk so much about other people but don't look at themselves. Don't get me wrong, I'm not calling all Americans jackasses; only those in particular. I mean, let's just take Jet Lee for example, he went to the USA to do his acting and he said something like this:

"You may think I'm a rich person, but in fact, I'm only as simple as the rest of you. In America, it's all about money. One day they'll come and talk to you saying you're all great but when you fall behind in number 2 the next day, they'll pretend not to know you. That's all because of GREED."

Just tell me, how many Americans are like MJ? I bet only 20 or less. He keeps to his principles.
Just watch ANY MJ video on youtube and you'll find several people bashing each other calling names like faggot, cunt, fucker, dickhead, homo, bitch, jackass ect ect. hah. i bet most of them are Americans and MEN. Just Beat It already and get a life.

I'm just really pissed off right now.. so yeah. faggot.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I hear fireworks?

Happy Merdeka peeps! Though I'm not really enthusiastic about this year's celebration.. I don't know... must be the politics. meh.

anyway, zomg... a guy added me from Singapore.. and I was like.. who are youu? then i deleted him. Then suddenly he IM-ed me so yeah.. i couldn't see his display pic at first so we talked. He asked about me and the normal stuff. then i thought, ' hmm this guy is okay i guess..' so i added him again and holleyfudgecakemountains. his DP was his dick. == i was like. ewwwwwwwww
I told him to change his DP but he was like "hehe" then he invited me to a webcam session and being a SANE teenage girl, i declined and told him the conversation was getting awkward; while all the time covering his DP.


I mean, it's not like I've never seen one before (to be honest. No one at this age is a goody goody teenage kid.)but it was utterly disgusting. ==
anyway, came back from shopping in JJ at 11pm+

Whee got another MJ dvd! *happyhappy*

Anyway, when boredom strikes on Merdeka night so does the camera.. (i realized that i haven't uploaded camwhore pictures in a looonnngggg time)

grr. forget it. not in the mood to take pics.. lol.. and i look weird. ==

just had to share this too.. forgive me for all about michael jackson stuff on my blog these days

Just watch this video and tell me what you see.
To me, I see a man who has his spirit torn into several million shreds by the media and people around him. He looked so tired and in pain. You can say that he might be lying or he might be doing this as a publicity stunt but I don't believe that is so. Truly i believe he was abused physically and mentally.
And what are people still doing now? They're still bashing him with mindless, ridiculous, nasty comments.

C'mon people, give the poor man a break. He's dead and gone but you people are still criticizing about what he has done. For the record, he has done NOTHING WRONG. Compared to most people out there, i should say they have done FAR MORE WRONG DOINGS THAN HIM. there is one irritating Youtube user that just gets on my nerves. what was his name.. 19apriltwin71? hah. get a life.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

*The One and Only*

Happy Birthday to:

Michael Jackson <3

Bae Yong Jun

Grandma [:

8TV aired Michael Jackson's 30th Anniversary Celebration (2001) at 10.40pm just now. [:
My parents were ecstatic about the program. I was upstairs on the laptop when my dad yelled at me to come down and watched the performance. XD

The show started with performance by different artistes. That was when I sobbed my eyes out. Literally. I was really touched by all the love they poured out into singing his songs, that I cried.
In front of my parents.
But I was sitting in front of my parents, in front of the huge screen so they can't really see me anyway. But I sure did drench the pillow that i was so devastatingly hugging with tears. And now, my eyes hurt..

Anyway, after Elizabeth Taylor announced MJ to perform with the rest of the Jackson 5 I was high, ecstatic, crazy, whatever. I can't even remember the song they sang. It was a medley of their old songs from the Jackson 5 days.

Oh yeah! They started with "ABC" and then the waterworks started again too. (man you must think i'm a cry baby. heh heh) Then it led to his solos. Man it was the BOMB!

I think Michael Jackson is the sexiest man on earth. It isn't about the muscles or the looks. It was Michael's personality that made him sexy and also the way he presented himself on stage. I just love the way he tipped his fedora hat to that angle that it covers his eyes. so sexy <3 I bet he's the only one who can pull that off with such effin hotness. XD
Despite his multiple plastic surgeries, and his "nose issue" he's still the only guy who can make me cry when he performs on stage every.single.time. Now, how about that? Maybe it's also his distinctive, angelic voice that keeps hovering in my head.. or maybe it's the lyrics.. for example, I find these songs very meaningful in a way, to me: "Don't Walk Away" & "Speechless"
Go search the lyrics for these songs and experience them for yourself. :)

I guess it also doesn't really matter if Michael's an Islam or not, cause God loves everybody; and He loved Michael so much that He took him home before all this chaos started with the H1N1 and the rest of the political bullcrap. I really thank God for that. But what bums me out is why he was the first to go home to the Lord in his family?

Michael, you were Gone Too Soon..

Currently Listening to : Heaven Can Wait by Michael Jackson

Friday, August 28, 2009

Another boring day at home..
and for once, I played Persona 4, from 12pm to 6pm. You must be really happy for me aren't you, Lam? :p She's been like..

"Eh what happened to your P4? must stay loyal!"

"I started playing Okami the second time before P4 laa.. == "


Ah the Protagonist is hot. ^^ he reminds me of someone. ==

So basically we talked about games and such yesterday. or was it the day before.. meh.
Gah. Youtube is being an ass now. It's loading so slow.

A asked me to watch Brown Eyed Girls' Abracadabra MV. damn.. the dance would get any guy(maybe?) to jack off on the chair itself. ==
I was like.. "meh.."
The opening sounds like a part of a song i heard somewhere. can't remember but it's sooo familiar. hmmm..
Watching the MV now. the only thing going through my head now is

"damn.. so... pretty... hot and sexy."

Don't be mistaken, I'm absolutely Straight with a slight essence of Bi-ness :)

Oh my.. i feel like getting my hair cut like the very short haired girl in the MV. nyah. :/
Hmmm.. i just realized, Bong's hair in Heartbreaker resembles Alex Evan's; only, it's blond. teehee. I love it when Bong wears eyeliner. so hot. ^^
Also, Korean music is starting to sound the same with the techno music eh?

Ah.. holidays are coming to an end. That means PS2 goes back into parents' closet until end of the year. But heck, i bet i'll barely even get to touch that thing with all the holiday work my parents want me to do at the shop.


HAD to include this too!
See, my oh-cousin-tersayang might be getting a DSLR soon. so i said i wanted one too. then she showed me the links to several good ones like Canon and Nixon. then it went to:

!.:~Bii~:.!-lame- says:
imagine cny
with our whole family

Juju || i admit, i do feel emo sometimes <3~>
all DSLR cameras

!.:~Bii~:.!-lame- says:
one family now got 3 dslr
2 digital cam
then if u get
then there would be like 4
then if i get there will be 5

Juju || i admit, i do feel emo sometimes <3~>
so pro la

!.:~Bii~:.!-lame- says:
then my bro wants to get one too

Juju || i admit, i do feel emo sometimes <3~>
shit wehhhhh

!.:~Bii~:.!-lame- says:
in one family
excluding digital cameras

Juju || i admit, i do feel emo sometimes <3~>
people'll be REAL jealous

!.:~Bii~:.!-lame- says:
imagine we go to klcc
dah la
our family just love to have meeting is the middle of the crowd
*in the

Juju || i admit, i do feel emo sometimes <3~>
hua hua hua

!.:~Bii~:.!-lame- says:
theres like 20 of us
6 have dslr

Juju || i admit, i do feel emo sometimes <3~>
how entertaining.. everyone clicking at their cameras away

!.:~Bii~:.!-lame- says:
its quite siao
one year.. this will happen

Juju || i admit, i do feel emo sometimes <3~>
yes it will. hope it'll be soon tho
then masuk surat khabar

!.:~Bii~:.!-lame- says:
the 50 bucks pg thing

Juju || i admit, i do feel emo sometimes <3~>

!.:~Bii~:.!-lame- says:
siao shit la

It's a really lame thing that we cousins share :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hmm, i've come to realize several things about myself today. I went to get a hair cut after Accounts Tuition at around 1pm. There, some guy came and washed my hair. ^^ To be honest, I prefer guys to wash or do my hair. He was gentle with the scalp massage and scrubbing. Unlike girls who wash girl customers' hair, they're pretty rough and it's painful on the scalp. ow... so, i was enjoying the wash very much with my mum sitting near me. bah. so, then it was rinsing time. and he took a kind of long time to rinse my hair properly. == i wonder why. Anyway, after he washed my almost waist long hair, a girl came to cut my hair. after trim trim trim and snip snip snip, voila! my hair is below shoulder length.

Yesss short hair :D
Teehee.. come to think of it, this picture is kinda nice. haha. The camera i'm using is a Nixon Coolpix. hmm.. graphics not that nice but heck, at least it takes pictures! :)
anyway, the guy rinsed my hair again. the cool water was refreshing! then it was blow here, blow there.. add cream here, ect.. my hair looked pretty bouncy after that *a happy customer*
When i had my glasses off, my vision was kinda blur. I was looking at myself the whole time in the reflection of the mirror; watching the girl's hands snip at my hair. i couldn't see any flaws at myself then. i couldn't see all those unwanted details on my face, or on the girl. How would it be if our inner vision was like that? Not to focus on the teeny, tiny details but to look at the over all and enjoy our "flawless" self? If that were to happen, we wouldn't have wars to begin with. meh.

anyhoots, MA bought something for me, that she claims, looks like me. ==
F brought it over during Accts. Tuition.

I have NO idea what to do with this notebook. I already have like what? 5 note books? and i just bought one from S&J a few months ago. Decided to use that next year as a planner for my last year of High School. meh. F told me to use this one for College. ==
Went to the dentist after that at 4pm to check on my braces. haha. I'm taking them off in a few months! oh joy :D Hmm.. a pretty short post if i might say ay?

Currently listening to: You Belong With Me-Taylor Swift (pop remix)

Horrhhh! I found out Jojo and Mel went JJ to watch G.I Joe and I Love You Betty Cooper. ==
Eeeee... didn't ajak me. haha. i couldn't go anyway :?
Nevermind.. Next time we go watch District 9 and New Moon together kay? :D
The aliens in District 9 look so adorable, so sue me.

Hungry lah.. ==

you know what? screw it. I like Big Bang again. Especially Bong with his BLOND HAIR = HOT

his Solo Heartbreaker (MV +Breathe teaser) is like BAM! I love the MV. really original(?) i have no idea. People say he copied Flo-Rider but HECK NO! Bongie is a perfectionist! :D
in his video, he looked so Fierce and ferocious! mmm~ yummy
haha! but seriously, i recommend it. If you don't like it then please don't flame that piece of hot flesh. :)
G DRAGON Pictures, Images and Photos

Currently Listening To: Monsoon By Tokio Hotel

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Okami Review

Okay, I can't help myself but put up another post. For those PS2 and Wii junkies out there who are looking for an new whole awesome experience to the meaning of console gaming, try


Right. Here's my review for this awesome game. First up, the graphics are what make the game so special. It's like watching yourself draw old Japanese drawings while playing a white God-Wolf named Amaterasu. The battle style is like any other. You approach a scroll of a colour, and you'll be surrounded by a barrier and enemies will come out to attack. Right. Normal right? But, a twist to this battle style is that you can kill enemies with brush strokes. YES BRUSH STROKES. Every technique is based on the 12+1 animals of the zodiac (+ a cat) and different strokes are for different elements. and the ED credits are just beautiful Which games makes you cry in the middle of the Final Boss fight?? tell me!!
here's a review of Okami by X Play:

I don't have a Wii but i can tell it's as good as the PS2 one. Same graphics, same story, same battle style. BUT, with using a Wii remote, it's harder to battle with weapons. The graphics look less dull and has a few glitches.
Again, BUT this version has NO CREDITS. IMAGINE THAT. D:
here's a review for the Wii version:

I was really hoping Clover Studios would create a sequel to Okami but sadly, Capcom closed the company down a few months after Okami was released in 2007. :(

epic phail#

As stated in my previous post, i was d0wnloading O2jam Phill. version. And ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom~ the game wouldn't run after installing the client. in the end i gave up.
Did the usual stuff, Facebook, Twitter ect. and then went down stairs for breakfast : mi sua (?) at almost 11am i think..
then played PS2 (okami again). My parents got home for lunch at 12pm something and i was still full and was busy finishing a mission on the game. After my parents had their lunch, they watched me play PS2. It was funny seeing them watching me play. Especially when i didn't have to look at the controller every now and then to figure out which button to press
*ahemmyparentsdothatahem* .
Then suddenly, my dad asked me:

dad: Girl, did anyone send you a CD?
me: *hears the word CD* hmm? CD? What CD? Which CD? *still mashing buttons*
dad: This one la. *shows me envelope*
me: YAY IT'S HERE!! *grabs envelope with CD*
dad: It was here for a long time already.
me: huh? O.o is it?

LOL! it was the HighStreet5 client CD I had ordered through text msg a few weeks ago. I thought it would never come (like my XDO CD for which i had personally called the number to order)

But the irony of this whole joyfest is that, my HP mini laptop has no CD drive.
I have to get an external CD drive to install this babeh D:
I know the picture quality sucks. I took it with my in-built webcam on my laptop. How tedious. That is why I NEED A CAMERA.
I mean, i already have one, but my mum usually keeps it with her. BUT, i want a PROFESSIONAL DSLR CAMERA which cost a freaking RM2000+
woe is me *bawls*

Oh, and I'm thinking of getting a hair cut. I know, i've posted this question on facebook and on Twitter but there're no serious responses. I'm gonna pop the question:

What style shall i go with this time?

just reply this question by clicking the "reports of excessive crapping" button. thanks! :)

arghhh i want my phone to be UNBAR-ED! *waves magic wand* UNBAR NOW!!
..... ..... .....
It's not workinggg!!

I'm hungry... i think i should go eat now~

Monday, August 24, 2009


I've come to realize how much my typing style has changed. I was looking back at my Xanga blog (which is officially dead) and was reading my old posts.
anyway, I was just randomly searching on Google and i searched my nickname: Judify
and i found a bunch of things! First was my Xanga blog, then came Blogger then Twitter, then a bunch of other sites. one was on Auto Sales. == wtf? then a forum which i was active on once-upon-a-time. Super Juni-or13 or something like that. just google me :)

I played PS2 for 7 hours straight today.. 10+am to 5+pm. and only 1 game: Okami
I shocked myself too. and I'm thinking of getting a hair cut. what style or how should i cut it? :/

oh, i had my homemade sweet mocha before maths tuition today. and the result? My randomness meter went up a notch higher than usual.


hmmm, i'm downloading O2Jam Phill now. Since Perfect World and HighStreet5 phailed to install, i'm not having really high hopes about this one. currently listening to Monsoon by Tokio Hotel. I have to admit, i find Bill's voice intriguingly attractive(?) haha. it's kinda girl-like but that's what attracts me and probably what attracted Judy in the first place besides his looks. :O

Sunday, August 23, 2009

barefeet + football = Ouch!

yeahh.. so i broke my toenail today at church; attempting to kick a volleyball barefooted.
*note to self: never do that again.
and this was what happened.

it's not really clear but here's picture of my chipped-offed nail. :D

it didn't hurt much. it just freaked me out a little. especially when i could see a crack from the tip to the side. it looks kinda rectangular.. :O

besides the toenail, i think i sort of.. um.. kinda-dislodged-ish-ed my left side of my jaw. D: it sort of "clicks" when i open my mouth kinda wide. and it hurts sometimes. gah. what a bad weekend.
Thank God it's the holidays or i'd have to go to school with pink-coloured toenails. mehh..

Had dinner at McD's drive thru with mum and the maid just now. my dad was being a couch potato. so we bought a McChicken for him. :)

Ohoh! i watched MJ's World HiStory Tour in Munich; Germany last night at 10.40pm on 8tv. it was like,
at the end of the concert where he sang HiStory, they had several flags of some countries put up on screen. then at the end of the song, they sped up the slide and guess what? I saw OUR NATIONAL FLAG!! :D
i was like:

I was basically yelling hysterically *over exaggerating* to my dad who was watching the show with me. He had put up a screen and plugged in the LCD player thingie (i think). My mum was already asleep. ==
After so long, the song that really makes me tear up is still "I'll Be There" it just holds so much fond memories of the Jackson 5 days and when MJ sang it in his adult voice, it just makes me cry D:
and and, Bae Yong Jun, MJ and my grandma have 1 thing in common.

They share the same birthday!! :D
awesome no? :)


And I didn't fail my PiawaI!! (except Moral)
I got 1A, 4Cs, 2Ds and 1E
Compared to mid-term, these results are Wayyyyyyy better. :D

Friday, August 21, 2009

My kind of Boi! :D

Now, here's what you're supposed to do, and please do not spoil the fun. Copy and paste this into your notes, delete my answers, type in your answers and tag 20 of your friends here in Facebook to answer this. Then see what happens.

if you are a guy - post this as "my kind of girl"
if you are a girl - post it as "my kind of guy"
to whichever gender you prefer really.

1. Do you need him/her to be good looking?
well, first impressions do matter so i guess so. But he doesn't have to be good looking to everyone, just me will do.

2. Smart?
hmm.. that's for sure.

3. Preferred age?
16< x<20 :) (2009)

4. Preferred height?
wheee~ must be taller than meee!

5. How about sense of humor?
YES! even if he's EMO.

6. How about piercings?
piercings are cool.. at the appropriate places

7. Accepts you for who you are?
:) of course

8. Pink hair?
pink? uh.. maybe not.

9. Mushy or no?
no no.. 10.

Thin or fat?

11. Black, Brown, Yellow or White (skin color)?
my colour. :) white's cool too! :D

12. Long hair or short hair?
both is okay.. but if it's long, please not below the shoulders (only for those who look good with long hair). i like emo hair :D

13. Plastic or metal?
uh. um. (?)

14. Smells good?
yes please!

15. Smoker?
No way. I'd smack him to the moon. if he was, i'd like to help him change.

16. Drinker?
sure. why not? Bring out the wine babeh!

17. Girl/Boy-next-door type?
hoho.. not too much.

18. Muscular?
sure! just, not so buffy to look like an oversized bag of stuffing. XD

19. Plays piano?
It would be like super awesome if he did :D

20. Plays bass and/or acoustic guitar?
I love a guy with talent. :D

21. Plays violin?
like i said, added bonus!

22. Sings very well?

23. Vain?
lol.. humble

24. With glasses?
it depends

25. With braces?
teehee i have braces. what does it matter?

26. Shy type?
Wheee!! :D

27. Rebel or good boy/girl?

28. Active or passive?

29. Tight or bomb?
no idea what this means.

30. Singer or dancer?
it would be so cool if he could do both

31. Stunner?
not too much.. i want him all to myself! :D

32. Hiphop?

33. Earrings?

34. Mr/Ms. count-my-ex-girlfriends-until-you-drop?
no please. no.

35. Dimples?
how adorable!

36. Bookworm?
nahh.. but a little wouldn't hurt

37. Mr/Ms. love letter?
love letter? that's romantic but nah..

39. Flirt?
with me yes. with other girls? *deathglare* a little is okay as long as he's loyal.

40. Poem writer?
nah.. doesn't have to be.

41. Serious?
certain times.

42. Campus crush?
hmm... no idea

43. Painter?
artist yes! :D painter, not compulsory

44. Religious?
Of course!

45. Someone who likes to tease people?
hehe.. in a good way, yea

46. Computer games geek? Or internet freak?
both i guess. i LOVE games :D

47. Speaks 20 languages?
Not necessary..

48. Loyal or faithful?

49. Good kisser?
Wow.. that's like.. the ultimate.

50. Loves children?

since i'm in a good mood tonight, i shall not tag anyone. feel free to do this if you want. :)

The start of the Holidays!

Listening to: Falling For You-Colbie Caillet <3

Ahhh.. the long awaited week is finally here! :D
my dad agreed to let me play my PS2 during the whole week of school holidays :)
UGH.. but what's worse, I think i'm sick. I have a slight sore throat and i have a runny nose (i'm allergic to dust. ==) and my eyes sting a lot. gahh... must be the stupid haze. rawrr!
anyhoots, i'm re-downloading Highstreet5 again.. cause the previous time, it phailed miserably.
Oh oh! Today's class choir competition wasn't as bad as i thought it would be! :D um.. 4Sci1 kinda got disqualified to get johan in a way.. :/
ahh shit my eyes are killing me!!! gah

Oh, and Natalie Chai confirmed Positive for H1N1 (according to Sara) and Kristagail is in ISH too, under quarantine i think. I pray that they'll get better soon, DX

Seeing as H1N1 has hit our countries with such major impact, (currently 68 deaths i think) and still, Our country has not declared Darurat. ish. what are THEY DOING?? waiting for the death toll to go up to 200?? By the time then, i bet 3/4 of M'sia would be infected and dying off one by one. pish.
And, since the outbreak is like.. deadly, what can we do during the holidays?? *self quarantine*

Self Quarantine Sign Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ji Yongi + E.M.O

First things first, no, Ji Yong is not emo.

Happy Birthday Ji Yong-i!

Ahhh~ Ji Yongi is a year older now.. :D I haven't been listening to Big Bang songs for a seriously long time now ever since my phone broke. "/
Whatever it is, the ever talented leader Kwon Ji Yong will always be in every fangirls' hearts :) Thanks for making great music for all to hear!

Okay.. now that that's done with, i shall get on with my topic today. :P
I realized that on my MSN list of people online, there are always at least personal messages that are emo and hard for people to decipher. Okay, maybe not as emo as you think they are, but close.
Something simple like for example, "What you were to me, is not the same now." it makes you wonder what had happened to that person. But yet, you don't really want to ask in case if the person breaks down during the conversation.
I guess they get those sentences from emo icons and quotes. Some like "Don't try to fix me coz I'm not broken." It may be simple yet so complex. :/
(For the record, I don't even know why I'm doing this post..)
Here's an icon i found:

Besides, emo guys are hot. (to me)


Saturday, August 15, 2009


Hua! woke up this morning like several minutes ago. currently hungry. anyway, went online and IM-ed Bii. she invited me to go MTV World Stage Concert with her! alskdjfhfhg how did she get the tickets?? if i can go, (it's at 6pm tonight) then i might bump into Sara and Chan there. :D but now, i' waiting for my mum's answer. Bii asked me to take the bus down to KL. :O

nyeh... my dad says it's too late. Even if i take the bus i would reach KL too late. nyah... T^T
AND, my mum also dont let. she scared I kena H1N1. fufu~~ oh wells.. :(

oh oh! i finally got to watch Meet the Robinsons! like.. finally after 2 years it was aired. gah. the ending really touched me and brought tears to my eyes ;)

I'm downloading Perfect World now.. it's a game, if you didn't know. :)

I was in church earlier and guess who called?
Why, it was my sepupu! :D
it was so nice of her to call me from the concert just to let me listen to the bands play. *touched*
BakaAaron was next to her too! haha! XD
Then I called Aryna and talked (outside the sanctuary of course) Then, Bii called again and she let me listen for almost 1/2 an hour.. In the car, I felt bad coz maxis to digi is like.. expensive and she's using post-paid. Her dad will kill her if she let me listen any longer. so, I off la. then text-ed her to enjoy herself there and call me if anything special happens. :D
she really is my sepupu tersayang! love you babe! :D you rock!

okay. I'm editing this post A LOT of times. but this is really important news.
Ng Jean Yenn, just got back her H1N1 results and they were positive. Everyone please pray for her. I saw the news on Facebook (ahh.. what a resourceful site) posted by Leroy.
I've known Jean Yenn since we were in primary school and now is like so not the time for her to get this terrible disease. D: Please get better soon Jean!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I haven't been doing anything productive these few days..
My exams are on monday and I didn't even study. Literally
I slept the whole day today. Now i have a headache. gah.
I was supposed to revise Maths, and accounts today but heck, my mind wanted to but my body refused to cooperate.

I'm sooooo gonna F piawai. :O

Friday, August 7, 2009

new notebook~~

Got a new HP Mini!! :D and it's MINE! >D mwahahahaa!! but my mum won't let me keep it for the whole week. ngehh.. anyway, Exams are NEXT WEEK!! monday, tuesday and wednesday. ngek.