Sunday, May 30, 2010

Well! The first thing I did when I went online was watch Bieber's performance with his CRACKED VOICE. HAHA. And it was awesomeeee~~ =D

Oh oh! My mum told me just now that when I was born, I wasn't born like what you see me today.
My head was sort of bent to my one of my shoulders, I had squinted eyes and my feet sort of bent outwards. I was really shocked. In fact, i was speechless! I knew my neck had some problems but I never knew my feet and eyes were like that ><
So, I thank my parents for all they have done for me and thank God for giving me the chance to let me live a regular life =)
&& my parents promised me lots of stuff  if i get 6As and above for SPM =/
stfu. i don't care. miserable. wait. why am i miserable over such a small problem? weird.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

before the term breaks off :)

Shindong's getting married in October!! :D how exciting!
Still in the middle of the exams. 5 more papers to sit for. bah. just screwed up my maths and sejarah paper 2 today. crap. and the day started off really badly too =/

Oh, had Choir competition on Tuesday. bah. congratulations to AMC and Sam Tet! TCS got 3rd. psh. politics. oh well, at least we did our best. :) saw Khian Lim, Nicole, and Joanne + all my choir MC friends :D "HELLO!!"

can't wait for the holidays! I wanna go watch movies with friends and go karaoke at KBox and play SNOOKER. i miss that sport. ;) wanbang we shall go yam cha when you get back :D

It's so weird. the thought wouldn't leave my mind. it's very disturbing.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hello readers!

I can't believe my ears. The first news I got when i popped over to a friend's house to use her computer + internet (heheh) was that Shin Dong had just proposed to his girlfriend!
omo.. and Heechul uploaded a funny picture on hehe. :3

OH. M'sia lost to China in the Thomas Cup finals. Boo :(
it's not that I'm booing Cheong Wei but i felt empathy for him. Poor him. i can't imagine how he felt when the game ended. psh.
oh. besides that, I'm gonna blog about someone i don't really particularly favour in class. hmph. not being mean here. i'm just expressing how i feel. well, she's SO IRRITATING. i feel like SLAPPING her every time she opens her mouth. grr. i don't get why she keeps fanning her money in front of people. That was when i used to recess with the group, but now i only recess in front of my class. I can't STAND her. AND, i think she's trying to influence my other classmates to dislike me as well. I loathe her. She's like the fly in my soup, the eyelash in my eye and her presence just puts me off. hmph. well said. now i shall just IGNORE HER. for those who know, you know who i'm talking about.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


so many things have happened these few days! :O
  • A friend broke his knuckle (yikes)
  • Another friend dislocated his ankle (ouch)
  • A schoolmate got disturbed by a ghost/spirit/demon/jin(?) (OMG)
  • Classmate going for TOKIO HOTEL's concert tonight :D
yeah. the spirit thing was a first-time for me. lots of screaming involved. mostly from the schoolmate. but best part was, we (my class) got to miss out 1/2 of the Econs! and it was before recess too! :D

Oh oh! and i found this REALLY cute looking top. I plan to buy it tomorrow at the boutique. it's at 50% off as well. a real buy if i must say. the friend i went with insists that purchase a sweet-looking, body-hugging, grey dress with frills. i do agree that it's really cute and sweet but its just something i wouldn't wear out you know? so yeah. it's first of may today. that means a whole day of doing nothing. planned to go badminton, but my buddy is sick. so i had it post-phoned. i'm feeling rather lazy as well, so it was a good excuse! haha
oh snap. going for badminton soon. :/