Monday, April 19, 2010

haha, randomness :)

It's the last day! Just had nasi lemak and fries for breakfast. The camp has been just peachy. I mean, the room looks dull and the *beach is just plain nasty. *i mentioned this in the previous post. I even spotted a diaper! Talk about nasty. Also several things in the water. yuck. Oh! went on the banana boat yesterday! I was shit scared and my eyes burned from the sea salt water which was wayyy saltier than Penang seawater. Irene was going "omg so scared la!" and stuff. HAHA! Didn't manage to take pictures. Didn't bring my camera. But I have a few shots of me and Nicole. :) Going to have to go for session now. But I'm really lazy and I have to honestly say that it has not done any good for me. Oh, it just started. Psh. I was reading Alex Evan's website and he mentioned that he got into a university or something that had a Photography course. His photography skills are good! Not to mention that he's a hot looking Canadian modal. By facial standards I mean. After I read that, I sort of thought to myself: Photography is REALLY interesting! I always hogged my cousin's DSLR Nikon camera whenever I see her. *laughs* but heck. It's really fun to take macro pictures. I just love the effect it makes on the object. Okay. Enough spamming. I just really wanted to fill in the space here. I don't seem to know how to blog really long anymore. Since all this internet crime thing started, it's really hard to blog about anything happening in your life, you know? Oh well. Humans are humans.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Family Camp

I'm supposed to be having lunch now but the food here don't look as appetizing. meh. so yeah. blogging instead. The beach here is SO polluted. ISH not nice. and and and there isn't a secure line for DiGi users here. which sucks big time. and my bed.. the wooden support is broken. (NOT BY ME) so it's SUPER uncomfortable. >< teruk. but what the heck. it is just Teluk Batik after all :/

Monday, April 5, 2010

Vanilla Twilight

Woots! 230th post~~ :D
it's been ages since i last posted. :) miss meh? hehe..
anyway, nothing much has been going on lately. PESTA RIA is THIS SATURDAY. PLEASE COME AND YOU CAN SEE YOURS TRULY THERE! As you can see, I've changed my blog layout!! :D Problem is, i'm still not used to it. i can't seem to go back to the dashboard when i'm at my blog's main page :/ I feel n00b ~. meh. tata loves!! :D