Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Last Two Days


Occasion: Wei Soon's 16th Birthday
Place: Sky Corner Restaurant

I reached there at about 6.30pm sharp cause me and my dad got lost.. and my dad was half way screaming in the car for landmarks. ==
Anyway, Wei Soon arrived a lil bit earlier than moi so we sat down first. Then came Viv Tham, Pan, Mark, Yap (idk him) Viv Cheah, Vincent, Sam. Lo and Yen Fong.

There was a movie playing the whole time we were there, and guess what? It was The SAW.
idk why they show this kind of movie at a restaurant where people eat. Not barf.

Here are some photos. For more, please view Vivian's photo album. (:

Busy watching people get hacked up in SAW

After much insistence of not taking a picture with Mark, he indulged himself with his ice lemon tea

Enjoying Korean Horror movie after SAW

Just had to put this up :P

Birthday boy and his Birthday cake

There was a cake fight after that and Tham Vivian, Pan and Mark were the victims. actually, it was more to Pan and Mark. waiting for those pictures to be uploaded (:


Went for the Foot Stool Players' drama at YMCA today at 5pm after MYF. The play was fantastic!
I tell you, those actors and actresses are damn good. They're not professional actors or actresses though.. anyway, after that, went to pick up June and headed over to Aryna's house for makan. On the way June and I were like animatedly talking (most of it was me) about... stuff... so yeah. when we arrived, we gave the present mummy had bought from Tesco to Aryna. The food was goooooddd~ although I only had so much (little) and spent some time in Aryna's room with June.
Then, we went home :)


Friday, September 25, 2009

Awaiting the day

This Is It alright! I'm waiting for the day when the tickets are released. It's only airing for 2 weeks! This is one show I'm NOT missing! See that countdown widget up there? Well, that's to remind me to get those tickets early and for good seats too! :)
If not, I'll buy the Original. But I'd rather watch and sob in the cinema. The feeling's different from watching it at home.

You can part of the THIS IS IT Poster Mosaic too! just click here and follow the instructions given. I've already uploaded mine. Wanna upload more though. I bet I'll only be a minuscule in the whole poster. teehee. well, at least I'll get to be in it! :D

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli movies are classics! Just simply amazing.

I woke up this morning around after 11 and watched Spirited Away

If you haven't heard of Studio Ghibli, go wiki or google it up. It's pretty much shameful to not know about Studio Ghibli.

Anyway, this movie is about a young 10 year old girl named Chihiro who moves to another town with her parents. As her father takes a short-cut, they end up in a decommissioned amusement park - something that isn’t very unusual in Japan. It’s deserted, but yet there are food stands, and the parents gorge themselves despite Chihiro’s wish to go. Things begin to go really weird at this point: The parents turn into huge pigs (literally), and Chihiro is trapped in a weird fantasy land. She ends up in a bath house for gods, and has to work there while trying to save her parents and escape.

*credits to The World According To Nils for the shorter version of the summary.

This is one of my favourite among the Studio Ghibli productions. Other favourites are My Neighbour Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Grave of The fireflies and Howl's Moving Castle.
Spirited Away, is in a way, pretty much touching as the protagonist captures people's hearts with her sort-of-klutzy self and her not-giving-up attitude. I really admire this 10 year old character. I first watched this movie back when I was 10 I think. It was a really long time ago. But after watching it again and really understand the plot and stuff, it really touches me.

After that movie, I proceeded to watch Howl's Moving Castle.

This movie is about an 18 year old girl named Sophie who runs her late-father's hat shop. She's been turned into an old woman by a witch called Witch of The Waste. She then runs away and meet's a scarecrow that she calls Turnip Head. She then accommodates a walking, metal castle with a face (literally) and sets to try and reverse the curse set by the witch with Howl's help (indirectly) by falling in love with him and also along the way tries to break Howl's pact with Calcifer; the fire demon as well.

I was stunned by the beautifully detailed artwork in the movie. Truly incredible! I have to say, Howl is definitely a very handsome guy. He's actually quite vain but has a really kind heart. Watch the movie to know more! (:
I was really impressed by Sophie's attitude as well! There were some hilarious parts like a towel dropping from howl and onto the floor (SPOILER!)

I'd give 2 thumbs up to Both the movies and also to the others mentioned. There are more Studio Ghibli movies that I have not watched. I'm waiting for the opportunity to buy them and enjoy the humour, the moral of the story, stunning OSTs and beautiful artworks (:


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Went for CG outing today! and guess who I saw?


Melanie!! :D
i was like.. OMG! MEL!! XD Jojo, Loong, UG and Bryan Chan was there too.
I met up with June and Viv. We bought tickets to "Where Got Ghost?" a Singapore Horror&Comedy movie. Weisoon, Samuel and Emanuel came late! I had to go out of the cinema twice. ==
It was okay I guess.. I was covering my face during those so-called-"hong pou" moments. lol. it was the sound effects that magnified the scariness.

After the movie, met up with Sandra, then with Daniel&Nichole. Daniel went to buy the tickets for The Ugly Truth and we went for lunch. Then we met up with Carl, Benji and Li Xin.
All of us except Benji Li Xin and June (She went home) went for lunch at the food court. After lunch, we were just digesting our food and then Shao Wen came along!

at 3pm, we left for the cinema and went in.

LOL! Another Great Movie! :D Shao Wen says he wants to buy the original DVD to watch it again. I would too! :D they cut out so many parts. == damn.

After the movie, we went to the bowling alley, intending to bowl but there were so MANY people and we couldn't go ta kei because Daniel's mum wouldn't allow Nichole to go. So we went to Capcom instead and we just stood there aimless for like 5 minutes and decided to go makan instead at McD.
We had ice cream and just chilled and talked until 6pm.
I tell you, the standard of the McD ice-cream has dropped! It was utterly tasteless! there was like 80% ice and 20% cream in it. == and i had to mush the chocolate together with the ice-cream to get the sweet taste. (I was a having Chocolate Sundae)

Oh Oh! The trailer to the Most-Anticipated-Movie-on-my-list is OUT! :D

watch it! watch it! I am SO gonna watch this in the cinema :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Raya peeps!

Again, it's the holidays. I often wonder if having lots of holidays in a year is a good thing or bad.
Nothing much has happened again this week. I'm going to Penang to visit my grandma for the first half of the holidays.
I'm currently on a reading spree. Had read 2 books in the last two days:

Chloe Saunders sees dead people. Yes, like in the films. The problem is, in real life saying you see ghosts gets you a one-way ticket to the psych ward. And at 15, all Chloe wants to do is fit in at school and maybe get a boy to notice her. But when a particularly violent ghost haunts her, she gets noticed for all the wrong reasons. Her seemingly crazed behavior earns her a trip to Lyle House, a centre for 'disturbed teens'. At first Chloe is determined to keep her head down. But then her room mate disappears after confessing she has a poltergeist, and some of the other patients also seem to be manifesting paranormal behavior. Could that be a coincidence? Or is Lyle House not quite what it seems...? Chloe realizes that if she doesn't uncover the truth, she could be destined for a lifetime in a psychiatric hospital. Or could her fate be even worse...? Can she trust her fellow students, and does she dare reveal her dark secret?

Chloe Saunders used to be a normal teenage girl - or so she thought. Then she learned the shocking truth - she is a walking science experiment. Genetically altered by birth by a sinister team of scientists known as the Edison Group, Chloe is an aberration - a powerful necromancer who can see ghosts and even raise the dead, often with terrifying consequences. Even worse, her growing powers have made her a threat to the surviving members of the Edison Group, who have decided it's time to end their experiment - permanently...
Now Chloe is running for her life with 3 other supernatural teenagers - a charming sorcerer, a troubled werewolf, and a temperamental young witch. Together they have a chance for freedom - but can Chloe trust her new friends?

And waiting for this one to be published:

It's actually a trilogy but i read on Kelley Armstrong's website that she's working on the a forth book. It's actually quite fascinating! The logical explanations of supernatural powers coupled with humor, suspense, surprising turn of events and a little hint of romance really gave me a shock of enjoyment. Things can happen in life, and the things that happen in these books are really unpredictable.
I can say that it's better than Twilight. Maybe because Kelley is a much more experienced author than Stephenie Meyers. meh.
After reading 2 books in two days, I kinda ask myself:
Are there Supernaturals out there? Do people really have powers?
I know I'm getting way over my head but being physic isn't as imaginary as it sounds. haha!
So, it you're a fiction fanatic, be sure to grab these books cause you'll be missing out all the fun ;)

I sounded like a cheesy promoter back there. ==
anyway, Sandra and I plan to have a CG outing on Weds cause Mark wanted it so badly. But the irony of it is, Mark can't make it. ==
and I'm not even sure if this will work out.

*go JJ in the morning
*watch a movie
*have lunch
*watch another movie
*hang out.

so basically that's what I plan to do; or at least until someone else has a better idea.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

screw school

Bah. It's already the end of the weekend. and i just realized i hadn't updated in quite a while. Nothing much happened really..

*school sucked as usual
*Amanda had an asthma attack on Thursday during PJ in class
*exams are coming but i haven't started studying. as usual
*spent my whole Saturday watching tv from noon till dusk
*went to st.Peter's church or a CD launching on Saturday (saw Loong after a LOOONNNGGG time too. and your hair's nice btw. [: )
*talked away during youth after CY session (Aunty Gueh Im's birthday too)
*just bought that purple tee I had been eying since last 2 weeks ago at PDI
*saw sandra at jj today
*went to Tesco after going JJ.
*having period pains now (since this morning). help me. *agony*

so that pretty much summarizes my week, and the past 2 days (since it's monday now.. )
I need sleep. I'm a very sleep deprived teen. I get sleep hours less than an adult should. and adults are supposed to sleep less. we live in a stressful world; we do. :(

-g'nite peeps!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Helium anyone? :D

All right! today was Jean Yenn's Sweet 16 Birthday Bash! :D
it was held at Golf Club at 6.30pm
Righto.. so, Got ready by 5.40pm, went to June's house at 6pm. reached like at around 6.20pm perhaps? anyway, the place was like WOW. (sadly, i do not have pictures because i did NOT bring my camera with me, thinking my mum wouldn't let me go online. ==)

anyhoots, it was kinda awkward for me cuz i was kinda lost with all the other Convent girls there.. (i was the only one from MGS) some of them were my old schoolmates from Marian Convent. teehee. it felt like a reunion! then i saw Navi. We screamed together when we saw each other! i hadn't expected to see Navi there at the party! we practically stuck to each other till we went home. lol
then the party started at 7pm plus when everyone had arrived. The MC was really funny.. or rather sarcastic-ish. then it was dinner. ohmahgosh. the food was FANTASTIC!! it was by Kizuna, (well doh Japanese food) i had A LOT. it was simply scrumptious!

moving on, we had games and ate some more. LOL. then it was more games and i dont know which came first... the helium or the birthday cake. i think it was the helium. anyway, we had a dance floor and being ALL girls, we went CRAZY! we were dancing to "Nobody" and Michelle was like.. WHOA. i'm not sure which Michelle coz i don't know her... anyway, we were jumping, inhaling helium, dancing, more helium and just being crazy. it was awesome i tell you.
Then, it was cake time! :D it was butter cake i think..
then it was back to games and more helium.

mind you i had 3 balloons full of helium. ==
after that, we just hanged around and had more helium. haha! 3 balloons was a lot okay! and we were all high. especially those on Helium. A.Pan, Navi, I and some other girls can't stop inhaling it! it's like we were on drugs. lol! people should replace drugs with helium balloons. you can actually get high with all that high pitched laughing. it's just so funny! and it doesn't even cost much. :D well what about that! teehee..

zomg.. i need sleep like.. NOW.