Saturday, January 31, 2009

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gahhh.. i shouldn't have gone to your blog.... "/ anywayy...

Squirrel Natasha Tan:

Whoever who gets tagged has to write 10 things about the person who tagged him/her:

1. She's a ballerina
2. Amazingly adorable when she makes a face :p
3. is called squrriel :D
4. Loves to blog.. even for no apparent reason. XD
5. is dark skinned
6. very nice and kind to other people
7. is a Christian
8. loves tuna puffs?? lol
9. is a prefect in school~
10. has a laughing disorder ;)

The person who got tagged has to write 10 things about himself/herself:

1. am a pyromaniac
2. have a funny bone
3. love my family and friends
4. love music and singing
5. have a very tight schedule
6. am an anime fannnn~ (againn)
7. like to read anything except reference books.
8. look at people's hair as a first impression (especially guys.. :p )
9. love to eat.

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1. LAM
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Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations

Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations Pictures, Images and Photos

As Sakura, Syaoran, Fai and Kurogane continue their travel across many worlds, the other "Syaoran" wakes up. The Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations reveals Fei Wong Reed's intention, and the mystery of Syaoran's left eye.

Now, I shall give my review for the 3-episode series.
It was rather a nail bitting moment. When you're a person who follows the Tsubasa Chronicle's series or better known as Chronicle of The Wings in English, you would be terrificly glad to know who the other Syaoran is, what were Fei Wong's intentions and other loads of stuff..

Gah, who am I kidding? I feel so weird typing in absolute good English. XD
All I can say for this short part of the Entire anime is a TRIPLE QUADRUPLE THUMBS UP!! zomg... the characters were just soooo... CLAMP! haha! the story line for the 3 episodes were so mind gripping you can't wait for the other ep. But, when it came to the end i was like... "SHIT!! WHY ONLY 3 EPS????? DOSHITE?!" gahh.. there was one part where Fai had his left eye gouged out by Syaoran and put it into his own socket. I was like... tearing and going: " WTH???? NOO!!" and what the hay.. he ended up being half vampire. ;)
it's a must watch for those who watch anime. You will even get to watch Sakura suffer for once :O

gahh.. what am I ranting about... JUST WATCH IT ALREADY!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Let's GO!

yay! had visitation today.... Elaine and I were late to Sandra's house though.
Was supposed to meet in church at 10.30am but the traffic planned otherwise. So we went straight to San's house instead! Andrea made a surprise visit on crutches because of a recent surgery for a corn in his foot.
Anyhoots, lepak-ed there for like... 1 hour + then we went to Fish's house (12pm something) and saw MEGA SIZED KOIS. seriously. they.are.huge. and so is his house! lol.. so, we went into the tv room and Adrian, Carl, Emmanuel and Samuel played Mah Jong. FUNNY! then we moved on to Elaine's house. On the way, there were SO MANY CARS on the road. drived us nuts in Fish's car. fuhh!
We managed to reach Elaine's house (1pm +) in one piece and collected more ang paus. Daniel ate a ginseng candy and made a face. Eww. It smelled bad; must've tasted worse.
Then we proceeded to MY house. (1.30pm+ i think)
We had Soto for lunch and Carl, Elaine, Mark and Andrea i think tasted my grandma's infamous sambal! Carl nearly cried when he drank the sambal infested soup. haha! His face was RED!
Then we played Settlers Of Cattan. FUN GAME! carl and adrian were SOOOOO into it. :)
the rest played my PS2 and my piano; making my house a noise infested building :D
if you asked all of those who came to my house, they would say getting an angpau from my family was HARD. :p

it was pretty simple actually..

all they had to do was kneel, and greet the elder(s)

but we did it with a few twists of course... Andrea, Fish, Daniel Yean, Mark & Adrian had to wish my mum in Hokkien, Hakka, English, Tamil slang+Hokkien slang and Bahasa+Hokkien slang.
While Elaine, Sandra, Carl, Emmanuel & Samuel did something else.

it wasn't that hard.....

all they had to do was....


loL! yes you heard me! they had to RAP in Cantonese to get their angpaus :D but in the end, they rapped in Chinese and English. XD
that's what MY family does every year! It's pure torture; yes, but it was hilariously fun!
i took a vid on Sandra's cam, will have to wait for her to send it to me first. :)


Thursday, January 29, 2009



I have become a Persona 4 fan
it's just an amazingly AWESOME game.
you get to RP, Battle and Date at the same time!!
not all games have that featuree.. \^o^/
anyway, am currently back home in Ipoh


my mum's family is staying over. another fam is coming on Sat.
ohoh! tmw got CNY visitation for my CY. we're going to collect ANG PAUS!
idk how much i got this year.. lol!
i gave it all to my mummyy..~~

toodles darls~

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


yay yay another post!!
gahh.. my cousins say blogging is a total waste of time.
pfffttt! what do they know? :p
anyway, today was uber tiring. Just got back from koko's house playing Settlers of Catan or something like that. Man that game is addictive :/
today we woke up at like.... 11am-12pm something, then we went makan somewhere in town.. then.. we... went... Times Square and played at Cosmos's World. zomg...
DNA Mixer was HELL. but it was FUN. mwahahaha! if you sat it you would know what i mean... XD
soo.. we sat on the Supersonic Odyssey(Roller Coster) twice, Ooort's Express twice, DNA Mixer ONCE, Spinning Orbit once and Dizzy Izzy once. they were all thriller ridess... We planned on riding the Space Attack ride but i don't think my cousins can puke anymore. =p
so anyway, went to South Pacific Seafood for dinner and had Yi Sang twice in one day..
being random again..

OHHH.. Kim reminded me... going for a pilgrimage to IKEA to buy a table to replace my current one :/
it's likee... we go to IKEA EVERY SINGLE TIME WE COME TO KL.
Tradition... :D

toodles peeps~ :p

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy CNY! :)

yeahhh... so i made it to KL... watched the clouds all the way there too..
reached my grandma's place at 4pm+.. then.. uhh.. i forgot.. then we went jj... jalan jalan until 7pm+~~ thennn... went back home and had renunion dinner~ YUM

anyway, played PS2 for awhile and then watched my cousin play. currently in my other cousin's house a.k.a Biiancaa-who-doesnt-know-how-to-blog. My dear, dear cousin tersayang. :p
she's sleeping like a log now. HAHA
hogging my OTHER cousin's laptopie! :D

my nails are uber blackk... and my toes are black and PINK! yay! XD
black on CNY. isn't that just fun? sooo.. gonna catch some zzzzs. Having lunch here tmw with the rest of the fam.


P.S: Loong! your nails are not as black as MINE! MWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!! >D

Friday, January 23, 2009


i utterly MISS blogging.
it's been a month since i checked my stuff and WOW. loads of stuff to check.
Anyway, recent updates, i found:
.add maths confusing. lol
.Mod maths a little frustrating.
.Accounts is FUN
.Sejarah is just... BLERGH
.EA is killing my pens and my brain
.Sonnet 18 is gay.

Anyway, I've this sudden addiction to CS. Now i wonder why i didn't like the game when i first tried it a few years ago. LOL!
This year in form 4; i've got some.. urmm.. good teachers. idk what to say laaa... That Miss Loh really CMI. she and her theories. XD
Sitting next to ArynA AGAIN. lolz, so, my life is not in utter chaos, but it just spells disaster with a F-U-N. :p [don't think i'm kutuking you kayyyyy]

Ya laa... after 1 month of not blogging, i dunno how to blog liao. syit.. haha! right. so, today in school, we had this Hari Pengiystirahan thingie [crapp.. how do you spell that thing???]
Sandra was wearing a BLAZER. fuyohhh... someone a PREFECT worrrr~~ XD
We sat in the open hall at the primary schools' area until recess. Then, we had a farewell for 6 teachers who have transfered [they came back for the day] and as you've imagined, a tsunami of tears washed over us. including me. gahhh.. stained my skirt and sleeve. :/ anyway, filled in some marker pens today with aryna before recess. Now i know what LAMLAM and LEONGLEONG went through. XD my hands went from pale to blue. LOL.
oh oh! i painted my nails ytd. It's black and white! :D andand i painted my fingernails after school; BLACK. WHEEE!! LOONG don't be jealouussssss~ :p
so, will be heading up to KL tmw afternoon at 2 or 3pm. depends.
Teacher gave so much hw for our hols. Especially MISS LOH. dunno what nota from internet all... finished most of my mountain pile of hw. left EA and Karangan Umum which i never got past pendahuluan. XP
idk what to blog on anymoree... gonna hog Bii's laptop and TEACH HER HOW TO BLOG.

This Is Gonna Be A Fun Chinese New Year :)

Oh yes; hello people in my cbox! :D

Saturday, January 10, 2009

yeahh.. soo. i'm currently in infi in between SamSam and Joseph. haha.. funny la.. i got bored after playing XDO. haha! most of them playing CS and Joseph playing NFS Carbon. LOL! Kevin, Benjamin, Elaine (LEE), Leland and Kenneth are here too! We went for morning prayer and it was FREEZING! then, went for breakfast at some cafe.. so it's pretty noisy noww... Elaine is busy playing CS. XD

right.. haven't blogged in AGES coz, my comp just died on me. T~T
hhahah! see laa.. when i can go online again then i bloggg.. :p


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

. D A M N .

I had such a shitty day todayy..
damn the ceramahs
damn the hard ceramic floors
damn the stuffy, tiny hall
damn the noisy people when I was trying to concentrate on Patch Adams
damn the traffic
damn the bloody shitty excuse of an ass driver honking his crap off
damn for not napping today

as you can see, this is me not in a good mood. Especially about the fucking driver. Eeesshh..
what happened was, my mum was late because of the traffic jam and also because she had to pick some people up. So me, Sandra and Mel waited until 1.50pm+ and I finally saw my car. Ok. Nothing much right? still bearable. Then, we decided to go to the car instead since the frigging sun was scorching us to the bone [ok, maybe i'm just over exaggerating]. Then, i saw 2 more ppl inside so we decided to sit behind, behind. Then, that's when my rage started.
There was some asshole honking away right directly behind us. At first, i thought it was some bus. Excusable, but then i looked behind, there was this bastard that was banging the horn like a mad fool. Literally. There was some other guy sitting next to him. He was calm though..
then, you know what Indians usually do with the hand thing.. i did that and he got even madder and was threatening to get down from the car and bash my head to pieces. Then, I just blew the cap. I was seriously Swearing my head off next to Mel. I think I scared her. Sorry Mel. :p
anyway, since the jam was pretty bad, we couldn't actually MOVE but HE, that bloody fucker just kept honking and honking and driving so close to our car; almost close to touching it. Then, when the right lane kinda cleared, he over took and stuck his head all the way to his shoulders out the window and sort of glared+sweared(i think) and almost middle-fingered at us. Right in front of my school. Then we saw the car license plate. It was a Gen2 Penang car. Typical. I mean, I AM a penang-ian except that i'm from the mainland but seriously, that was one big piece of bullcrap on the road today. and my mum thought he wanted to say hi. =.= and she was laughing while i was steaming. gah. Yes, I swear guys. Don't be surprised...

God, Please forgive my vulgar mouth. I seriously have not sweared this much for a REALLY LONG time. not a really good habit. -__-

Monday, January 5, 2009

First day of Form 4. yay.

yes yes. i bet EVERYONE wants to know of our form 4 first day.. it was UBER boringg.. sat there in the hall, butt rotting away all... CRAMPED some more.. 8 classes all sardined in one small hall..
then, had talk lor... talk and talk and talk and..
you know what? I'm not gonna elaborate on what happened in school.
rained again just now. and the weather is like sunny Forks againn..
having my first MATHS TUITION for the year.. Aryna coming over before tuition to do something artistic to my HAIR. *prays hard*
anyway, my hands are aching and i'm sleepyyy...

yay! i just got back from Mod Maths. tuition. and what can I say? It was fun! i mean, at first it was soooo CONFUSING. something about significant figures and stuff. something to do about bundar and things.. so, after doing it for awhile; i found it quite exciting! [yesh i have gone mad] but what the hayy...
anyway, i forgot about something Mrs. Lee mentioned during perhimpunan.. sports practice starts NEXT WEEK.
talk about FAST. then, this year got Pesta Ria some more. dunno when laa.. so anyway, might be taking Vok4,Vok3 or Sci4. But most probably taking accounts and maybe Econ. Wonder if my school offers Eng. Lit? sounds interesting! haha

"To be or not to be.. That is the question." -quoted by one of Shakespear's works. :p

I tagg.....

Ishh... bijak punye LEONG. pergi TAG me worrrr.... :p

1. Loong Sheng
2. Joon Yang
3. Natasha Tan
4. Rong Tau
5. Crystal LAM
6. Ezriann
7. Jill
8. Jo
9. Adrian Yap
10. Kenji

How do you know 1? in school?
uhh.. noo.. CHRISTMAS EVE!! :D

What would you do if you never met 2?
lol.. no diff? we would've met anyway :p

What would you do if 3&4 dated you?
AHAHAHA!! roflmao!

Do you think 5&6 make a good couple?
nononononooo.... that'll be just plain WRONG

Do you think 7 is attractive?
I find her pretty adorable with those lion fangs of hers :D

Do you know anything about 8's family?
urmm.. not really..

Tell me something about 9.
BABOON that LOVES to play DRUMS :D

What language does 2 speak?

Who is 3 going out with?
oooooo~ idk bout thatt

How old is 4?
20+ i think

When was the last time you talked to 5?
MSN got laaa

Who's 6 favourite singer?
DBSK? um um umm.. idk!! ><

Would you date 7?
That's a really funny joke.. NO

10 single?
I think soo

What is 9's last name?
Yap some thingg...

Would you consider being in a relationship with 1?
errrr... maybe??

Which school does 2 go to?

What do you like about 3?
her FUNNY EXPRESSIONS when she's bullied :p

Sunday, January 4, 2009

STRONG BABY MV feat. G.Dragon

OMG. This vid has SO MUCH the RIGHT to HOG my Blog.
(this vid came out on the 1st of Jan 2009 :D)
ish. last day of BLOGGING
zomg.. noooooo!!
haha.. see la... CNY, i HOG my cousin's comp and BLOG my days away :p
might have to TEACH her how to blog too XD

tata~~ :D

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Youths of ASIA UNITE!

yesh people, I have just returned from ze YOUTH RALLY at MYC/Methodist Youth Centre. It was FILLED with PEOPLE and it was drizzling, but did it stop us from having FUN? I guess NOT! wheeheee!! :D


The T-Shirt!! :D

Some stickers from JAPAN! :D

The 10 bucks ticket that i never really used. only used 2 bucks :p

Japanese Girl! :D

Korean Girl! :D

Gah.. something is wrong with blogger. will continue update laterrr~~
(and and... my eyes HURT ALOT. sleep is needed :) )
Great. The weather now is like the weather in Forks, Washington. and, i'm currently listening to this emo song that fits the weather.
Zhi Zan Zhi Sang by Jay Chou.
idk, the player was on random :/
It's friggin almost 2pm and it feels like 8am.
I have no idea how long has it been raining. i think 5 hours+ ?
that's how the weather is today.

Yays!! my 60th post! :D probably gonna end at 65 or something... school gonna start dee mahh... aihh.. :( but it's also a good thing cause i need to concentrate this year.. taking accounts and add maths. GAH. i hate maths. but, what the hay...

anyway, woke up at like... 11.30am, slept damn early last night..(1am+) then, went down to make some calls. I didn't even go to the toilet yet that time. so i was like.. "tahann...." haha!
so, called Sandra to confirm if she can take us(me and co.) to the Carnival+rally today. Then she said she might not be able to coz she has to go super early with the band (she's singing! *feelsproud*) so, she suggested Rong Tau and that's who i called next. Then i asked if he was going to the rally. I didn't even ask if he could take me and co. there and he already said to pick me up at my house at 4pm. WOW. THANK YOU RONG TAU!! :D so, i called elaine, didn't answer. By that time, my bladder was on the verge of overflowing. Talk about overflowing blessings :/ haha. so you should know what comes next..

when i got back, called her house and finally she picked up. confirmed with her to come over before 4pm. lol.. THEN, *inhales* i called vivian and told her to come over before 4pm. like.. around 3.30pm. also told her to wear comfy clothes like sneakers, t-shirt and pants and NOT skirt. :p and also to bring cash for the coupons (which i also do not have) then, finally, everything is settled. yay! :D

okay. i shall leave now.. *ber-emo* (i'm being random) <3

Friday, January 2, 2009

I don't care what you say JOON YANG, Bu Nen Shuo De Mi Mi is NOT GAY.
Super, duper, very, extremely TIRED
Thou Shall not Ask Why
Because I will not Explain why.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Crap. It's 3pm something and i feel like i haven't even started my day yet.
so anyway, woke up at 2.30pm today and i went "whaatttt thhheee heeckk??"
quickly went brush teeth all and straight away went online. i can't believe i woke up THAT late! [but i slept at almost 4 last night :p ] BUT! gahh... 10 hours of sleep. must be some dream last night. haha~
AND, i haven't even eaten anything OR drink any form of liquid. gahhh. *tummyrumbles* gotta go find something to eaaatttt

toodles darlingsss~


rightt.. so, continuing from where i left off, talked with sheng for almost more than an hour on online call, and we. were. BORED. Seriously. He was so bored, he started to sing and ruin the nice song. =.= so anyway, got off at around 5.30pm+ and napped until.... 6pm something.. then online again.. 7pm i napped again and then mummy called and went down for dinner. after that, watched THE OPRAH SHOW until.... 9pm? haha.. i didn't even shower yet from when i woke up. So anyway, FINALLY showered and yeah, here I am, blogging away... :p

So, almost the whole day, I was looking for sites to download songs and currently in particular JAY CHOU songs. aihh.. am like.. addicted too his songs now. Downloaded Limewire just now and tried it but it was being an ass and i deleted it. HAH! so, i'm currently installing ARES and HOPEFULLY, it will not be such an ASS. *crossfingers* or i'll just go nuts. grrr.. feeling random right now..

i want waterrrr~