Saturday, April 25, 2009

more randomness!

some random video sharing that will embarrass the heck out of my buddies! :)

Happy Birthday!! :D

it's after 12 am in S.Korea.. so...

Saeng-il Chukkahaeyo Kang Dae Seong!! :D
Happy 20th birthday! may you and Big Bang be more healthy and successful in the years to come!
Luv ya'll! muaxx muaxx~

Dae Sung Pictures, Images and Photos

Friday, April 24, 2009

I wanna learn GUITAR!! D:

I have recently found an interest in facial care and make up. :)
oh, i'm becoming girlier! :D go pink!
but black still rocks though.. XD
visit for tips and whatsoever. :)

more BB :)

ahh.. this is actually kinda old but meh.. just found out a few hours ago. YG is gonna move to a new building.

it's SOOo cool.. :D awesome no?

here are some brief infomation:

~YG is officially building a new building to move to :)

~The pictures are of the construction scene… obviously still building the building.

~Hope they build a nice building so all the YG artists can come out with moremoremore hot albums!!!

~The owner of the building is Yang Hyunsuk

~8 floor building

~Period of construction: June 5 08 - April 30 09.

the boys have gotten hawter :)

aww damnit.. just read the article..

Big Bang Caffe Latte Ad. + Behind the scenes

here's a teaser picture :)

and THANK GOD Bong's hair went back to normal. and he looks SO MUCH manlier now.. :3

Tabi looks hawter thanks to his hair too.. XD

it feels great to see all 5 of them together again. :D
credit to:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


i am studying. omg. shocking right? i must be sick somewhere... doing Econs.. mehh..

Monday, April 20, 2009


i was absent for 3 days if no one had noticed.. went for Teachers' Retreat in Setiawan. XD it was all FUN!
lol... TOP!

Haha! this "tree" is adorable :)

First day

we reached at around almost 2 i think.. had lunch at the hotel and then checked in. after that was water games at 4.
first game was passing cups of water with holes in them :/ 2nd game was collecting splashes. (we played at the pool) we had to dive or jump or whatever and collect as much water as we can in buckets. after my team was over (yellow), it was the purple team's turn. everybody did their jumps and Shao Wen was the last. he dived and when we got out of the water, he was bleeding! omfg. everybody at first didn't notice but Aunty Page was like pointing at his head. I saw, but i think i froze in the water. DX after that, he had to go for stitching and we just continued doing what we were doing. I got bored of swimming and went for a sauna treat.
Crystal, Nicole, and I went and met Debbie, Kirsten and Sandra at the small sauna outside their room. I think we were in there for about almost an hour. came out at 6.30 and then showered. Went to check on ShaoWen and to fine him looking like a cracked egg. XD he had his head bandaged and got 5 stitches. (oww)
then me and sandra went down to the cafe for dinner. wah.. the food.. ok la. lawl. anyway, we wanted to ta pau for ShaoWen geh but the staff don't let. then we asked Aunty Page if can or not (Aunty Page's mum owns the hotel) and she said can la. but then decided to call room service instead. went for Session and Sandra and I did games. lol.. the HUMAN KNOT! it was fun watching them adults and kids play :D
after worship, i skipped session to do revision. i know! shocking isn't it? went to get my stuff from my room and went to Shao's room to study with San, Deb and Kirsten. i only ended up doing 1 page of Sejarah for 2 hours because i was busy eating. XD haha!
then, went to room 380 (Jo Mun's room) for party and stuff. wasn't that interesting but we played charades. :p went back to my room with Megan and slept at 12.30am i think.

Second Day

Mum called me and woke me up at 8. showered and went to sandra's room. haha. then we headed for breakfast.
i literally stuffed myself full with food that morning! wahliao.. i had koko-crunch, scrambled eggs, 2 toast, sausages, ham, mushroom soup and juice. after my first round, Shaowen finally came down for breakfast. we ate together and went up for session again. Shao went back to tido. wanted to stay longer for session but cabut lari with Jo Mun to her room and watched tv. I burned my marshmellow. :( after session was over, Sandra and Daniel came over and lepak-ed for awhile until the cleaning lady came and we got shooed. XD
after that, we went for lunch and the Youth Group sat together. as usual la.. Lepas itu, (tired of saying "after that".) the adults wanted to go makan cendol but i malas to go la.. San and Dan went, leaving Sandra's ipod with me to play Tap Tap with Shao Wen. went to his room and watched a little bit of tv, then we played a few rounds of Tap Tap. i lost all the rounds..=3= ngehh.. thennnn... the 2 of them came back and we lepak-ed some more. Aunty Page came in to check on Shao and take off his bandage. Doctor (Aunty page's husband) said he can finally wash his hair. XD then i told sandra:

Me: eh eh.. now all we have to do is wait for him to scream in pain.
Sandra: *laughs* ya lor ya lor!

haha.. we're so evil.. anyway, he didn't scream and his hair went back to normal. lol. the choped some of his hair off earlier and he complained that his hair looks funny. it's not that obvious la Shao Wen..
anyway, all of us went for Session. :O after worship and games, we listened to the talk. I sat between Sandra and ShaoWen at the back. Daniel was sitting on Sandra's left. halfway through, San and me got so sleepy. then she ajak me go to her room to wash her face. lol.. the first thing i did when we reached her room was to S.L.E.E.P. tido terus. when she finished, i told her i wanted to sleep instead of go to the session. (Kirsten was in the room studying; Debbie had already left for Ipoh with Aunty Mooi Cheng) so i slept until 4pm when it was Free time.
Went for sauna again but about 20 mins later, it stopped working. gave up and went back to change. Lepak-ed with Sandra and Daniel some more in Shao Wen's room. XD watched Tv and then crystal came and we watched MORE tv until 7pm something. Crystal, Shao Wen and me didn't go for dinner. why?

1) Crystal and I were still bloated from breakfast
2) Shao Wen was sleeping.
3) we were jaga-ing him :) see? we're such good people. XD

after dinner, San and Dan came back and so did Kin Ken. the 2 left for session while Kin Ken stayed back. so, I went back to my room to shower and came back around 10 mins later. Crystal then went to shower but came back to drag me to her room because she felt creeped out being alone in the room. (her room was next to mine. =.=) so, i watched tv while waiting. after she was done, went back to Shao's room to find him sleeping in the exact position we left him. fuh. we occasionally left the room to take some stuff.
Finally when we cannot tahan anymore, we went to Billion to buy food. :p (it's only next door) after buying, quickly ran back to our room (no one knew we went there XD) had cheese sausages, cup noodles, crackers and waffles. tried to wake Shao up but he didn't want to eat. he say sakit kepala when buka mata. so he slept some more until sandra and Daniel finally came back. i think they ponteng half of the session, while we didn't go for session at all :D
haha i feel so badd..
at around 9 or 1o, Shao finally woke up when Aunty Page came in and ordered room service. stayed there until 1am and went back to Sandra's room to sleep. we talked until 1.30 and then finally slept.

Last Day

woke up at almost 8.30 and breakfast was at 8.30. was hungry wehhh.. went back to my room to gau dim everything then sandra came and cari me and we pergi makan. same food as the day before.. lepas itu, Dan, San, Crystal, Shao and i went to the conference room. nothing much happened. The last session was last night and Pastor Steven already left. We had worship and heard people talk about i dunno what.. the we broke up into groups and prayed. I didn't move my butt at all. Sandra prayed and we went back to our rooms to pack. I finshed mine and went to Crystal's room next door and lepak there until 12pm. took down all our stuff and at 12.30 i think.
As you can see, Shao Wen looks fine. :)

hor.. monkey curi makan chocolate!

we left for lunch. SEAFOOD!

fuhh, had so much CRAB. kenyangg.. drank so much water also. aiyo.. suffered in the car.. bladder almost pecah. lol.. the two boys (Ben Chai and Reuben) looked so tired i decided to snap a picture! mwahaha!

when we reached the church at 4, i cabut to tandas. relief... waited for marcus's dad and we left for home. :)

~.The End.~

Friday, April 17, 2009


again, nothing much happened again today. brought my FILA bag to school but i took off the badge in case it got scratched or something :O

anyway, had piano class.. June told me there was a music academy with vocal training. i was like..... "" haha! told Mel and she went "OMG" XD sama sama laa. so i gave that place a call and they really DO have vocal training. but i just found out when she called back, the vocal teacher is a vocal graduate from Taiwan. They charge 120+ for 1 person a session but if in a group (Judy, Mel and me are thinking for taking the class) is 80 per person. it's an hour per week but she can only teach on Fridays from 6pm-9pm. the time is okay for me coz i REALLY wanna learn but it's 80 bucks! my mum'll FRY ME ALIVE. well, if she agrees to hire the Korean teacher then maybe i won't have to pay for that... hmm.. i hope she hires him :)

oh fuck. i deleted all my photos after transferring them to my comp. but i just realized that... half of the photos aren't there. T^T

Thursday, April 16, 2009


i've calmed down after my previous post. lawl.. now imma gonna post bout something i have not posted in a LOOONNNGGGG time~..

卵白を泡立てる気持ち(Hongo Kanata)

I don't actually know what that means.. so yeahh. just watch it.

omfg... he's so freaking tall noww... damn, and that crooked-awkward smile.. XD lustrous! :p he's gotten cuter since the last time i saw him... damn... he sounds sexier now. gahhhh..

ohoh!! awesome morbid movie!! GOTH! here's the trailerr:

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

mad mad mad!!!!! >.<

just got back from school at around 2.30pm+ had lunch with family... and currently eating my Famous Amos cookies again..

Warning: this post contents explicit language. Please exit if you can't stand swearing.

anyway, was really sad and mad yesterday.. i was googling GD's fashion and one or 2 caught my eye.

What's Up With G-Dragon's fashion?


G-Dragon wants you to know something

aish.. it really broke my heart with what they wrote about him. yeah we all know that he's a fashion wannabe but that's what makes him interesting.

there are nasty things like:

"The G in G-dragon must stand for Gay"

"69 is a oral sex position.Dude looks like a wannabe drag queen. Come outta the closet already!"

"^he’s fob, what does he know." (no idea what he meant but i don't think it's a comment)

"Oh God.. ive never noticed G dragons style DIS MUCH Be4, i fot it was alwys weird but never dis freaky,, wat is wrng wit the guy? If he Loves ***, codnt he just keep it to imslf instd of showin it of etc. He looks like a *** Pervert Now.If hes tryng to get attention dis way, cleary its gng AL WRONG!I hope he sacks his stylist if its the person who drses im but i guz tht aint the case since he sod hv a say in wat he wears.I HOPE THE other Boys frm Big Bang dont dress like tht 2."

This was one of the most disturbing posts i saw:

"holy shit ghostwriter get off. Big Bang is absolutely terrible. Their music is dreadful. I hate all of the new boy bands that have been recently made including this one.. even though Big Bang was made in like 2006-2007. They still suck anyhow." (hah. and his userame is "BigBang sucks". well, fuck that bloody bastard.)

ngahhh.. but there are also supportive comments like:

"His interview in YGBounce made it sound like he wants to keep his fashion style evolving, so he’s completely unique. Once people start copying him, he isn’t going to stick with it anymore. That probably means he’s gonna have to go pretty out there eventually, but I kind of respect his philosophy. I feel the same way; I don’t want to walk into a room and look just like someone else there."

"omg…it’s fashion people…self expression…not every follows trends to look like clones…he’s different"

"I think he’s just supporting “21″. :) ) Hilarious. I like his music though. :) )"

"Oh, he loves sex huhh..Nothing’s wrong with it…He’s a guy and he’s 20. I read other news you posted, why are they all negative? You hate Korean Industry so so so much? Hmm, then why is it”POPSEOUL”?"

"GD has his own fashion so don’t bag him abt it.he is cool cas he does what he wants to unlike other singers"

PEOPLE!! gosh.. i think you guys are seriously just so dumb. I mean, the Lollipop CF? it's a flipping CF! he's supposed to wear clothes like that. DOH. and the hair? it's for the CF TOO! ARGH i feel so mad right now. GD is a special person with good fashion sense. Obviously he would be smart enough to NOT wear clothes like that in public. if YOU were performing, you WOULD WANT to wear something outstanding RIGHT? well, that's what he's DOING! fuck.

I don't actually see as what is wrong with his "i <3 sex", "69" ectect T-shirt. oh's a big thing.. so what? only people who care so much bout their image would think it's disgusting. and no i don't think he's THAT interested in sex. I think he's just being bold on stage for once. I mean, c'mon.. how many times do you actually see GD wearing shirts like that? especially when he's just walking around town.

There are other KOREAN STARS that wear explict shirts and what not.. and what about the other Western stars? they sometimes strip on stage but no one makes a big deal out of it. I'm not trying to be a racist or whatever it is. i'm just implying, he's an average human being just like the rest of us with unique tastes in fashion. Give him a break for once. he has stated in an interview somewhere, that by the time some people try to copy his looks, he would have already changed his. obviously, I wouldn't want to walk into a room with everybody looking exactly like me. and he's not arrogant or anything. the thing is, he didn't change for the public (like what other groups have done) he stuck to his priciples and his unique personality. So if you don't like him or his fashion, then fuck the hell off and leave him alone.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


omg. I'm sooo lagging behind my homework. it's been 2 whole days or more that i've been digging in my bag. aish. i've realized that i'm lacking in the fashion department and am currently working on how to improve my outter image :D lol.. sounds weird but, yeah.
it was raining for such a LONG time this morning D: 5 whole periods straight and recess! aiks..
then for Add Maths, Mr. Chiang didn't come today so we bincang-ed bout a drama competition.. lol.. it was CRAZY! at first we wanted to do a Disney Classics compilation but Pn. Pushpinder don't let. mehh.. :/ nothing much..
Aryna came over until 5pm.. watched BB concert.. (my 3rd time.. lol) other than that.. mehh.. boring..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

what can i say..

Aiyo.. woke up 3 times this moring. once at 2 something, once at 4 something and finally woke up at 5.30am. fuhh.. anyway, made it to school.. was SUPER sleepy.. nothing much happened.. ENGLISH. aish... sjkjdlkhlhdfl that HELENA arh... read like bullet train. in the end, the whole class didn't copy what she said. only Judy did.
i think i know why i don't like her.. she likes to B-O-A-S-T. from her daugther to her overseas trips to her huge house to her pets to her garden. Anything you can possibly think of she can boast about. Experience is a good thing for teachers so she/he can share those experiences with her/his students but... AISH. i just don't like the way she "shares" them with us... and.. she can't even pronounce some English words properly. =.=

did this during her period XD (not nice dee la.. colour luntur dee)

lol.. moving on... can't really remember what else happened today.. Aryna went back EARLY (12.30pm) ngehh.
SEJARAH so much work to doo.. 2 maps, nota, essays.. zomg.. i think i can just die.. hate hate hate hate hate..

had COFFEE MIX with Aryna and Navi and went on a laughing parade with Navi. i tell you.. coffee is something i should not always drink.. bad bad idea..
we were reminescing about our elementary school years, Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (is it spelled like that?) and some other random people.. fun~~ XD

omg.. i think Bong's Einstein hair looks sexy now.. O.O compared to his latest ajumma hairstyle.. Bong's hair, please grow faster D: (pic: during shooting of W-inds MV: Rain is Falling)

aih.. pitty him. he looks so skinny now.. (as if he's not skinny enough already) PLEASE! eat more and always stay healthy and get plenty of/sufficient rest. D: you'll make us cry if anything happens to you..

and and.. my shades look exactly like the ones he's wearing. :D

cool huh? I didn't expect it as well! :o


feeling random again..
some of my photos from Easter Sunday that I did not upload.. and some older photos..

on Friday night, first performance. :D

i just like this picture

lol.. i look like a retard.. in rongtau's car going to JJ

omg... i miss my OLD STRAIGHT HAIR.. that's Mary Ann! BFF~

looks delicious, no?

i shall end my post with a picture of a very pretty sunset. :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

P.i.N.k <3~

YAY! I HAVE MY BAG!! happy day happy day.. but HELENA did not make my happy day last. i was swearing under my breath throughout her whole period. i just don't know why, but i don't like her. I'm eating Famous Amos cookies right now... SO hungry. had choir from 2.3o-4pm, went dentist and just came back. I just LOVE going to the dentist. =D it's like every time i go, i know my teeth will be a few visits less than perfection. XD i'm crapping again i know..

my camera batteries failed me D:
will have to take pics later and upload them here.. haha~ until then!
ahahaa! the pics are HERE!!

whee!!! :D Imma gonna take my BAG whenever I go shopping! :D

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter 2009

YAY! 1 dance perf done! another 3 to go :D
my eyes are so tired noww... and my hair.... it's ROCK SOLID.
how in the world am i gonna sleep tonight.. aih..

dance was okay tonight.. was surprised why the lights were not dimmed. ngahh... SO NOT NICE. I asked uncle Peter why and Emily said she wanted it that way. ngehh.. we'll get distracted even MORE!!!

yay got picture!!me and sandra!! :D (before perf)

*Easter Sunday...

this was during youth. i tell you.. it was HORRIBLE. will try to find the one during Kid's. and peeling off the double-sided tape was a painful experience... x.x *oww*

*ngahh..ignore my HIDEOUS face..*

My HAIR AFTER PERF. OMG,... looks like Bong's hair in Lollipop :D

right right?? XD
and and after shower... my hair went back to normal :D
wow.. the difference... i just realised.. my nose is FLAT.
going out for dinner nowww... tata~~ OH.. and... i'm not getting that KITTEN D: my maid hates animals... ISH. but i'm scared that the maid will kill it or something if i DID adopt it x.X grr..
met Aryna at JJ earlier.. i told her bout it and she said:

A: aiyerrr! Fire that maid LA!
me: =.=||

you get the idea.. and I'M GETTING MY BB LIMITED FILA BAG TOMORROW!! and i found out that there were only 300 200 units available. Mine was the LAST ONE. omfg... *dies* XD will take a picture of it once i get my hands on that object of my desire :D
lol~~ Dinnerrr timee~~
omg.. count down to first dance perf tonight. :O going to Elaine's house at 4.30pm. gonna shower now.. OH AND I'M GETTING A KITTEN!!! :D It's white and toilet trained! XD

if you wanna come for the saturday night service, it's 8pm at Canning Garden Methodist Church Ipoh. :)

didn't go school today~

yeahh.. as the title has stated for me, I tuang school todayyyy.

090409 Mnet - Idols Who Look Best in Suits (BB cut)

#6: Advant-Garde Suit, G-Dragon!

-he pushes the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm. just watch Number 1 MV for instance!
-Lol.. it's so totally him. He always comes up with the whackiest fashion statements. He looks good in ANYTHING. Crazy fashionista~ :D

#3: Royal Hip Hop Suit, Tae Yang!

- The sunglasses, the luxury fur, the bling bling! What is there not to like?
- Reminiscent of USHER!! awesome YB!

I guess U-Know YunHo was #2 then.

#1: Top of Suit, TOP!

- well DOH!! This sexy beast can make a plain T-Shirt into a fashion statement. For those who haven't watched D.I.S.C.O perfs and MV, go watch it now!
- His smokey eyes will always do the talking for him <3 style="font-style: italic;">


and and this guy is good....

Friday, April 10, 2009

crap.. Dong Bang won.. again.. oh well..

new pictures from YG website!!

ahahhaa!! so freaking adorable :3

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bong's hair/W-inds new song/Lollipop choreography/Lotte shooting/dancing

Got back from dance practice at 2pm (went to tesco) am exhausted but nevermind.. ngehh.. i have piano class later and i haven't done my theory or practice. D:
omg.. i did not check on BigBangKorean.worpress for so long and i end up with so much to read :/
OMFG.. BONG'S HAIR.. at first, i thought who was that but then i zoomed in... and AFGSHEDBJVHDSFJD.. it's BONG!! :O lol.. he looks so much like Gu Jun Pyo. XD

lolz.. anyway, BB is just getting more awesome these days.. GD's in a song by W-inds called Rain is Coming Down. isn't that just cool? Since Kr and Jp had a really bad past, it's good to see the 2 countries coming together through music :)

Then there's the Lotte Duty Free photo shoot. (go here for pics)'
They're in a photo shoot for SBS HopeTV too! The Tee was produced by singer Sean


ngahh... was using W.Explorer and it became an ass. suddenly like 20+ windows popped up :O
anywayy, found this cool choreographing of Lollipop for rookies!

When I become a singer one day, I seriously wanna be someone like GD. He's so talented, and just good in almost everything. He's a perfectionist in his work too. I really take my hat off to him. He's exactly what you call a "true inspiration" :)
AND, he can be an extremely awesome friend too

Big Bang hwaiting! :D

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Had some intensive dancing practice today, 2.00-3.3opm and 5.30-6.30pm. went shopping for our plain white Ts (lol), makan marybrown at Lavender Studio (tapau).
i actually wanna show my bruises, but you know how lazy i can get... it was actually quite fun spending time practicing dancing (especially when i constantly think how much Big Bang went through..) so, i wouldn't complain. :)

watched Marley and Me today.. i tell youu.. it's like.. one of the best movies so far!! Its funny, romantic, hilarious, comical.. okay, maybe 80% of the movie if funny. I really loved the ending. It was really a bittersweet moment. I silently cried in the cinema sitting in between my parents. My mum cried too. Marley is just so flipping adorable; makes you want to get a dog :/ I give a rating of 4.9 out of 5. it's almost perfect, but it's lacking something... i just dunno how to put it.. anyway, it's a MUST WATCH MOVIE. go watch it now :)

marley and me!!!!!!! Pictures, Images and Photos

Arashi Beatboxing

lol at this video :D flipping hilarious!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


YAYNESS~ went out with ICQ today to JJ.. spent all my money : RM 111
lol.. bought myself so much stuff! ok la.. not SO much, but HOW much. 2 Giordano Ts, 3 mags, a personal handphone strap and BIG BANG SECOND LIVE CONCERT. i was like.. OMG.. i think Friendly Records is the only shop in IPOH selling it. coz, i couldn't find it in Speedy :O it only costs RM22.90!!

I shed so much tears while watching the concert. Tears of joy, tears of sadness and just plain tears. I didn't even felt this moved when i watched Dong Bang's 1st and 2nd live tour. maybe occasional tears during some songs but that was it. For BB, it felt different. Maybe because the boys interacted with the fans a lot during their performances. They performed their solos and seungRi played the piano while Dae sang his solo (cried there), then Dae played the drums with seungri at the piano during his solo. I felt like GD was talking to me from his concert through my comp! XD and there was a message by them to the VIPs and I cried there too. it was so touching and i got to see the insight of their training days, how they felt, how hard they trained and stuff. During their 3 concerts, SeungRi twisted sprained his foot. I had absolubly no idea at all! He never showed a sign of pain at all. in one part of the concert, seungri got accidently slightly burned by one of the fireworks and was rushed backstage while the rest carried on the performance. It was during the first few songs. Seungri cried as they massaged his leg and tended to his minor burn wound. Then.. there was also a part where he performed until he could no longer endure it and fainted backstage with tears of pain. (T^T) he was then rushed to the hospital for a checkup or CT something. i never knew what they went through at all. all the sweat, tears and blood put into their performances just for their fans. T^T i swear, if i ever get to be a performer just like them, i would put double the effort. seriously speaking, that's what i wanna do.

This is a DVD worth buying. Now i feel like i know them a little more already.
BigBang BigBang FIGHTING!

Friday, April 3, 2009

I luv GD's fingers :D
aiyerr.. so lazy to go school tomorrow at flipping 6 in the morning. technically, I would be in church for the first 3 hours then i would be in school :)
then then got DRAMA some more worr.. i don't even know what to doooo... aigoo
anyway, over heard Eunice talking about KOREAN CLASSES. i went "OMFG!" lol.. it's just behind JJ and i didn't even know that. i should explore the behind of JJ more often :D


oh yess.. even though Bong looked a little weird with Einstein's hair and a pink jumpsuit, he still looks awesome with his over the top performance :D Tabi looked hot as usual, Sseongie was kinda whacky looking with his shiny pink coat thingie and and Bebe and Tori was just cute and awesome :) this song is gonna be such an addiction. trust me.
Lolli lolli lolli pop, lolli lolli pop pop~ see what i mean?

Thursday, April 2, 2009!!

vote for our beloved BB in this friendly match of Bracket Pole against DBSK. XD
omg.. haha!
first you gotta sign up here:
and then go here and click on Big Bang's picture on your left: