Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy year of the Rabbit yo!

Chinese New Year is just around the bend! :D (though it doesn't feel like it with all the tragedies happening around)

things to do during CNY:
  1. Have Scampy for supper with extended family
  2. collect LOTS of ang pows :D
  3. go SHOPPING
  4. BUY accessories ;) (currently in the mood for accessories. dont ask me why.)
  5. Gain back my 2 kgs so i can actually FIT in my new clothes which are hanging off me now D:
  7. sleep late every night.
  8. go Taylor's for a look see :)
  9. celebrate my birthday?
  10. celebrate with friends :D
 Happy Chinese New Year every one!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


okay, you know what?

I shall ignore you now :)

Good Lord give me strength D:
credits go to the owner of the photos used.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

can you belive some people??

i think you guys have heard about the infamous dog abuser on facebook. Please sign this online petition to stop this madness! everything is on this website. thanks for your cooperation guys :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just to clear things up a lil :)

Hey guys! I've been hearing a lot of rumors concerning the event that's gonna happen this Sunday.
Though, i can also say that it's partially my fault too for spreading the wrong information.

First up, it's NOT HILLSONG that's coming to IPOH.(my bad for mentioning Hillsong in my previous post D: )
it's a group called This Sanctuary. This Sanctuary are gifted and anointed singers, songwriters and musicians. Currently, they are recording their own EP more towards secular and positive songs. They serve in Hillsong Church, Australia in the Worship & Creative Department and serve in the main platform as well.

so, you get the idea? :)
once again, the whole event is FREE OF CHARGE. so, bring your friends, bring your parents, bring your relatives, bring EVERYBODY YOU KNOW!!

There will be a Musical about Jesus' birth, and a praise and worship session led by This Sanctuary.
I know there has been a lot of negative stuff circulating 'round, but we have to stay positive and stand strong. With God, everything is possible.

here's their promo vid ;)

Spread the Word, Spread the Love!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Humble thy self C:

We had our first band meeting of the year at church today. Watched a video related to worship by (forgot his name D:)
He taught us to be HUMBLE in EVERYTHING we do. From my own personal experience, that's really and very true. You see, I sort of have this ego thing (confession time lol) and sometimes, I feel superior to some people. Though I may not look like it, but I do feel like that sometimes. It used to be a lil worse last time. But God made me open my eyes. When i was a back up in Youth, (still am haha) i used to think i can do better than them or i know more about music, or how loud or how soft it should be played and stuff. Then on a few occasions, I even harmonized, but then all of a sudden, my mic went loud and I went off key. it was kinda embarrassing, but i acted as if it never happened. Ever since then, I've made up my mind to be as humble as I can when I'm singing back up for youth. Though sometimes I do still act a little out of my place (like giving LOTS of suggestions and expecting them to follow them) I try to tone it down a little.

After lunch, went back to church and was greeted by two MASSIVE AMPS. OMG ALSKSDDJFHGKH
It felt like i was in a concert!! :D and we got two new HUGE sub-woofers too! (Bass amps) omg. worship in church will never be the same again! Then again, the new amps amplify the sounds so loudly, that even the slightest mistake can be heard. We tried them out today during Sunday school band practice. (I'm leading. omg) and to be honest, I'm not very confident about my performance today. It's as if the microphone hates me! (To me) i sounded terrible. UGH. and the music played was very messy! I didn't know what came first and what came last, or how to end! it's like I forgot everything! D:
ughhhh... So right now, I'm gonna ask God for PLENTY of guidance and His mercy so that I won't embarrass myself tomorrow morning and also for the band playing tomorrow :S

Friday, January 7, 2011


HEY YA'LL!! :D I just found this AH-MAE-ZING article my friend shared on facebook ;)

"WELL-KNOWN Christian music group, Hillsong, will take centre stage during the Perak state-level Christmas and New Year celebrations at Stadium Indera Mulia in Ipoh.
State executive council member Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon said the popular group from Australia would be performing several songs and dances during the event on **Jan 23 22 23.
“The group of seven singers will be the highlight of the event,” he told a press conference at the state secretariat building in Ipoh on Tuesday.
He also said that 16 churches in Ipoh would stage a 40-minute combined musical performance.
Dr Mah, who is Perak Non-Islamic Affairs Committee chairman, said he expected a crowd of 4,000 people at the event which is open not only to the Christian community but also to the general public as well.
“There will also be 2,000 door gifts to be given out on a first-come, first-served basis,” he added.
He said the Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah, the royal family and Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir were ex-pected to attend the event which would start at 7pm and end at 11.30pm." - The Star metro

and and and here's the news paper cutting of it! :D

(7th January 2011, The Star Metro)

so what are you waiting for?? COME JOIN US! :DD

The team doing the praise and worship is called "This Sanctuary". They serve in Hillsong church. Just to let you guys know and not complain about who's coming and who's not. ;) 
 Okay, i just got the latest news. The Sultan just changed the date (again!) now the event will be on the 22 Jan, at 7pm onwards. :) Thanks for your co-operation ♥

***re-re-edit:date has been changed back to the 23rd :) 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

my future to come

Everyone i know is starting to move out D: its so sad because, those that i've just gotten to know a little better, are gonna leave soon. and when the time comes, so will I.

So, i have decided to stay here, until July to get some things done. Right now, i'm keeping myself EXTRA busy by working and I have computer Undang test (highway code) this saturday @.@

yeah, so i'm working at my parents' place. Selling school books to impatient and fussy parents whose kids grumble a lot. LOL nah i'm just kidding. In the school where i'm stationed, the parents are like.. the best. They don't complain when they still haven't gotten their kids' books even though school has already begun. While in most other schools,  the (majority) parents grunt, complain and grumble and ask LOADS of questions. They have no patience at all, i tell you. and they're so FUSSY. *hmph*

anyway, besides wanting to spend some fun time before college, i also want to be involved in church as much as i can. Cause, when i leave, who knows how often i'll be back. And, making the youth session more alive is one of my primary goals. I find that teenagers these days get bored so easily (like me) but you can never be bored with God, because he's a very unexpected being. Something good may happen, or something bad may happen for the better. And so, I want to instill the feeling of being high in God's presence. Not the "drunk high", the "high with the holy spirit". now that's the high i'm talking about. Especially those new comers from primary school, they have no idea what it's like to be in the presence of the Holy Spirit. But, once they've had a taste of Youth Camp (it's an annual thing), they'll be thirsty for more. I'm talking about experience here ;)

so yeah! that's what I'm gonna do for the next 6 months ;)

Monday, January 3, 2011

1st day of the school term :D (plus a lil but on JB and SG)

HAHAHAHA no, i already LEFT school >:D (thou shalt be very jealous)
anyway, woke up at 5.30am today. but went back to sleep. and mum woke me up at 5.45 == previously, my cat (lil' Dino!) woke me up at 4-ish coz he needed to pee. so yeah. and i slept at 2 plus last night. (ugh, immense panda eyes, people!)

so anyway, got up, showered, left for work at 6am (omg). went for breakfast at a mamak stall nearby; had roti canai telur minus the onions and milo. Since it's the first day of school, there were bound to be A LOT of people wanting to buy books and stuff that's missing from their list. and i was right! Oh and you know what's the best part? it started raining. Pouring to be exact. When i arrived at Wesley's, omg i saw sooo many people. It brought back the nostalgic feeling of going back to school after the holidays. i miss those times. haha kidding. I only missed the GOOD times :D

yeah so, the parents were like.. rebut-ing for our attention so they could get the book shopping over and done with. but the sad thing is, we didn't have ALL the books. The suppliers are so slow now. ugh. idk how many times i've said that. and to keep smiling through out the day? major UGH. it's so tiring! especially when you're finally closing after a looonnnggg day and you're counting the day's income and suddenly, a parent comes along wanting to buy books. and you'll be like:

inside: ugh. omg why can't you come back TOMORROW??
outside: *SMILES* "yes?"

yeah well, the awesome chilly weather lasted up till now! How fantastic can it get? i mean, it was 3pm when it actually felt and looked like 11am in the morning. it's not everyday you get weather this awesome ;)

OH and i just saw this "Justin Bieber dating Selena Gomez?" thing on the web.

This is quite the shocker! I wouldn't think that SG and JB would end up together? but it may just be rumors, so it may not be true... BUT if it is, then congratulations to them! :)

okay, i just read a post on MTV's webbie stating that the rumors are fake and the pictures are fake as well :) though, only JB and SG know what's really going on.