Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Raya Hols 2 and Animangaki!

Ommo~ so sorry my lovelies for not updating! I've been a really busy student as of late :/
Being a university/college student isn't as easy as I thought it would be.
anyway, exams are happening right now. I just ended 2 papers and I have 3 more to go! *throws confetti*
also, i just finished 2 assignments that i've been putting off for weeks :S

right. on with the updates!
More on raya hols:
went to KL and to...

 DESA PARKCITY!! where all zeh doggie owners bring their darlings for walks.
and we went there to walk the dogs too!

*more photos on my facebook.

annndddd... last week, i went for ANIMANGAKI!

Preview photos:
for the whole album, go to my facebook :P

Although the cosplayers here (and in the album) may not look as professional as those you see in deviantArt, they gave their best in cosplaying and had lots of fun. and that's what that matters :D
i only went for the first day because I had to go to church on Sunday :/
dang. and lots of good cosplayers came on the second day too.

Ohh ohh and i'm planning to go for this year's Comic Fiesta!

yeah, as you can see, i'm pretty much into cosplay now. Might even cosplay when i attend CF! :D

ttfn~ ♥