Thursday, December 30, 2010

I have just found another Youtube artist ;) and he just joined too! In November to be exact.
I'm sure most of you know Alex Thao. If you don't, then now you know!
He has the raspiest voice i've ever heard. it's so.. dreamy. HAHAHA
here's a Cover of the song Statue by lil Eddie.
It got me addicted to his singing O.O

at first i saw this link to the original song on twitter and then i saw a comment on the video saying Alex Thao's version is so much better. When i played the video, i thought it would be like any other cover. Who knew that the first few notes he sang made me "swooshhhhh". HAHAHAHA. sorry. i suck at explaining how i feel. i can't really describe what i felt when listening to his cover. It felt like he was singing it for me (obviously that's not true. lol) and there were so much emotions emitting from his voice. it just literally sweeps me off my feet. Okay, maybe it's the lyrics of the song or something making me feel the way i am right now, but I'm telling you, this guy is awesome! Tell me what you think ;)

Oh, and support this guy and his awesome dreamy voice :D SUBSCRIBEEE~

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Updates on Christmas event in Jan :)

Hey guys! Latest updates on the Hillsong thing :)

it'll be on the 23rd of January 2011, at Stadium Indera Mulia, Ipoh, Perak.
Hillsong is actually the highlight of the whole event, and the Perak Government is supporting this. Cool right? :D
(yeah, i just think highlighting it would make it stand out more *GRINS*)

anyway, hope to see you guys there! ;) OH and i've also been told that the spaces for Volunteers to help out for the event is filling in fast! So if you want to get involved, send a personal message to Unite&Conquer's fb acc with these details:

  •  name
  • email
  • phone number
  • church
(psst, it's for confirmation sake)
priority will be given to the volunteers of the previous Hillsong event (was held in Aug 2010.

So what are you waiting for?? SEND THEM A PM and i'll see you there!! :D

Thursday, December 16, 2010

J-card Member SALE! + EDU fair in Syuen :D

YESH. apparently, the whole of Ipoh were at these 2 places mentioned in the title of this post.
 Went to syuen at about 4.30, reached there at 5pm. the place was freaking freezing! (same ballroom as to where Hillsong's Unite+Conquer concert was held ;D ) anyway, mum was at Taylor's College table for about 20 mins. met several friends there. Apparently Seng Hoo was at the Sunway College table next to Taylor's. I didn't even know! D:

Yeah, so went home at about 6pm, and quickly showered and had dinner for it was S.A.L.E day in Jusco! you have NO idea how packed Jusco was tonight/today. omg. cars were lining up from the main road and it was just impossible to get a parking space in there. SO, me and my mum did what other shoppers did. We parked in the shopping center next door :D (Tesco) and then we walked over to JJ. omg people were walking all over the place with at least ONE shopping bag in hand. AT LEAST! we quickly made our way to the clothes' department and begin hunting!

it was so frigging hard to get around D: especially when people were carrying clothes, shoes, bags and pushing trolleys. we headed to the "undergarments" section first. it was like a scene from Confessions of a Shopaholic. (never watched that movie) women of almost all ages were digging through countless amounts of bras and it was hectic! after that, went to look for more clothes.
Let me just summarise what happened.

went to Ti:Sized, got myself a cropped cardigan, a spaghetti top, a cropped jacket and another top. Got myself another cardigan from Agenda. Got a sleeveless top, and another 2 tops from Pots-1. then went to get my mum's clothes and a few shirts for the maid. We didn't know what to get my dad so we're planning to return to the battlefield either this weekend or next week. Anyway, headed to Vincci and tried a few flats. and i'm proud to say, i finally own myself a pair of chic, light denim coloured, studded flats. :D I'm so happy! though it's a lil' small. or rather it fits just right. and it's a size 5. if i wore the size 6, the back part would come off when i walked. it's so annoying when you can't find your shoe size D: and right now, my foot is in between 5 and 6. wth.

Then, we walked back to tesco, and came home :D
Shopping. Is. Awesome. :) especially when you find clothes that fit youuuuhhh~

OH and updates about the Hillsong thing in Jan!
The event will be post-phoned to the 23rd of January 2011 which is also a Sunday because the Sultan isn't free on the 16th. It will still be held in the Stadium, most probably the indoor one. More updates coming your way! [when there are any :) ]

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

let's get some role play into action! ;D

Hello people-who-i-don't-know-but-read-my-blog!! I'm here today to make an advertisement :3
I don't know how many of you are anime/manga/game fans, but if you so happen to be one, take a load of this!
Well, if you're a Vampire Knight fan, then lucky you! Me, I'm not really a fan. I just find Zero incredibly sexy :B

Teehee~ he's my favourite character in the series. :3

Any ways, I stumbled upon this role playing site. I was looking for another one since Bella Luna (Twilight role-playing forum) was transformed into a Harry Potter one, (omg no way!) and so began my quest to quench my thirst of the thrill of role-playing with people i don't know. I particularly like vampire themed RP-forums (RP = role-playing) cause lets just face it. Vampires are awesome. Werewolves too! :D but Vampire Knight don't have werewolves. They have oodles of Bishies instead! (Bishonens are really good looking boys. Otaku terms)
So, the basic thing about a RP-forum is, 
  1. you get to be your dream canon character (if they're not being played by someone else) or be your own character
  2. live out your character's life as to in the series/game/manga/whatever.
  3. meet tons of new people!
So basically, it's like reading a book. But you and other write that book. How cool is that? Mind you, that RP-ing in a forum is NOT like a game (DOTA, maplestory, ect.)

here's a few pictures of the site:

this is where you edit a post, or make a new one

this is a thread and it shows posts of your own and other people.

this is the main page where you can access all the threads in the forum

and this here, is the header! isn't it awesome?

so, as you can see, it is exactly identical to any other forum. It's just that it's uses are slightly different ;)
and besides, we need more members! we currently have 121 members. (me being the latest :D) 
so, if you're interested, click on the header above and come join us!

Credits goes to those who own the forum and made it happen :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale

Just got back from the movies with the folks! :D  
I tell you, this movie is fantastic! The whole story was changed ;) (no spoilers~ so i'm not gonna elaborate on the movie :D)

This was my favourite scene in the whole movie :)

At first my dad thought of watching Harry Potter because Rapunzel was full. But it wasn't entirely full because there were couple seats which cost RM30. and since they were rigggghhhhtttt at the back, i wanted to get those tickets. But my dad still insisted that we watched Harry Potter because it's cheaper. (by 8 bucks =3= )
But i still pestered on about wanting to watch Rapunzel and so, we got the tickets and i paid 10 bucks because I felt bad (we got 2 couple seats so it's RM60) 
so, we went to buy the groceries first, then we went for dinner at McDs, cause we only had 1/2 an hour left to eat, so yeh. Then, of all people, met Ben and the Chang family! :D 
OH! and I met Darren and Yian Yian (in parade earlier in the afternoon). of all people! and i didn't even know he came back! DARREN HEW!! Why didn't you tell me?  >P haha. no biggie. it was totally random meeting him. :P
anyway, I didn't know TGV did renovations. (this shows how long I've not been to JJ T^T) my parents and i were staring at the interior designing in awe. Hoho. XD and and the couple seats are like.. AWESOME! :D
I should go to the movies more often~ :3 
OHHH and my mum brought my cat to church when she came to pick me up :3 teehee~

She is so gorgeous i tell you.. though i think this isn't the real image of her (in the movie).. but what the heck. she's pretty ;)

Saturday, December 4, 2010



(this is 2010's poster. just to put a picture here :P)

(more details and, or any changes coming your way! I'll keep you guys posted ;D)

Oh, and please, do not expect so much from who is coming and what not. we wouldn't want any bad-mouthing happening again like this year (not like it made any difference for the turn out anyway). it's not about the names of the people who are coming, but the change they're gonna do to our city. :)
so pray hard and pray long! :D

and and feel free to sign up as a volunteer! we're gonna need all the help we can get. Though i'm not sure how MUCH help we need, but there's not harm asking right? do so here ----> unite+conquer facebook (unite+conquer was this year's event btw. please don't get confused.)