Wednesday, April 27, 2011


My friend is obsessed with tumblr
My other friend is obsessed with korean guys
My other friend's friend is obsessed with korean girls
My cat is obsessed with sabotaging the new cat
My parents are obsessed with my university entrance acceptance letter
My dog is obsessed with motorcycles


I just want to sleep.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter! + Why, what big Teeth you have

Hey ya'll! It's been a little while since i last updated :D
how was your Easter Day? Mine was really packed to be honest. I had to wake up at 5.30am on Easter Sunday for the Sunrise Service. Gawd.

choir! I'm pretty sure you can spot me :D (night service)
Currently, I'm at work and I'm feeling real lazy to upload photos atm. Bah

anyway, went to watch Red Riding Hood yesterday with friends. I have to say, the movie ain't bad; except for the fact that every single scene felt like something bad was going to happen. Even eating cookies. I mean seriously, what more can you expect from the director of Twilight? (I find Twilight's movie really boring so i don't get what's all the rave for that movie series)

Amanda Seyfreid is reaaallllyyy pretty.

the main cast ain't bad too :D

Max Irons, Shiloh Fernandez, Amanda Seyfreid
anddddd then I bought tickets for another movie for the night and we went home at 3.45pm and i just knocked out on my bed at home till 6pm. Woke up, got ready, had a light dinner and went out again at 6.45pm! anddd we watched Rio!!

Rio is SO CUTE i tell you. I almost cried from laughing too much. And they break out into song often which is real amusing :D especially when they're birds!

and and and Anne Hathway has sucha sweet voice~ there a ton of other stars starring in this movie too! like and Jamie Foxx and Jessie Esienberg from The Social Network!

yeah i totally forgot what else to blog about since I lagged the blogging process. Got a new CAT! :D pictures up soon! anticipate it soon!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Don't Cry

Park Bom of 2NE1 just released the MV for her new single "Don't Cry" !! and i have to say, it's really nice :D especially all that maze stuff and gawd why's she so gorgeous?? T^T

Bommiyah~ Wae u so pretty? D:

despite her doing a little work on her eyes, lips and nose (before her debut), she honestly looks better than before. gawd. she's so freaking beautiful i could cry D:

rofl. i was just exaggerating. :D

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Road Trip!

YES! as i've mentioned in my previous post, I said i would be going on a road trip to catch some lunch with friends and family.

It.Was.AWESOME! Except for the scorching heat and the icky mud, everything was soo cool! The experience was priceless. I mean, who goes to a cove and go hunting for clams and oysters for fun?? you guys should try it some time. You'll get to experience all the wildlife there! EVERYTHING was moving. seriously == it was a lil creepy.. but it was cool :D here are some pictures. More on my fb :)

this trip had more youths compared to adults XD
what nice weather :D

tsk tsk. sammy we've reduced your age to 3 :P

there were also multiple singing/guitar sessions :D

we had to walk to get to the cove ==

beds of oysters. oohlala~
dig in everybody!!

yes, i'm in a tree.

yeah.. the heat was.. unbelievably and ridiculously hot!! like, super flaming! i already lathered on sun block at home, but i felt that i had to apply another layer. just in case. but i still got burned anyway TxT  owiee..

yeah so after all that hunting, we went back to the bus and off to the booked hotel to clean up. then we went to Ah Pek something something something for some delicious seafood lunch!!

Ah Pek (air-conditioned room) there's also open air

steamed fish

deep fried oysters that we got
uhh.. glass noodles?
um.. rice noodles with red wine and other stuff?
there was also Crab Curry and Seashell with red wine sauce. But i guess my dad was too busy eating to take the photos XD all i can say is that the food is fantastic! Go ask around for Ah Pek restaurant if you're in Setiawan ;)
after lunch, we went to stop by some place and the adults went and bought salted fish and other dried seafood. then we headed off to have some cendol (iced shavings with brown sugar, milk, beans and some green jelly stuff. about the same as ais kacang) i didnt have any since i honestly found it too sweet. after cendol, we finally made our way back. and about an hour (or less) before arriving back in Ipoh, we broke out into song and sang all the way back to Ipoh. It was fun! Though poor Alex had to play the guitar (since only him, Sammy and Ben knew how to play the guitar like a pro and the other two were busy doing other things)

yeahhh so, that's about it :)

OH and Persona 4 is gonna have an Anime ;)

WHOOHOO!! :D I've been waiting for this day!! Persona 4 is a role-playing video game developed and published by Atlus for Sony's PlayStation 2, and chronologically the fifth installment in the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series.

*please read wikipedia for more information

 one of the best games i've played so far. It has a very dark and mysterious plot and you actually race against time in this game. so if you screw up, it's Game Over. Talk about pressure :/
I'm currently suck somewhere and i refuse to go to walk-throughs for help. (even though it's very tempting to know the spoilers. rofl)


Monday, April 18, 2011

about Today, about Tomorrow

first up, Big Bang just released the MV of their Japanese version of Tonight! :D

total eye candy and ear-gasm ;)

and thennnn... nothing much happened at work todayy..

this was taken last week. i forgot to upload it. rofl

 anyway, i got inspired by GD's bun thing on his head
this was on my previous post
gawd i don't even look half as good looking as him T_T

ahh.. hmm what else..

cute doggeh :D

they're more... friendly with each other now..?

honestly, this post is filled with pictures than words. which is... good in a way, is it not? :D

OH and tomorrow, i'll be by the beach, catching fish, prawns and harvesting shellfish and such sea creatures :D expect photos!!

and to end, here's a video that was tweeted on my time line:

this is an awesome remix i tell ya :D
i just don't know where to download it T^T

Sunday, April 17, 2011

of painted door frames and dinner with friends

ugghhh i'm soooo sleepy == but yet, i can't help but feel the compelling need to blog about today. Not sure why though. How i wish this feeling could be applied to work/homework. heh. highly doubt it'll happen.

yeah so anyway, today the kids in sunday school were taught about The Passover Feast. Andddd i carried out my duties as a photographer. Sort of.

omg this is so obscene, but it's soo funny rofl

yesh i am gangshta yo~!!

no words can be put for this picture. HAHAHAHAHA
more on my fb prof :)

after sunday school, went for lunch and returned to church for Youth. I tell you, Sundays are the only days i look forward to. Besides saturdays. Cause, i can meet up with friends, have fun, serve God, interact with people i hardly see during the week.. it's real good to be involved in church. Keeps you connected you know? Anyway, after Cell group, was choir practice for Easter. Went on quite smoothly to be honest :D and it's only the... 3rd practice? yay! yeah so after that, went fo dinner with friends. We started dinner about 7pm-ish, and we finished at 9.30pm ish. blame the chitter chatter. And we were the noisiest in the whole restaurant. HAHA and omg, the amount of food... crazy. micheoseo. gila. whatever. the servings were BIG! and so was the price of the whole dinner. lol. we had cake in the end too! (sorry, no pictures. i didn't bring my camera with me)

this is just a really, really, really quick update about what happened today. cause, i can't really remember the details cause i'm super sleepy XD


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Omo, Waegeureoni?

ahhh regarding the post title? Later. right now, some updates!!

I got a hair cut!!

Yay i have a fringe/bangs! :D


other than that, i've been... doing nothing much today. attempted to record myself singing, and then mixing it with the instrumental... looks, easy; but it's not. Needs a lot of patience and time. and i didn't have any of those today, ROFL. YEAH so, I got accepted into college! But then, there's also my other possible future which i shall not speak of here. The thing is, I'm pretty sure my parents will not approve of my other possible future; especially my mum. I think i've told here about it before? But i'm pretty sure it was a long time ago. yeah so, i've been praying about it and my inner gut says "go for it!" (I think??) and even my friends! but i'm not sure if that's what God wants me to do, or not. Because, this is something which i cannot say "oh, i made the wrong choice. I shall take the other road now," cause, it's time consuming. by the time i realise i made a mistake, it would be too late. And if the other possible future IS my future, then right now, i'm going through many obstacles to get there. normal right? But, i don't have much faith in my asset that is needed for Future no.2 ("other possible future" is too long) which is one of my obstacles. But, I've come a long way preparing for this. argh. Hence, the blog title. I'm like some little confused kid at the candy store deciding to buy chocolate cake, or chocolate brownies. bah. and i don't have much time left to dwell on this thing either.

my annoyed face. sort of.
  yes i like taking pictures of myself nowadays too :D

here's a picture of GeeDee before i turn off the lights and say good night ;) (OOH IT RHYMES!)

Too fast to Live, Too young to Die

whoops. suddenly i just have the urge to post pictures of GeeDee's tattoos XD

it says: Vita Dolce: Sweet Life and Moderato: Moderate
so, GeeDee's implying that we should have a moderately sweet life :)
what a nice slender frame you've got there., boy! :)