Monday, February 28, 2011

Be amazed. Be VERY amazed. (Sungha Jung [& updates])

i just recently (few days ago) found this kid on youtube. i couldn't believe he had THAT MUCH talent in his lil self!

Sung Ha Jung (Jung Sung Ha) is a popular guitar artist on Youtube (i faceslap myself for not knowing about him) he's been doing tours around Europe and even has his very own album! and guess what?

He's only 15

not impressed yet? Think "oh, must be some of those who are trying too hard to be famous (lol i'm sorry. i can't come up with a sarcastic comment right now XD )
please watch the following few videos of him and his custom made Lakewood guitar :)

Haru Haru - Big Bang

River Flows in You - Yiruma

Cancion Del Mariachi - Antonio Banderas (new!)

Grenade - Bruno Mars

Last Christmas - Wham

More Than Words - Extreme

(this is one of my epic favourites, cause it reminds me of things and events and of course, people (:  )

I'm In Love - Narsha ft. Sung Ha Jung (teaser)

Narsha: Do you like SNSD or Kara?
Sung Ha: I like.... Big Bang.


soooo for those who has given up guitar, perhaps now is the time to pick it back up again! Use Sung Ha as an inspiration :D I know I am. every time I watch his videos, I would feel like practicing! :)
Good luck guys! and check out his other 339 videos on his youtube account :D they're freaking awesome
more info about him, visit his website here. and don't forget to subscribe to him on YouTube! :D

(by the way, i wouldn't mind spending a little extra cash to see him live in Malaysia :D I think it would be totally worth it. )

right! Updates! just a few quick things to share here:

  1. I failed my driving test. (HAHA)
  2. I have a sore throat.
  3. My dad got an ipad thingie (NOT apple)
  4. I got myself my first guitar pick!
that's all, toodles ~!

OH and Happy 17th birthday Justin Bieber! :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bar- what? Oh it's Club thumbs.

thanks to Mark. He posted a picture on my wall.

I have this Genetic condition called Brachydactyly. And what do you know, Megan Fox has it too! :D

"The word brachydactyly comes from the Greek terms brachy, meaning "short," and daktylos, meaning "digit." This term is used to describe the hands and feet of people who have shortened digits (fingers or toes). The digits themselves may be shorter than normal, or they may appear small because of shortening of the other bones in the hands or feet. This shortening occurs when one or more of the hand or foot bones fail to develop or grow normally."

Read more: - Connect to Better Health

Megan and I are Type Ds. Which is quite normal enough . The distal phalanges of the thumbs and/or great toes are shortened and broad. :)

*note the thumbs ;)*

so, in conclusion, Club thumbs are sexay :)
as what Megan said this "condition" doesn't effect her, it doesn't affect me as well. In fact, i'm very proud of em! It has attracted lots of attention to me :) HAHAHAA besides, i'm one of those 1 out of 1000 people to have this 'dysfunction' :)


Monday, February 21, 2011

farting barre chords.

Haven't updated in awhile (sorry!) there isn't much to update on since CNY ended :/ yeah. today's the day '10 STPM-ers collect their results. :O '10 SPM-ers would be in a week or two after that D:

anyway, i've taken up a new.. class? it's... (cue drumroll)  

acoustic guitar!!

my finger tips are beginning to peel already, but what's a little sacrifice compared to a life long skill? :) i actually started 3 weeks earlier. Borrowed a friend's guitar and started learning about the few basic chords online (i actually learned a song XD) and class just started last sunday in church. Friends of mine are teaching several of us :) there's also Bass class, Drums class, and Keyboards class. 

I'm really looking forward to the next lesson! (we haven't actually started on the practical side of a guitar yet..) and so, i'm making myself play at least 1 hour a day :/ (since i'm working during the day and part of the night) at least i should be able to switch from chord to chord in.. an average time? but i do believe that these kind of things take time and ample practice. but the problem with me is, i give up when i suck the first several times. :S 
sucks really.

so, now i've really got to push myself and tell myself that's it's okay to suck on the first several times. Heh. talk about self motivation. speaking of which, i should get back to strumming Gmajor and Cmajor :/

heh heh C:

Monday, February 7, 2011

  1. Have Scampy for supper with extended family
  2. collect LOTS of ang pows :D
  3. go SHOPPING
  4. BUY accessories ;) (currently in the mood for accessories. dont ask me why.) [i only bought 2 things D:]
  5. Gain back my 2 kgs so i can actually FIT in my new clothes which are hanging off me now D: (?)
  7. sleep late every night.
  8. go Taylor's for a look see :)
  9. celebrate my birthday?
  10. celebrate with friends :D
 Ngawww.. i didn't get to do everything on my list D: though, i DID take LOTS of pictures and ang paus XD