Monday, August 29, 2011

Raya Holidays

Which means, i'm HOME!! well, technically i don't do much at home except eat, sleep and go online. Well... the reason i'm posting is because ..

I got a new laptop!!
meet my new baby Asus A53S!

heeheehee.. not only that, I've got a new tv too! Though, i'm quite fine with the old one.. (which I've had since I was 5) pictures of it will be up after i get back from camp. LOL




Sunday, August 14, 2011


It's been a long while since I last updated, and I feel particularly bad for not doing so. My bad :(

Anyway, life in college has been.. pretty interesting on my part. :)

In school, I used to think college life is a whole new world (it is!) and that my life would be completely liberated of homework and nasty teachers. Part of it is true, while the other part isn't. Mainly the homework. As of now, I have 4 course assignments and 1 portfolio to complete. One of which needs to be handed in a week plus from now. The worst part is that i haven't even started half of my assignments. dangit.

Other than my academic life, my social one has been quite a doozy! Throughout the whole month plus that I've been here, I've been making new friends almost everyday! That's the upside of college. You make lots of new friends, despite whatever background you came from. Not many judge your past (hopefully) annnndddddd... well, i've met someone who... has changed the way i think of myself (in a positive manner obviously) and thanks to that person, I'm really challenge by my perception  about the "L" word  *ahem* I used to think I would never make it, but who knew I didn't have to wait that long? But then again, these feelings are always fluctuating like an emotional roller coaster; one day feeling all high on cloud nine, and the next being terribly down in the dumps or just flat and monotonous like pavement on the street. You get what I mean, don't you? People say, "Follow your heart." But I have been wondering, 'What's my heart saying?' 

Sometimes I can't distinguish between my brain and my heart. You could say I'm an utterly confused human female.. or you could say I'm just really careful of my decisions. I'm pretty sure I'm the latter because I don't like hurting people; even unintentionally. Makes me feel terrible. Some may think I'm a kiss-up but I just don't want to make people feel bad, you know? and I don't want to feel bad for making others feel bad. 

Ahhhh... I'm feeling quite blah right now. Okay to be honest, i'm missing someone right now. (You know who you are!)

Hope this gives an insight as to how I'm feeling at the moment. :D
Good nights everybodehh!! XOXO