Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The time has come

Today, the 23rd of March *looks at clock* OH. YESTERDAY. (omg should've started blogging earlier == )
whatever. anyway, it's the day ex-SPM-ers look forward to (or not) after 2 plus months *DUN DUN DUN!*

yeah so, woke up at.. 9am today. was still kinda groggy when Aki called me and told me she would be coming an hour earlier than planned. i instantly woke up and quickly showered and stuff. Aki arrived in her blue suzuki swift and we left to fetch Juwie. we took the wrong road (again! according to aryna) anyway, skipping to school, there were SO MANY CARS OMG. I went in first. Aki and Juwie went "long kai" somewhere idk where. went to upper hall, was surprised by all the renovations. went into the hall which was flooded with students, parents, teachers, video man, camera man ... wait what??
yea a guy from AstroAwani was carrying this (almost) huge ass video camera that camera men use around, and a camera man from NST newspaper with his camera was walking around with his camera taking pictures of students. I looked for my class and waited in line to get my results slip *insert hair-gripping moment here* i seriously didn't dare to look at my slip until my teacher shook my hand and congratulated me. i was like

"... what?"

I looked at my paper. apparently, i didn't really feel anything. No feeling of crying, or shouting, or whatever. Disappointment perhaps?

B.Melayu : B+
B.Inggeris : A+
P.Moral : B+
Sejarah : A-
Mathematics: B+
Science: A+
P.Akauns : B
E .Asas : C

the only epic moment was when I saw the marks for Sejarah (History). I was like:

*scans subjects* "WHAT? A- for sejarah?? Am I looking at the right grade? *rechecks* OMG. I GOT AN A FOR SEJARAH!!"

reason for my elated reaction? I've never gotten a grade higher than C for History. Even my dad was shocked. Literally.

The most disappointing mark was Ekonomi Asas/E.Asas (Basic Economics) Sorry if you think I'm a twit for not being able to understand fundamental economics. I'm just not good at it okay? and the whole two papers were all written essays. so it's like... 10 essays + ?

and the funny part, I got a B for Prinsip Akauns/P.Akauns (Principle of Accounts) reason? I only did 1 full question, and bits and pieces for the other 5. and i still got a B! whoa, thank God this year is election year. Heh. Don't get me started on that.

And last but not least, Pendidikan Moral/P.Moral (Moral Studies) funny how this subject sounds more pro-ish in English. anyway, my highest grade since Form 4 was a D. so when I got a B+, I was of course FREAKING HAPPEH. *ahem*

after the whole result drama, Aki, Juwie, Chan and I walked around school visiting our old class, and our teachers. I have to say, it felt good coming back. Will miss school.
Moving on, we sent Chan home. and we almost died. Literally. We almost crashed into the freaking road divider!! gawd. We were screaming in the car and stuff and we laughed when we found our hearts still pumping and ourselves still breathing. After sending Chan home (sort of) we headed back to school because I forgot to deliver something to one of the teachers there. dang. After that, we made our way to... Kopitiam? took us like.. almost an hour. what the heck. And we paid RM1.50 just to pass through the underground parking lot in Parade. Bah.

ANYWAY (since i'm UBER sleepy) I shall skip all them boring details.

Finally arrived at Kopitiam but we found out we had no parking ticket. So, Aki and I went hunting for a shop which sold them. Walked all the way to the other block. Bought the tickets and walked back to Kopitiam. I had 2 kaya sandwiches and 4 peanut butter sandwiches. After that, went to Aki's mum's school to pick her up. Then went to Tesco for lunch in Pizza Hut. I was about to explode. omg.

After that sent Juwie home (it was freaking pouring) then I was sent home. Took a nap, woke up, showered, got ready for dinner with the gals. Drove to De Gardens (omg first time!!) with my parents and maid in the car. Looked for the restaurant and ordered.

Yay a picture!

well sorry if i look like a sad monkey  =w=

WELL NOW! The update is kinda short, but i really really need to sleep now. :D 

Judify says BYE BYE!


Crystal said...

Congrats for getting A for Sejarah! :D so what's next!? Taylors awaits. Haha!

Judify said...

rofl I'm not going Taylors anymore. Dad not happy with the campus being in the middle of the city, where I can go lepak till God knows what time. So, most probably going Nottingham Uni :)