Thursday, March 31, 2011

Coz I'm amazing Just the way I am (weird,random ranting)

Yes i tweeked a lil' bit of Bruno Mars' song.

Ever felt like your hair hates you and wants to get revenge by not staying the way you want it to stay because you let it roast in the sun too long? Or perhaps your eyes just look weird because you refused to go to sleep even though it's five in the morning?
Who am I kidding? This post ain't bout mah nagging, it's about lovin' yourself yow~.
Okay, i'm talking like some street kid. Rewind and remix!

Anyway, as I was saying, I go through with these "bodily issues" a lot. Especially in the morning. My eyes would look like I hadn't slept for days and my skin would look like I just revived myself from the grave. My hair? Oh I just love my hair in the morning. Looks like a bird's nest (over-exaggerating). In fact, I hardly comb my hair in the morning now (fact) and I just tie it up or whatever. Did you know your face inflates when you sleep? (another fact. Coz we're sleeping horizontally, so the liquid in our face just pools there. okay, enough science.)

When I was a tween (aged 12?/13 to 14/15?) I didn't really bother with the way I look. My regular casual outfit consisted of:
  • huge T-shirt
  • Baggy pants/jeans/shorts
  • sneakers
  • glasses
  • low pony tail, nerdy, fringe-less updo.
I still cringe when I look at my old photos and smack myself on the head saying "What was I THINKING??"

When I turned 15 (I think?) I started to get self conscious about the way I dress, or the way my hair falls, or the way I walk, or the way I- you get the idea right? It all started when I got obsessed with Korean Pop. Not to say that Korean celebrities make you feel inferior to the way you look right now, it's just that they're so pretty/handsome/gorgeous/omg-fcking-perfect/omg-can-i-just-rip-her-face-off-and-put-it-on-mine.

I'm bigbang bias. So sue me.

Now Korean celebrities aren't the only culprit on this, other celebrities as well. Especially Western ones. Yes, the ones who religiously poke themselves with botox and vacuum their ridiculously fatless bodies to the point of no-aneroxic-return. Nah I was just kidding bout the aneroxic part.
still wanna be a size 2? this is probably a size 3. Heh
I keep going off topic here. :/ in fact, I'm not even sure what the core topic is! Forgive my clutziness. It's past midnight. So anyway, I just want to rant on how much I enjoy being an East Asian. Not just any Asian, but particularly, an East Asian. Don't ask me why, it'll just spark controversy here on racist issues. I don't want to be flagged for being a racist bastard. I am of Shanghai heritage. I didn't know that until my mum told me a few years ago. I was like "whoaaa.. *insert awed expression here*" yeah so, hurray for fair skin!

I used to be jealous of people's eyebrows. Yes you heard me, E.Y.E.B.R.O.W.S. I know I'm weird. Didn't you read my profile? I have thick eyebrows while (almost) everyone else has thin ones. I was jealous. In fact, I just got over this issue at end of last year I think. I was contemplating on whether to reshape them brows or just keep them as they are. I suppose I made the right choice. Not many people have eyebrows like moi.

as you can see, my eyebrows are freaking TRIANGLE in shape. (i'm wearing contact lenses btw. My eyes aren't THAT huge.)

I feel.... like ranting on about my nose, but my eyes are refusing to cooperate with me and are forcing immediate shut down. Just a quick thought, rhinoplasty or more commonly known as the "nose job" has crossed my mind before. And sometimes it still does, but I know, if I change my nose structure, I will never look the way God had intended for me to look.

So, cheers people. Love the way you look now, or you'll regret it later.

Oh, and Happy April Fool's day peeps. (this post is NOT a joke.)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

High high I'm so HIGH

My dad was like

dad: When are your things going to arrive?
me: what? *surprised* April 15th? Estimated time.

dad: tadaa! *shows package*
me: It's here already?? *grins* (while inside, "NO EFFING WAY!! IT'S HERE!! OMG!!)

as I promised, once I got my stuff from YesAsia, I WILL post this with pictures :D who knew it would be this soon?? I was expecting the package to arrive in April. roflmao. ANYWAYS, ON WITH THE SHOW!!


yes, some of you might say that I'm wasting money and saying that I have no life collecting these items, and saying that I wouldn't use them. Well, I am intending to use these things. That's why I bought them in the first place. I don't bother buying albums coz they're available here and the songs can be downloaded online anyway (whoops!) yeah so, but I DO buy concert DVDs :3 (refer to previous post)

So there you have it! :) What I bought online for the first time (by myself)! :D

right, so apart from all this excitement, I got really pissed when I got home. No it's not what you think. Apparently, my dog ran out of the house and wandered around the area. My mum called him back and as he was coming back he got attacked by the neighbour's dogs. It was 2 against 1! wth?? and the owner? piece of shit, she just stood there watching her dogs almost bite mine to death. Almost. My mum was like

*shouting in cantonese* "Take your dogs home!!"

mind you the dogs had chains attached to their collars and the old woman? She just kept standing there. And what's worse? She was hitting my dog with a stick!! That fucking mofo. My mum got so pissed she screeched at the woman and she finally took her dogs home. that bitch. My poor Hiro was limping on one foot.
His injuries weren't THAT serious, but the woman's attitude seriously pisses me off. I hope her dogs chew her arms off ==

besides that, I don't get why people have to steal iron taps == like the ones outside buildings? Yeah. Those.

This was taken last night
This was taken this evening (no it's not flooded. It was raining. Hence the puddle of water)
As you can see, the precious water was running the WHOLE NIGHT AND DAY. wth?? Don't those people have any brains at all?? Our earth is already running out of clean water to drink and still these things can happen. Oh. I bet they're too "disabled" to work. *sarcastic* get a life you lazy asses and get a job damnit. *pissed*

Monday, March 28, 2011

Late Updates.

Went to KL last Friday night. omg i ate like a pig when i arrived there at 11pm-ish (had supper at Williams)

Carbonara seafood spaghetti

The plate doesn't look that big, but trust me, you can't finish it eating alone.

Ribena Lychee (it's a whole can of lychee by the way)

yeah.. there were 2 other spaghetti dishes but i didn't get the chance to take pictures of 'em before they were devoured. anyway, went back to Grandma's house and slept after a very very satisfying supper.
Next morning, woke up at.. 6am. =.= went online, checked my email and one particular email brightened me up almost instantaneously! :D
it was an email from YesAsia stating that my order has been shipped and will be arriving soon. WHEEE~!! (will blog on that some other time. when it arrives. [expect photos!] )

yeah, so anyway, got ready and left at about.. 8.30am and headed somewhere for breakfast. had char kuay teow. then we left for University of Nottingham!!

Unfortunately, we had to go through 3 U-turns and God knows how many tolls to get there. Took us about an hour plus i think. With the GPS. ROFL. (basically, it means we got lost. lol )

This is my favourite :D (coz i look tall HAHAHA)

AND, coincidentally they were having a Japanese Summer Festival! :D

(sorry, no photos on the campus. i forgot to put the SD card into the camera == but it's BIG. like 3 times bigger than Taylors' Lakeside) 

sooo, I guess I'll be going there? Foundations in Arts (1 year) then degree in International Communications or International Relations. Idk yet. after that... probably off to UK? anyway, it's still a looonnggg way to go till then. I'll just let God decide for me.
RIGHT! Now on to some Big Bang!!
I was listening to their songs while blogging so please excuse my sudden burst of BigBang-frenzy.

 yes i am proud of my Big Bang collection :D i have 2 more concert DVDs and a few posters, but they're all safely hiding my my cupboard hoho :D


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The time has come

Today, the 23rd of March *looks at clock* OH. YESTERDAY. (omg should've started blogging earlier == )
whatever. anyway, it's the day ex-SPM-ers look forward to (or not) after 2 plus months *DUN DUN DUN!*

yeah so, woke up at.. 9am today. was still kinda groggy when Aki called me and told me she would be coming an hour earlier than planned. i instantly woke up and quickly showered and stuff. Aki arrived in her blue suzuki swift and we left to fetch Juwie. we took the wrong road (again! according to aryna) anyway, skipping to school, there were SO MANY CARS OMG. I went in first. Aki and Juwie went "long kai" somewhere idk where. went to upper hall, was surprised by all the renovations. went into the hall which was flooded with students, parents, teachers, video man, camera man ... wait what??
yea a guy from AstroAwani was carrying this (almost) huge ass video camera that camera men use around, and a camera man from NST newspaper with his camera was walking around with his camera taking pictures of students. I looked for my class and waited in line to get my results slip *insert hair-gripping moment here* i seriously didn't dare to look at my slip until my teacher shook my hand and congratulated me. i was like

"... what?"

I looked at my paper. apparently, i didn't really feel anything. No feeling of crying, or shouting, or whatever. Disappointment perhaps?

B.Melayu : B+
B.Inggeris : A+
P.Moral : B+
Sejarah : A-
Mathematics: B+
Science: A+
P.Akauns : B
E .Asas : C

the only epic moment was when I saw the marks for Sejarah (History). I was like:

*scans subjects* "WHAT? A- for sejarah?? Am I looking at the right grade? *rechecks* OMG. I GOT AN A FOR SEJARAH!!"

reason for my elated reaction? I've never gotten a grade higher than C for History. Even my dad was shocked. Literally.

The most disappointing mark was Ekonomi Asas/E.Asas (Basic Economics) Sorry if you think I'm a twit for not being able to understand fundamental economics. I'm just not good at it okay? and the whole two papers were all written essays. so it's like... 10 essays + ?

and the funny part, I got a B for Prinsip Akauns/P.Akauns (Principle of Accounts) reason? I only did 1 full question, and bits and pieces for the other 5. and i still got a B! whoa, thank God this year is election year. Heh. Don't get me started on that.

And last but not least, Pendidikan Moral/P.Moral (Moral Studies) funny how this subject sounds more pro-ish in English. anyway, my highest grade since Form 4 was a D. so when I got a B+, I was of course FREAKING HAPPEH. *ahem*

after the whole result drama, Aki, Juwie, Chan and I walked around school visiting our old class, and our teachers. I have to say, it felt good coming back. Will miss school.
Moving on, we sent Chan home. and we almost died. Literally. We almost crashed into the freaking road divider!! gawd. We were screaming in the car and stuff and we laughed when we found our hearts still pumping and ourselves still breathing. After sending Chan home (sort of) we headed back to school because I forgot to deliver something to one of the teachers there. dang. After that, we made our way to... Kopitiam? took us like.. almost an hour. what the heck. And we paid RM1.50 just to pass through the underground parking lot in Parade. Bah.

ANYWAY (since i'm UBER sleepy) I shall skip all them boring details.

Finally arrived at Kopitiam but we found out we had no parking ticket. So, Aki and I went hunting for a shop which sold them. Walked all the way to the other block. Bought the tickets and walked back to Kopitiam. I had 2 kaya sandwiches and 4 peanut butter sandwiches. After that, went to Aki's mum's school to pick her up. Then went to Tesco for lunch in Pizza Hut. I was about to explode. omg.

After that sent Juwie home (it was freaking pouring) then I was sent home. Took a nap, woke up, showered, got ready for dinner with the gals. Drove to De Gardens (omg first time!!) with my parents and maid in the car. Looked for the restaurant and ordered.

Yay a picture!

well sorry if i look like a sad monkey  =w=

WELL NOW! The update is kinda short, but i really really need to sleep now. :D 

Judify says BYE BYE!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


omg it's already the end of March!! Time flies ey? SPM results are next Wednesday. omg omg. XD somehow, i don't feel... terrified. like some of my other friends (i think?) who are going "omg it's results!! Imma gonna DIE" and stuff like that. i don't know.. no use panicking now right?

OH and I am proud to say I am a BLACK JACK in the making! :D
(for those who have absolutely no idea what I'm rambling about, Black Jacks are 2NE1 fans)
You see, I wouldn't label myself a ____ if i wasn't an epic fan. I call myself a VIP (Big Bang fans) so, yes i am an EPIC fan of Big Bang. Fear meeeeeehhh!! HOHOHO *ahem*

okay, besides that, I just did my car license today! *excited* drove back from jpj. and may i conclude that i prefer a manual, non-power-steering car.
power steering cars are too sensitive :/ and manual control is cooler. HAHAHA (someone can slap me now for thinking that way)

besides that, I'm currently looking for dance classes (preferably hip hop&/ korean pop) don't ask me why, i've been wanting to join a class for a long time, but because of school and tuition, i didn't have the time, nor the transport. Sooo, since i already graduated from high school AND have my own driver's license, i can go for one now! *yay*
Problem is looking for one NEAR my place. A friend is actually setting up a class and has yet to confirm with me about the details (let's hope it works!)

and OH.MAH.GAWD. Big Bang is working on ANOTHER album!!
That's like... SUPER FAST. WOW.

"YGE releases info regarding new Big Bang album!
Big Bang appears to be dead-set on making 2011 their year, as they’ve just announced plans for another album release!

On March 17th, representatives of YG Entertainment spoke through Star News and revealed, “Big Bang will be promoting in Korea a lot this year, and are currently preparing for a new album that will surprise fans.”

According to YGE, Big Bang plans to head straight back into the recording studio once they wrap up their “Tonight” promotions and their upcoming Japanese tour. It’s also being reported that the boys will work hand-in-hand with huge international producers.
The representatives continued, “Any music fan will be able to recognize who these producers are just by the mention of their names. They’re well-known figures in the U.S. and Europe, and we’ve been in contact with them for a while now. After we finalize the list of producers Big Bang will be working with, they’ll be going straight into their album production.”
Yang Hyun Suk added, “We’re currently in contact with about 10 producers known worldwide in order to produce their next album. Their labelmates, 2NE1, previously worked with Will.I.Am, and Big Bang will be doing just that with another famous European producer. Because Big Bang has their own producer within the group - G-Dragon - the album will be a type of collaboration between the international producers and G-Dragon.”
sources: Mnet via TeamBIGBANG + AKP via Star News via Nate AND omona they didn't 
note: Big Bang's Japanese tour ends around mid-May "

psst: for some smexy pictures of the boys on MNet: HERE

here's a teaser~

and here's a lil something for Malaysian fans!! :D

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


VOTE FOR BIG BANG! :D (PSST: you can vote numerous times!! so click away~ )