Sunday, December 27, 2009


I had the best frigging day ever yesterday!
It was the day of BERBONDING organised by QIVIN.

I arrived just a bit over 12pm with Adeline and Andrew. When we got to Coffee Bean, it was like some rombongan or something. xD like around 20-30 people there? Idk. it looked around 25 people.
Anyway, we broke up into smaller groups to walk to Nasmir to have lunch. I was in the first batch. Slowly, the rest of the huge group arrived. We then ordered. most of us ordered Maggie Goreng. to be honest, Pelita is better. I didn't finish my lunch, no appetite. Then, Andrew mixed up a concoction of ice, kicap, pepper, chilli, maggie goreng, lime juice and teh o' ice limau. I drank 2 mouth fulls :D and i had several witnesses. LOL. Actually, it was more of 1 1/2 mouth fulls. JY pinched my straw. meh.

We walked back to JJ in a looooonnnnngggg line of MYF-ers :D it looked like some gang fight that was about tohttp://http: happen. lol. almost everyone in JJ were making way for us and staring. xD


such a long line of tickets! 52 to be exact =P

All these are MYF-ers, and more :)

LOL. JY ran trying to get away from Debb's cam

For more pics, please view Debbie's photo album


Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and his avatar

Jake Sully in his Avatar self

The crew

Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) and Jake. She's so pretty as a Na'vi and Jake looks quite stunning too!

The floating Hallelujah Mountains (If I'm not mistaken)

The Ikran

The Hammerhead Titanothere

Warriors of the Na'vi

The Toruk (My favourite :D)

I don't know what's the name of this Pandora animal but it's so frigging weird and adorable!

It's such a heartwarming show. I even cried at a few scenes! Grab a friend or your family and go watch it if you haven't already!
I just love the flora in Pandora (Na'vi Planet) they glow in the dark! Even the grass glows when you step on them. AWESOME! my mum wants to watch tonight. lol.  LET'S GO!! 
My mum didn't want to go JJ after all. D:

Happy Birthday Bii!

Friday, December 25, 2009

On the 25th of Decemberrrrr

After celebrating Christmas in JJ with friends and playing snooker, I got addicted.

Thanks a lot Joon Yang

Merry Christmas Peeps!

-Movie tomorrow at 2.30pm! Meet at Coffee Bean by 12pm
-Snooker after movie
-Jenny's party after JJ

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Caroling Day 1

Ugh I'm so tired. Got back from caroling at 11pm plus.

Today started with my mum yelling for me to help her gau dim Hiro (my bro/dog). At first I thought I was dreaming. lol. then, I quickly ran down and help her. when I was fully awake, I looked at the time. "OMG it's 8.20am!" I was supposed to have dance practice at 9am. I was like "shoot shoot shoot" or more like "shitshitshit" Anyway, skipping to the dance practice, we started like.. around 9.20-9.30am. dang. anyway, after practice we decided to go JJ to makan and shop. (not me, the others. I already did mine) Left at 3pm with Emily.
(sorry.. i'm just too exhausted to go into details)
Went to Gama (Golden Square) with Emily, dropped off Emanuel, met up with Lee Elaine and Jon.
Sent Elaine home, went to mine, changed and went back to church. *whew* Met up with Nat, got tambourines and practiced a little before leaving for the old folks' home; our first house of the day. The rest of the carolers came and we left the church in a bus at around... say 5pm? or 4.50pm idk. not sure. After the first old folks home, we went to another old folks home, then to Mr and Mrs Yoong's(?) house, then pastor's house. After that, we left for Lim Gardens (Near Mary Ann's place!) and went to a orphanage then we went to another orphanage and finally, we went to Kai Juen's house. *awesome!*

His house is so frigging huge. I still can't get used to it. Oh! Chan Zhi Yang lost his phone in the bus when we arrived at KJ's house.
He was asking around if anyone had taken his phone. He and a couple of guys went back to the bus to search for it but to no avail. So they came back and we started caroling. When it was over, Zhi Yang, me, Nicole.Y, Nat, Crystal, Ben, Khian Lim (I think) ... *can't rmb* i think bryan cheng came along too. or maybe not.
So, we started searching. When i got to the back of the bus, one of them called Zhi Yang's phone again. I was already bending down on the floor when I saw something flashing under one of the seats. It was his phone. It was faced down. No wonder they couldn't find it.

The rest of the night went on quite smoothly. Really glad I joined :D

OH. This is my leg post-one-day after biting from Hiro

I hope it's not infected or anything..


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas P.A.R.T.Y

Whee! Yesterday's party was possum awesum! :D (As how Phi-lemon would put it)
Despite the heavy downpour and the absence of lots of guests that I had invited, we settled for 12 youths and like 20 adults? I was really grateful cause there wasn't much space to park our behinds. :D
sadly, I do not have photos to share. Even if I do, they're all blur because the camera sucks. Here are some acceptable ones =D

Samuel Ho, Lee Elaine, Sean Mark Wilson, Yin Shyen, Cheryl, Abel Chi, Christopher, Jonathan, Emily, Philemon and Marcus came. :D (if i forgot any names, please say so in the cbox)
I can say they had a blast of a time!

AND I GOT A DOG!! :D such a cute thing. but it likes to bite. as in, play bite. My dad says it needs to be sent to an obedient school. It bit my arms, legs, hands and feet while taking it for a walk earlier D:
talk about ouch. Will upload photos later!

Here's my brother; Hiro! :D

And those were the injuries inflicted on me =/

Although zee doggie ish cuutteeeehhh,we have to be reminded that it's a mixed breed of Rottweiler and some other doggie.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm baacccckkkk~

Hello people! It's been ages since I last posted. Not much has happened in the past few weeks. I'm quite okay for those who have been asking. Side tracking a bit, currently watching "Wanted" now. Anyway, been busy despite the repetitive schedule for the past few weeks; been rehearsing really hard for Christmas. Dancing again this year. Probably my last year in the Christmas and Easter productions. Well, until SPM is over, that is. Or, if I make it overseas to somewhere away from here to do further studies, then it will be my last production. meh.

Won't be going for youth camp this year. Ugh. Sucks. but oh well.