Tuesday, December 27, 2011


It's been ages since I last posted anything here :/ and i feel bad. When I read my "recent" previous posts, I keep reading the same line: "ages since I updated/posted anything..blablabla.. feel bad/sorry.. blablabla" -.-
anyway, the only reason i felt like posting something today to kill the Christmas mood (kidding!!) is this:

come on, you don't NEED an iphone just because EVERYBODY has one, do you? my phone is a miserable piece of plastic and metal and i'm grateful for even having a phone after i got pick-pocketed in the train on the way home to uni :(
if you little BRATS want iphones of your own, why don't you EARN it YOURSELF? Kids like you are WAYYYYY pampered and have not had the taste of discipline. I'm pretty sure you'll sue your parents if they lay a hand on you right? pfft. what toufus.

anyway, i'm going to check out their twitters now. heehee.

Merry Christmas everybody! and remember that it's not about Santa or the gifts, but it's about Jesus. 
GBY! :)