Saturday, October 9, 2010

two seventy

I was just tweeting and checking tweets. The usual. and then, on youtube, i went to check out Justin Bieber's songs that I haven't heard before. What pissed me off were the users that had to give such terrible comments about something they don't even like.

What is up with that?

Sure, Justin is 16, popular, good looking, great dancer, talented and did i mention popular? But you don't have to bash him up so vulgarly.. when I read the comments, I was like: 
"My gosh. Don't these people have anything else to do? Do they even know how to spell for that matter??"
My eyes were more busy mentally correcting their atrocious grammar mistakes that watching the videos. 

Seriously guys, leave Justin alone. 

i'm not saying this because i'm a fan (which i'm not. might be. okay.. soon to be) but I'm saying this because I was once a hater too. (wow.. expect some heart touching story, guys. lol) 

I used to dislike a Korean girl group because my friend hated them. At first, I was fine with their songs and stuff. But soon, i got influenced into disliking them that I started hating them too! it was then when I read nasty comments about the celebrities that I liked, did i realize how much I was angry at those people who spoke ill of them. I was really pissed off and frequently counter attacked their comments like "what's your problem??" or "go get a life!" (I'm sorry, i can't comment vulgarly at the moment.) 
but it soon came to light that there was no point arguing about how great that person is, or how idiotic they look. for goodness' sake those celebrities don't even know YOU! (or me for that matter.)

I was watching a video about "what Justin looks for in a girl." and he says that he looks for a great smile, great personality, humor, and stuff like that. and he also goes on to say that his ideal first date would be to make (the girl) feel comfortable. (he also said "you guys") 
when i read the comments, I was almost face-palming myself. although, not all were as terrible (except the grammar >< i get really irritated with terrible grammar).

You must be thinking: "This girl is really wasting her time standing up for some kid who has a girl's voice."(sorry. :/)

Well on the contrary, I'm saying this in regard with all the celebrities out there. No matter how many fans they have, they are bound to have haters. The question is this:
Why do you hate/despise/dislike them/him/her so much?

and if you're currently sort of disliking some celebrity out there, i hope this post would make you realize that disliking them doesn't change their status of fame. there may be a whole lot of other issues regarding this one but this is all i have in my mind at the moment.
Although, would you care to tell me why you hate them so? click the comment button and enlighten me ;)

Friday, October 1, 2010

it's finally over :(

here I am, eating a cup of instant noodles.
because i didn't eat dinner.
because i was enjoying myself.
because it's graduation night! :D

I'm currently uploading 93 photos on facebook :)
no worries. you guys in there will be tagged :D
I had such an AWESOME time tonight!
i really want to thank all the form 4 girls who were involved in making this happen. and of course, not forgetting our beloved teachers and headmistress.
Our theme this year is: 3 Gs. (not gold, glory, gospel!)


*photos will be on my facebook profile. Help yourselves~