Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hello everyone and Happy Chap Gor Mei/Meh! It's the last day of CNY people! D: Yesterday was the day I officially turned 18! (Chinese calender wise)
I don't know what to update about but school sucks ass right now.

Friday, February 26, 2010

oh the "Drama" !

Teehee~ yesterday was so crazy! :D we should do it again sometime.

&& I'm into KH and Roxas again. thanks a lot MA. LOLOLOL

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Boom! :D

Just got back from KL. Actually, I got back here at around 8pm plus. Meh. CNY has been a blast so far! Was staying at Bii's house for the past 3 nights, eating like hell, sleeping past 2am and taking early showers past 12am. :D

Life couldn't be better.

This year's ang pow session was so nerve wrecking! Especially for me as I would be taking SPM this year :S almost basically the last one to sit for it (since my other 2 cousins are like.. below 12?) so, yeah.
&& for Koko's turn, all the cousins (7 of us) had to stand on a page of news paper and peel an orange. Easy you say? Well, imagine a super tall guy, 2 bigger sized cousins, 2 tiny ones, me, and Bii; all crammed up on a frigging newspaper page. IT. WAS. HELL. but it was hilarious!! We couldn't stop laughing and we kept (almost) falling. When we managed to peel and eat the orange without using our hands (epic phail) we had to say more stuff to get our ang pows. Aish.

When I go to KL, it's like my internal language system switched to Hokkien and I can't speak a proper sentence of Canto. It's so weird! I was asked to speak canto for one of my uncle's ang pows and I was like.. "Uh... bae hiao gong liao." (dunno how to speak already [in hokkien]) It was such an OMG moment LOL.
AND, when I go KL, especially when I'm with Bii, my LAMEness and RANDOMness level goes through the roof. Don't ask me why, but I guess we YEOH family members are just typically AWESOME =D

OH OH!! We went to watch Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief too. :) it was like a combination of Narnia and Spiderwick Chronicles *Quoted from Bjon we were suppose to watch AVATAR in 3D but the tickets kept on getting sold out. PSH.

TODAY: well, we planned to go rock climbing at Club 9 at 1U, but we ended up not going. Saw Jo and Don! *waves* At first we went there to check the place out. See see it only opened at 2pm and it was only 1.40pm something? SO, we played pool at the bowling alley to kill the time. Kim, Bii and I played 1 game first while Bjon was at his beloved MPH. When we were about to finish, I said to Bii:

"eh, lazy to go rock climbing ady la. We just play pool laa."

she looked more than happy to agree. So, we ended up staying at the bowling alley instead! Kim then played a game of bowling while Bii and I continued another game of pool. Half way through, Bii saw another table with the pool balls in the pocket there.


LOL. so, we ended up playing another free game of pool  :) after that, went to look for Kim at the arcade above the bowling alley. Played there too. used up 3 bucks? I made a pledge to myself to visit the arcade every time I go KL. CNY was damn awesome :D

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

omg my eyes hurt. Happy CNY people. this is what you get for sleeping past 3am almost every night. =.=

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bags everywhere!

I'm supposed to be packing now, but instead, I'm staring at the laptop screen. Whee!

&& I finally learned how to ignore you. :) *proud of myself*

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Like.. Seriously GG

Sheesh. I just hate it when things don't go my way. Especially my state of health. I'm currently down with a slight fever, slight sore throat, flu and the signs of cough. All the symptoms point to: THE COMMON COLD.
And it's before Chinese New Year!!! Like WTF???
Aish. OHOH we had PRE-SALE for Pesta Ria today! And Hanim was noisy as usual. Psshh. Anyway, we did quite well from what we had expected! We sold EVERYTHING! *happy* I and 3 other friends took the first recess to make business, while another 4 took the 2nd recess. =]
Was supposed to stay back for:
1. Mesyuarat Agung Koperasi [we get RM1 for going = RASUAH LOL]
2. Chan's house to bake some stuff for tomorrow's Pre-Sale.

I don't know what was the outcome of both events. [Should I even call those events?] All I know is that I was too sick to stay back in school for anything. Aryna was starting to show some symptoms too. She had sore throat today. and fever was beginning to show. =/

I just hope I get better by Friday. ><

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I should be doing my homework now, [last minute] but heck. Since, Jenny and Sean gave me a pair of drum sticks, I might as well learn =D too bad there's no MYF next week and next next week. I've found drumming really cool and interesting. I think it's an instrument I can play too! I tried it out in youth today. Not to say that I've never tried the drum set before, it's just that I played beats =D  and and Sean said I had talent! *bangga*
HOHO. (blowing my own trumpet)

Ugh i dont want to go to school tomorrow

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Time to PARTAY!

I'm super happy that the party went out so well! Despite the early showers at 7pm something. Actually, the rain had cooled down the weather! Thank you God! =D  and and and Thank you MELANIE for doing my hair! You're just AWESOME!! :D

Those who came: (sorry, I can't help but list them down [= )

*Joon Yang
*Sean Mark Wilson
*Samuel. Lo
*Adrian (even though he was sick)
*Jo Ann
*Khian Lim
*Li Xin
*Wei Soon
*Por Yin
*Jia Kai
*Jia Heng

Thank you for your presents!! :D I shall not post pictures of them though, it's like blowing my own horn :]
truth be told, I didn't eat much. My appetite just wasn't in the mood. But heck, I had  a BLAST of a time! Thanks once again for coming everyone! May we stay friends till we're all 6 feet under :)

(Photos will be up when they're in facebook)

Friday, February 5, 2010


it wasn't a so bad day after all! :)