Tuesday, December 27, 2011


It's been ages since I last posted anything here :/ and i feel bad. When I read my "recent" previous posts, I keep reading the same line: "ages since I updated/posted anything..blablabla.. feel bad/sorry.. blablabla" -.-
anyway, the only reason i felt like posting something today to kill the Christmas mood (kidding!!) is this:

come on, you don't NEED an iphone just because EVERYBODY has one, do you? my phone is a miserable piece of plastic and metal and i'm grateful for even having a phone after i got pick-pocketed in the train on the way home to uni :(
if you little BRATS want iphones of your own, why don't you EARN it YOURSELF? Kids like you are WAYYYYY pampered and have not had the taste of discipline. I'm pretty sure you'll sue your parents if they lay a hand on you right? pfft. what toufus.

anyway, i'm going to check out their twitters now. heehee.

Merry Christmas everybody! and remember that it's not about Santa or the gifts, but it's about Jesus. 
GBY! :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011


*forgive me for the... controversial picture but YEAH MALAYSIA!!!!*

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

an update!

We just did our IT presentation today on our blog :D

Do feel free to visit this blog, as we're thinking of continuing it to instill awareness on violence and abuse of any kind.
Visit at: http://thehumanityprojectunmc.blogspot.com/


Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm not dead. yet.

my unagi :3

It's been ages since I last updated my blog, which is on the verge of death. My bad :/ *pets bloggie*
Just to update, I'm currently drowning in assignments (which I should be getting my ass to now) annddddd.. clubs and societies as well (I joined 8 clubs for goodness' sake!). I've got to say, Uni life has been interesting and awesome! :D
For those sitting for their SPM exams this year, good luck! It's partially end of the world if you don't make it; so do your best! If you get good results, do come to University of Nottingham Malaysian Campus (UNMC) I'll make sure you settle in nicely ;D
Can't believe I was suppose to go to Taylors Lakeside. Glad I ended up here though ;) 
oh, and I've got tumblr!! Just to let you guys know :P
follow meee!! :D

off to my assignments now :/ they're calling meeeee.... nyahhhhhh..

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Raya Hols 2 and Animangaki!

Ommo~ so sorry my lovelies for not updating! I've been a really busy student as of late :/
Being a university/college student isn't as easy as I thought it would be.
anyway, exams are happening right now. I just ended 2 papers and I have 3 more to go! *throws confetti*
also, i just finished 2 assignments that i've been putting off for weeks :S

right. on with the updates!
More on raya hols:
went to KL and to...

 DESA PARKCITY!! where all zeh doggie owners bring their darlings for walks.
and we went there to walk the dogs too!

*more photos on my facebook.

annndddd... last week, i went for ANIMANGAKI!

Preview photos:
for the whole album, go to my facebook :P

Although the cosplayers here (and in the album) may not look as professional as those you see in deviantArt, they gave their best in cosplaying and had lots of fun. and that's what that matters :D
i only went for the first day because I had to go to church on Sunday :/
dang. and lots of good cosplayers came on the second day too.

Ohh ohh and i'm planning to go for this year's Comic Fiesta!

yeah, as you can see, i'm pretty much into cosplay now. Might even cosplay when i attend CF! :D

ttfn~ ♥ 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Raya Holidays

Which means, i'm HOME!! well, technically i don't do much at home except eat, sleep and go online. Well... the reason i'm posting is because ..

I got a new laptop!!
meet my new baby Asus A53S!

heeheehee.. not only that, I've got a new tv too! Though, i'm quite fine with the old one.. (which I've had since I was 5) pictures of it will be up after i get back from camp. LOL




Sunday, August 14, 2011


It's been a long while since I last updated, and I feel particularly bad for not doing so. My bad :(

Anyway, life in college has been.. pretty interesting on my part. :)

In school, I used to think college life is a whole new world (it is!) and that my life would be completely liberated of homework and nasty teachers. Part of it is true, while the other part isn't. Mainly the homework. As of now, I have 4 course assignments and 1 portfolio to complete. One of which needs to be handed in a week plus from now. The worst part is that i haven't even started half of my assignments. dangit.

Other than my academic life, my social one has been quite a doozy! Throughout the whole month plus that I've been here, I've been making new friends almost everyday! That's the upside of college. You make lots of new friends, despite whatever background you came from. Not many judge your past (hopefully) annnndddddd... well, i've met someone who... has changed the way i think of myself (in a positive manner obviously) and thanks to that person, I'm really challenge by my perception  about the "L" word  *ahem* I used to think I would never make it, but who knew I didn't have to wait that long? But then again, these feelings are always fluctuating like an emotional roller coaster; one day feeling all high on cloud nine, and the next being terribly down in the dumps or just flat and monotonous like pavement on the street. You get what I mean, don't you? People say, "Follow your heart." But I have been wondering, 'What's my heart saying?' 

Sometimes I can't distinguish between my brain and my heart. You could say I'm an utterly confused human female.. or you could say I'm just really careful of my decisions. I'm pretty sure I'm the latter because I don't like hurting people; even unintentionally. Makes me feel terrible. Some may think I'm a kiss-up but I just don't want to make people feel bad, you know? and I don't want to feel bad for making others feel bad. 

Ahhhh... I'm feeling quite blah right now. Okay to be honest, i'm missing someone right now. (You know who you are!)

Hope this gives an insight as to how I'm feeling at the moment. :D
Good nights everybodehh!! XOXO

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Well! It's the second day of classes in College/University and I'm quite lovin' it :D
My next class is at 1pm so I have absolutely nothing to do at the moment. Gonna have lunch at 12 later with several friends then it's off to Social Sciences class with the Business school students and believe it or not, that's all I have today. My schedule's pretty loose to be frank. But it's 2 hours of almost everything. The food here's okay too I suppose. Though you could get sick of it after eating the same thing every, single, day.

The place is... pretty long.. and if you're a first timer here, you'd think this place is humongous but it's not, actually. But it is tedious walking to class from my accommodation. and vice versa.

Made lots of friends too guys and girls alike. Though, more on the guys side since I've mentioned before that the boys here are a 3:1 ratio to their female counterpart. I'm not complaining really. HAHA

Sorry folks, no pictures yet. For the moment. Bon Odori's this Saturday in Shah Alam. Might be going. :D
Expect pictures then?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

my last Sunday

Yes, it's my last sunday (was my last sunday) and although I'm really tired, I feel obliged to update my blog now.
See, it's my last Sunday (as stated above)
This morning, went to pick Joanne up with my dad in the car (lol) then at church, helped Bev with her guitar until Sunday school was over and then we headed to McD drive thru and had brunch. I was surprised that there weren't many people there at that time. Anyway, Jo and Bev and I ate, the Nicole joined us later. Met several familiar people (i'm running through the events coz i really want to go to bed. lol )
I drove us back to church at 1pm and like.. wasted time there till youth started.
After worship, Vincent and I were called out to be prayed for. Honestly, it was kinda embarrassing, coz this has never happened to me before XD and it's feels funny when people say your name a lot. Haha. yeah.
I was on the verge of tears when almost everyone gathered around us and stretched out their hands to pray. Seriously.
YES! SO ANYWAY, gave lots of people hugs :(
not that it's a bad thing, but giving good-bye-hugs are so sad. makes me wanna cry D:
and i didn't even give EVERYBODY a hug D:
save em' for Christmas!!

After youth, went for a movie with Bev and Jo. Green Lantern!! Ryan Renolds is SO HOT. gawd. and funny XD

and is it just me, or does the movie seem short? :/
anyway, after our movie, Bev went to the toilet while Jo and I went out the front and crept into the other cinema which was playing.... dun-dun-dun.. TRANSFORMERS 3!!
I was like "OMGTHEY'REPLAYINGTRANSFORMERS!!" and it was PACKED to the brim! we stood at the back and watched a bit. And the movie just started too! but sadly, we left lol.

after that we walked Bev to de gardens and waited for her mum. when she left, Jo and I went to Strawberry Moments! We didn't plan to eat there initially, but since the manager came out personally and introduced their menu to us, so we just ate there lah. Besides, it was just $20 per person, and it was a set meal. Not bad actually. I just didn't like the strawberry tea :/

so yeah, i'm actually half way packing now and i ran out of boxes. Will have to continue tomorrow :D

Friday, July 1, 2011

Childhood Nostalgia!

YEAH SO, oops. capslock was on. anyway, yeah so i was just ripping songs out of my old collection of burned CDs of anime songs. I'm just at disk no.2 and i have 3 more to go. :D
and ALL the songs are titled as "Track (number)" SO, that means, i have to manually rename the songs.
You must be thinking, "that's eassssyyyyy.."
Actually, I've had these CDs since I was 13, and the last I heard them was 4 years ago. And there are a variety of songs in there from many different animes. Apparently in Disk 2, i can't remember 10 songs nor which anime they came from. Dangit.
and as i was looking for OST titles for Samurai X/ Rurouni Kenshin (SUPER old series)

A quick history of this magnificent series:
First came out as a manga by Nobuhiro Watsuki in 1994 (that's freaking 17 years ago!) The fictional setting takes place during the early Meiji period in Japan. The story is about a fictional assassin named Himura Kenshin, from the Bakumatsu who becomes a wanderer to protect the people of Japan.
People born in the 1990s would know this anime/manga :)
(i started watching this when i was 7 or 8)

anyway, back to the blog update. As i was looking through it's wikipedia page, I stumbled upon this part of the long article that RUROUNI KENSHIN IS GOING TO BE MADE INTO A LIVE ACTION MOVIE!!
After 17 years!!

Live action film

After a year of rumors about a live action Rurouni Kenshin movie, it was finally confirmed on June 28, 2011.[57] Produced by Warner Bros., it will be directed by Keishi Ōtomo and star Takeru Sato as Kenshin. The film is scheduled for a 2012 release, and the staff "aims to release the film internationally and eventually make a series."[17]


I got this off some Forum. (takeru Sato as Himura Kenshin)

please oh please oh please oh please don't ruin beloved Kenshin's character D:
I used to have this really, epic crush on him. HAHA. lasted till i was.. 10? 11? yeah. that's pretty long. XD
and YES i'm SUPER excited!! though, the director really SHOULD consider puffing up Sato's long hair. it looks limp and lifeless :/ 

THIS should be the way. see how puffy and natural it looks? :D

and this is just Beautiful.

Check out Behindinfinity's cosplays on Deviant Art!! it's GORGEOUS i tell you!
one of the best cosplayers i've ever seen!
off to bed.
looonnngggg day tomorrow :D

and i feel like rewatching all these animes. It's so nostalgic I feel like crying. HAHA


Saturday, June 18, 2011


No i'm not really bipolar. that's just weird.
When I read things like "Outside i'm smiling, inside i'm dying" or something like that, i used to think that it won't really happen to me. Not in a suicidal way anyway. When you're angry, you're angry, when you're sad, you're sad and when you're happy you're happy right?

when i think back on all the reactions i've given to people, it sorta makes me think that this really HAS happened to me. and i think it's getting worse, since I'm more in touch with my emotional side since i've reached the defining age between adulthood and teenagehood;  18.
sometimes, i fool even myself.
sometimes i wouldn't even be sure if i was happy, ecstatic, sad, anguished.. and because of that sometimes i don't even know what expression or reaction to give :/

i don't even make sense. = =

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Heaven, Hell and the Rapture

A friend shared this link on facebook about a teenage South American girl named Angelica Zambrano who testifies to have been shown Hell, Heaven the and the coming of Christ (read article here.) Though, I really encourage you who is reading this to skip the rest I’m about to say and just read the article. It’s long, but don’t let that stop you from reading it till the end. I did, and halfway through, it started pouring. Thunder, lightning, everything. I wanted to share the article of Twitter, Facebook and here but the lightning temporarily distorted my wifi. Bah. Though I managed to share it on fb. The I prayed, "God, please let the wifi work so I can share this online." And a few refreshes later, viola! The internet came back! and now, i'm typing this on blogger.

At first I was kinda skeptical about this girl's testimony. But as I read her words and the Lord's, I began to feel more afraid; more worried about what is going to happen to me, my family and my friends when Christ comes. I sort of relate to Angelina when she said she wanted God to change her but felt no change; even though time have passed. And when she attended a 15 day fast with her family, she said that everyone felt God speaking to them except herself! Sometimes, I often wonder what it's like for God to speak to you. What do you hear? What do you feel? Do you cry? Weep? Faint? I don't know. And sometimes I want God to speak to me; to tell me his plans for my future, to just talk to me! But then, sometimes, I'm afraid of what God will tell me; afraid that his plans aren't in sync with mine. Although, I tell Him that it's okay and that I leave everything to Him, but deep down, I'm praying and hoping that it's what I've always wanted. I'm sounding pretty selfish, aren't I? But, that's how we are. Selfish.

I was pretty shocked (not really) to know that cartoons like Pokemon, Ben 10, etc can cause a child to sin. It's not that oblivious really. Television cause children to be rebellious. I would know. I was a tv addict when I was younger. Now, I'm a FB/Twitter addict. Bah. Need to kick that addiction. = =
So, when children are rebellious, they sin against their parents, and indirectly sin against God. For it is written in the 10 commandments: "Honour your father and mother..." (the rest depends on which version of the Bible you're reading)

Many truths have been showed to me about Heaven and Earth and the Rapture. Read the article and you'll know. And I'm pretty sure many of the things written there will surprise you, if not shock you.
I must warn you, you may not believe a single word coming from this girl's lips. But, I believe. I believe every single word she has spoken. If it may not be true, then may God deal with that. But there's nothing to loose by believing right? It's your choice.
God is real. And Hell is real too. Even more real than you think. So, come back to Him. Don't let your obsessions take his place; money, power, pride, ego, music, public figures, objects of desire. All these things do not exist without God. And so do you.

You're nothing without God.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

21 more days

no, this has nothing to do with my bias female kpop group. There are approximately 21 more days till i go to college. it's really saddening really. KL is really hectic (not that I'm living in KL) I'm just gonna really miss the slow, peaceful town of Ipoh and it's inhabitants; namely, my friends. :(
I'm not really all that eager to start college, nor do I not want to go. The campus is HUGE! like... 5 times bigger than Taylor's Lakeside. And apparently, the block i'm staying in is on the other end of the campus. fantastic. talk about a 10 minutes walk between class and room. Bah.
But on the plus side... the guy:girl ratio there is like 3:1. hehehehe.

this is my university. heh
as you can see, i wasn't kidding when I said it's 5 times bigger than TLC (Taylor's Lakeside Campus) we have our very own lake too! and DUCKS!! and... tons of oil palm trees.
here's a clearer picture:

blogging about the uni I'm going to is making me excited about my first year there :D

So, 2011 SPM-ers, do consider coming here :D all you need is just a minimum of 5 Bs and you're in! Oh and did i mention we have our very own Hoodie? hehehehehe..
I'll be here for... 3 years-ish? So yeah.
I wonder if I'll get my first boyfriend there? mehehehhehehe

Friday, June 3, 2011

What say You?

Yello! :D
Today... I'm gonna do some advertising, so here are some of the few stuffs :D click the link if you're interested! :)


okay honestly, i don't know how to do this. :/ okay i'll do it this way then. Mind you, some of the campaigns i'm advertising may not be available to those out of Malaysia :)

  1. Clean and Clear (the.. facial brand(?)) is having a contest (sort of). click here to go to the fb page for more info
    You could:
    *star in a seventeen magazine shoot with a pair of celeb BFFs
    *win cash prizes, cool gadgets and a one year's supply of Clean & Clear products (that's a LOT)
    *and bag exclusive invites to the clean & clear confidence make over!
  2. Save Malaysia, Stop Lynas.
    Okay, i'm not so sure about this one. I did some research on this, and Lynas claims that it's brings no harm to nature & humans. But i'm not so sure, cause people will say or do anything to get their way. BUT if it is true, then what the heck, skip this one. But, if it DOES bring hazardous outcomes to our country and it's people and nature, then by all means, click here. Mind you, this decision is ENTIRELY UP TO YOU. no pressure :)
  3. EARTH HOUR 2012!!
    whooo the video is OUT people! XD can't wait to experience a one hour black out for the sake of our earth :D click here to watch the video. WHEEEEE!
    YESH PEOPLE (to malaysians) We are attempting to create a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ for the Most People Playing in a Mobile Phone Game Relay. Come make history, join in the fun and win fantastic prizes! All happening on 11 June 2011 at Boulevard Strip, Low Yat Plaza, KL from 11am - 9pm. The date is set, the birds are ready, the record awaits! click here to sign up!

sorry i just HAD to put this up coz it's too cute XD and doesn't it get you into the Angry Birds mood? HAAHA

yeah that's about it.
Going for Panda tomowz with the peeps!

      Thursday, June 2, 2011

      Finally a Movie

      Yeah, as the title states, I finally went to the movies after who knows how long. Went to Mary Ann's mama's art studio in the morning with my mama and left for JJ at.. 12pm ish. Had sushi king for lunch, met Alexis and her Edmund (girl did you dye your hair again? LOL) yeah then.. Mary Ann and I proceeded Sox World with the intention to buy new socks, but being a rational, thrifty (sort of) shopper, I didn't buy the socks which were like... $4 ish a PAIR? crazy. yeah so we went to the magazine shop and i bought some reading material then we proceeded to one of them benches in front of Fitness Concept and chilled while we flipped through the mags i bought earlier. Then Jia Loon came along and joined us in the chilling and we (mary ann and jia loon) chatted for awhile until Philemon popped up. He was wearing this funny looking shirt of a baby with shades and a beanie on (do NOT remind me of the 'beanie" = =).

      since we had nothing to do for like an hour plus, we decided to shoot aliens and rock it out in capcom. Jialoon and mary ann shot aliens while Phil and I jammed on the Guitar game thingie. then jia loon played the drums game, and after him, i played. XD zomg. tiring.
      after that, we still had some time left so we went to shoot some hoops on the other side of capcom. laughed so hard coz Phil kept cracking jokes about BALLS. so if your mind is dirty enough, you'll get what we mean. HAHAHA anyway, after finishing our tokens, we went to get popcorn and coke. thanks Jialoon for paying!!

      and we watched....

      there were hilarious parts, chair gripping parts.. it was a combination of emotions literally. i didn't expect anything out of the movie anyway. and we sat through the WHOLE credits just to watch the 30 second ish extra scene. wth. LOL. so embarrassing. the cleaners were cleaning up and stuff while we were still sitting there; deciding whether if we should leave or not. and when the extra scene came up, they turned off the lights for us XD awwhhh that's nice. and after it finished, they turned it back on. lol

      thennnnn we went for dinner at Takahashi while Phil had to go and fetch his mom somewhere. though, after the movie my chest hurt. like my heart was being smothered. literally. :/ and i wasn't feeling sad or whatever. lasted till 10pm-ish. gosh. is this what they call "heart burn"?
      so anyway, had dinner, couldn't finish mine so mary ann and i switched our meals. rofl. then phil came back and he couldn't stop molesting the menu = =
      we talked, and talked, and teased phil on his AMERICAN ACCENT, and talked some more till past 6pm and we headed out to walk around JJ. hung around padini till 6.45pm and mary ann left. then the 3 of us went to have a look at S&J and finally, we decided to go home too.

      WELL! that was a loonnnggg daaayyyyyy... sorry no photos. :/ jia loon and i decided not to bring our cams coz we feel paiseh. like those epic fail people who hang them around them everywhere they go. but honestly, I do that too. coz right, i'm real lazy to put it in the bag, then take it out when i want to use it, then put it back in again. so mafan you know? haha oh and i made these just now for a friend :

      i made this a while back. like.. a few days ago?
      friend said it looks like an album cover XD
      so what do you think? :S

      Monday, May 30, 2011

      The tale of how i got sucked into the World of Korean Pop

      Well! this is a pretty long story. but i've got all day. (more like an hour of boredom. ㅎㅎ)
      lemme see... it all started when i was 13. I had to come up with a dance choreography in like.. 4 days for some silly after-exam activity. and i had to teach the choreography to my friends who were also picked by my teacher to suffer along side me ㅠ.ㅠ yeah so i went to my fellow friend/neighbour for help cuz she used to do these kinda things back when we were in primary school. So, she suggested i used DBSK's Rising Sun and she taught me some choreography that she did last time. (won't elaborate on the details and blah) at first i thought DBSK was the song while Rising Sun was the band! ROFLMAO. gosh now that i think about it, it's really 바보. ㄱㄱㄱㄱ moving on to when i was 15. that's like.. 9th grade/form 3 (where i come from). i was invited to go for a camp with my friend and her friends and her brothers. only a few of us actually. the rest of the campers comprised of KOREANS. yeah. big deal. why weren't they japanese? haha yeah that was what went through my mind when i got to the camp site which was... in the middle of a oil palm estate. no phone signal, no internet access. but there was a pool though :3 (i never got in anyway  =.=) yeah, so there were about 40 korean teenagers from King's kids Church in S.Kr. i wasn't interested in korean music/culture then. I was more of a Japanese fanatic (thanks to anime/manga/games/and another best buddy of mine) yeah, then one of my friends who went for the camp with me told me that the latest korean song craze was LIES by BIGBANG (yeah i caps them coz they're my bias now >:3 ) i was like "oh okay. blue tooth it to me." so i took a listen and was like "hmm not bad. but i'm still japanese-fied." and then during dinner we sat with some koreans (duh. our ratio to koreans were like 1:10) and she played Lies on her phone and they were like "WHOA BIGBANG!!" and the craze spread to the other tables as well! Friend and I were really surprised. rofl.

      yeah so anyway, when i got home i googled some BB songs and the first was Dirty Cash and.. How Gee i think. i was like "meh =.="

      then, my first Kpop obsession was DBSK. honestly, i have like 7 DBSK albums and 2 concert DVDs. My first album was Five in the Black. heh brings back memories. i remember going all crazy over them in class with my fellow desk mate (if you're reading this, you know who you are!) then, came in the other groups like FT.Island, SHINee, er.. SuperNova, Super Junior, SNSD, Wonder Girls, etc etc. and of course BB but DBSK was my bias back then and Xiah was my "husband" (미안해 준루시 :S) the DBSK craziness stopped when Mirotic came out. I didn't buy the album; to my own surprise. then the fandom slowly ebbed away. during 2008, Korean Pop wasn't really that hyped up as compared to now. come to think of it, Kpop is really main stream now. it doesn't feel special anymore when you're listening to Kpop coz 3/4 of the world is listening to them too.  :/ yeah so anyway, I can't remember when i got into Big Bang. must be before Mirotic came out coz I was crazy over Haru Haru when it was released. so yeah. things died down with BB after they went on hiatus for a long time. I listened to Kpop less, i stopped watching dramas, i hardly watched their variety shows and stuff. then, the craze came back when TONIGHT came out. after that, i back tracked and downloaded a few songs from GD&TOP's collaboration album. High High's my favourite. meheheheh
      i have.. 1 BB album and 3 concert DVDs. though i have to say, that my BB album is my most Prized posession (after my DSLR and guitar)

      BB's Special Edition Album!!
      it's also cuz it's the most expensive album in my drawer of CDs and DVDs. ㅠ.ㅠ (i seem to be crying a lot in this post =.=)

      here's a better view:

      awesome isn't it? mehehehehe

      yeah, i'd thought this post would be longer, but surprisingly, it isn't. ㅎㅎㅎㅎ!!
      ooh typing 한글 is fun ㄱㄱㄱㄱ~
      okay i shall stop now.

      here's more pictures on the album :)

      ugh. comp won't flip it. sorry guys :/

      one of the several sketches.
      gotta bend your head to see this one :/

      the back of the photo book

      YGFamily Card. i still have no idea how it works.
      the HOW TO YG family card guide. it's in Korean.
      see what i mean?