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*caution: this post contains spoilers, mass effect fangirling, and a lot of pictures. You have been warned.

Been really free lately. It's the end of the exam season and summer break is fast approaching! So what have I been indulging myself these days? Why, the hint is in the few lines above. I'm sure my wallpaper agrees with me on my obsession.

you like it too don't cha? 
Nah actually I'm more obsessed with the characters and the story plot. The gaming style is a great plus too!
All squad members of ME2 (excluding Shepard; including DLCs)
My favourite character is, the one third from the right. :3
Sere Thane Krios, a Drell assassin (yes i know he looks like a fish. Don't judge me. Bioware intended for him to look like an exotic fish and the bird of paradise. Though I don't know how he looks like a bird?)

How is THIS not hot?
A terminally ill Drell dying from Kepral's Syndrom with a quiet character. I think it's something like tuberculosis or perhaps lung cancer. His personality and character is quite something. Initially I wanted my FemShep (cause female soldiers are just more badass) to romance with Kaidan,

Major Kaidan Alenko in ME3
but almost everyone romanced with him. Sure Kaidan is hot, a great guy too, but I felt so mainstream. So I thought, 'hmm, what about Garrus the Turian?' Garrus is a great squad member. I read on the forums somewhere that his romance scene is quite touching too.

Turian sniper, ex-vigilante
And so romanced him I did! In my first try of Mass Effect 2, I got to the point where I was at a cross roads at whether to continue romancing Garrus or stay loyal to Kaidan (from ME1). In the end, I chickened out and broke off the relationship with the Turian before the suicide mission. Anyway, I played ME3 a while after that, then I got Mass Effect 1. However, I gave up on that game as it was terribly long and well.. difficult. I also found Kaidan to be kinda not my type? So yeah. I replayed Mass Effect 2 again to complete the new DLCs I got. Halfway through the game I suddenly just felt something for Thane. The way he talks and the way he sounds; all baritone and low just makes your spine tingle. Not to mention when he gives Shepard a pet name! I almost died. /laughs/ I stuck with Thane till the end of the suicide mission and I am happy to say, that everyone on my squad survived.

And so, now I'm playing ME3 with having romanced Thane and dumping Kaidan, I am anxiously not  looking forward to seeing him die. It's really depressing, since Thane is such a great character, but I suppose there is no escape from his fate. I mean, his terminally-ill state is what gave him that said character, right? I am sure many Thane-fans would agree with me to wanting to keeping him alive in ME3. That's about it for this post. I just wanted to rant on how cool the Mass Effect trilogy is (though I prefer 2 and 3). Here's a trailer (I'm showing you the femshep version coz it's cooler. That's my own opinion. Heh)

Anyway I just hope I get enough EMS to survive the final mission. Here're a couple of pictures to end the post!

Son; Kolyat, Father; Thane

Just because Chick heroes are more badass at saving the world