Friday, October 30, 2009


Finally, after 3 weeks of my absence I am BACK!! :D
exams were hell. zomg. I'm just so glad that they're over!
you know what? I have no idea what to say cause nothing much happened. or.. maybe too many things happened and i'm just too lazy to update. my bad.. :/

happy birthday mummy!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ahh.. Saturday morning. Several knocks on the door jolted me out of my warm comfy bed. Then I was told I had to work today. wth??


it was better than not doing anything at home though.. meh.
so here I am, in my parents' shop, ... ... ... blogging.
was reading Bing See's blog and her posts on Korea. ahh *jealous jealous*
I would LOVE to go backpacking with her one day... (:

These few days have been very stressful for my vocal chords.. choir practices several hours a day (not one shot obviously..)
Choir competition coming up on Tuesday: 8am-5pm
We'll be competing with 39/40 other schools.
Oh my God help us. T_T

haha! I had the weirdest collections of dreams last night. I remember dreaming of Alex Evans who wasn't Alex Evans. He was some blond dude.. and he was being very mean.. and luscious. XD
must've been the mangas I read before I went to bed. LOL

Exams in two weeks too.. aih.. and I haven't started studying yet too. omo.. die laaa ~
Just a short update on whatever that's been going on in my mundane life