Saturday, May 30, 2009

please forgive me

Bii, i'm SO TREMENDOUSLY sorry bout what happened. D: i feel so bad >__< i'm sorry to those involved too DX

ytd was just.. horrid. not my usual language i know but really. it was just.. gah.
I feel so terrible now. I'm like causing a fight between her and her mum. I'm getting other people involved too. she got scolded again just now. idk how to approach her. D: i'm praying really hard so that nothing bad will happen to any of them and so that things will get back to normal fast. her mum's really pissed off. I just feel like taking my bags and going back home, but leaving won't change anything. might as well stay and just try to be with her. :/
once again..

i'm so sorry

Thursday, May 28, 2009


okayy.. lot's of things happened today.
first of all, i almost lost my black bag with my phone and keys in it. I really panicked during assembly when i realised the bag wasn't in my pocket Dx
so Judy said i might have left it in the class. and then i said no, cause i don't remember taking it out of my pocket. see see it was in my bag.. zha like shit la. =____=
so the next thing that happened was PJ. Nothing happened. I found out i got 70% for my PJ. I went
"70?! WHOOHOO!! *looks back at friend*.... then what happened?" XD so for 2 periods, we all were just zha-ing. gossiping and basically just chilling. after that was Econs. we didn't get any papers so i was practically dreaming away. Then we went to take our class photo(s). damn freaking hot weh. we were facing the sun some more. then, we went back and lepak la. After that, Loh's class. huiyo.. it felt super long lor. managed to sleep behind the class. Me and Danielle pindah to the last row there and slept. I got 48% for Sejarah! i didn't fail!! :D
Maths pulak. didn't get paper, so we continue bercakap.

Recess. fuh.. DRAMA weh. Judy and Nat bergaduh because the Flick3 couldn't go KBox. judy told me her phone had no credit and her parents wouldn't let her near the house phone. but nat was still mad. i mean, to be honest, letting go of your anger especially in public is a very rash thing to do. Especially to your best friend. Nat, i don't mean to hurt your feelings; but really, as what brenda said, you were being childish. saying "I HATE YOU!!" can be very make people very sensitive. and "hate" is a very strong word. learning to vent it out in a positive way helps. I put up with Aryna and her nonsense every single day. sometimes she gets so irratating till i just wanna strangle her :/ I'm serious! but keeping cool keeps the relationship strong. so, take my advice and work on your child-ish problem :)

besides that, double periods of add maths. dropped it, means double periods of free time. so we yakked through add maths. last 2 periods, BM. teacher went out of school, so basically, we had free time again. today was like.. wow.. talking non-stop. mouth also can numb liao. :P

painted my nails blue today. it was black at first, but it didn't look nice. so asked mummy to change it to blue. same colour as my toes :)


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Luv Luv~

Today was a really hot day in school; and what a perfect day to take photos. :/
but then, sori la.. photos xde. X)

msn is being such an ass. It won't sign in! ngeh.
and and and, internet connection is really slow now.. i wonder why?
again, nothing much happened. really need to pay to jojo for the prom. x.x
i finally got my postpaid plan for digi *huge smiles*
so far, i haven't failed anything.. yet. D:
nothing else much to say..
oh, i'm ponteng-ing school on friday. well, who isn't?

ahh damnit. I can't find this movie online :/

one of the reasons is obviously because Toby Hemingway acted in this movie <3.
It came out in 2007.

The Feast of Love stars Radha Mitchell (High Art, Silent Hill) as Diana, a Real Estate Sales Rep who has a relationship with Bradley (Greg Kinnear). The film also features Morgan Freeman as Harry, and older academic who provides Bradley, a coffee house owner, with a lot of advice, and Selma Blair as Kathryn, Bradley's first wife.

The film begins in Portland with Kathryn having a lesbian affair with Jenny (Stana Katic). Bradley gets divorced, and then hooks up with Diana, who is having an affair with a married man named David (Billy Burke).

There is also a subplot involving a couple of bohemian coffeehouse workers named Chole (Alexa Davalos), and Oscar (Toby Hemingway). Chole finds out Oscar is going to die from a fortune teller, and decides to marry him anyway. (omfg.. alskdjfhg)

David, and Diana have some torrid sex scenes in a motel, but Diana breaks it off for Bradley. Bradley, and Diana get married, and the David reenters their lives, and Diana has another affair with David. Diana breaks off her marriage to Bradley, for David, and drives Bradley into a depressing despair.

Bradley becomes self destructive, and finally ends up with Margaret (Erika Marozsan).

The screenplay was well adapted by Allison Burnett from the novel by Charles Baxter. Robert Benton who cowrote Bonnie and Clyde does a great work with this film.

Radha Mitchell, Greg Kinnear, and Morgan freeman give standout performances in the Feast of Love.

The Feast of Love is a must see for Radha Mitchell, and Greg Kinnear fans.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Exam bo liao!

Ahh.. relief.
Finally exams are over.
But the thing is, i had one of the shittiest days in school.
I fell asleep half way through Sivik paper and woke up around 5-10mins before time was up. Luckily i already did the writing part. :/
Then during Accounts paper 2; it.was.hell.

The first thought that came to my mind was "what the fuck??" i had no idea how to do. I stared at the freaking paper for 20 flipping minutes. Then, "aiya.. what the hell. just tembak la."
so, i just did what ever i could do to get marks enough for me to pass the flipping paper. =___=
and then, i skipped choir today because we're supposed to sing for some Concert thing (it's a ballet recital) and it's on the same night as PROM. no way am i gonna skip prom.
so anyway, dad nagged at me for being not serious in my exams during dinner. so dinner was a silent one. But he cooled down after that.
so anyway, jiakai invited me to his b'day party tomorrow. idk if i'm going or not. :/ Going.
so, i'm starting to write again. :)
gonna go sleep now. internet's lagging anyway.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Ngekk.. I got tagged by Minshi!! :p

1.besides ur lips, where is the favourite spot to get kissed?

♥ uhh... how would i know? everywhere? lol did you feel when you woke up this morning?
♥ grr.. sleep deprived...

3.who was the last person/people you took photo with?
♥ my parents and some other people

4.would you consider yourself spoiled?
♥ Yeahhhh... parents :P

5.will you ever donate blood?
♥ I hate needles in my skin ;___;

6.have you ever had a best friend who was of opposite sex?
♥ of courseee.. who doesn't?

7.Do you want someone to be dead?
♥ haha.. some dumb ass guy whom i do not know. no one.

8.what does your last text message say?
♥ "You goin service?"

9.what are you thinking right now?
♥ doing my The Covenant fanfic :D

10.Do you want someone to be with you right now?
♥ not exactly.

11.what was the time you went to bed last night?
♥ 3am +

12.where did you buy the tee you are wearing now?
♥ no idea. got it from someone

13.Is someone on your mind right now?
♥ Reid Garwin!

14.who was the last person(s) who text you?
♥ Elaine

mwahahaha!! I tag:

:: SpongeBii
:: ShortayBear
:: Abu kena Bakar
:: Lammy
:: Melanie
:: Leong

Friday, May 22, 2009

Harry Potter can kiss my ass!!

today was MATHS!! :D
paper 2 can cry la.. avoided any question that has to do with Chap 5. die die die.
paper 1 was alright; but most of my classmates complained that we didn't have enough time. true... we still needed to think of the questions, formulae and other stuff.

anywho, on the way home, dad bought MANGGIS and DURIAN.
ah yes.. i love the smell of durian :) even though many may complain it to be smelly, i find it quite heavenly. as it goes; "smells like hell, tastes like heaven."

slept through the whole day. went for piano class, came back, watch tv.
haha. the first thing i watched was Pirates of The Caribbean: At Worlds End. nice movie :) only watched half of it though. after that had dinner and then went back to watch tv.

The Covanent was on :D i can't remember that last time i watched that movie. Fantastic plot, hot boys with awesome powers and cool cars :P
Toby Hemingway is hot and he's British. he plays obnoxious Reid Garwin in The Covenant. :3 . can't believe he's 26 this year D: ohoh! his birthday is 28th May C:

I love his hair in The Covenant <3

he's 26 this year. 10 years older D:

haha.. a few quotes from the movie. if you didn't watch, you wouldn't know:

Reid Garwin: Harry Potter can kiss my ass.

Caleb Danvers: [being chased by the police] Ugh, y' gotta pull over.
Reid Garwin: Oh, you wanna stop? That'll impress Harvard.
Caleb Danvers: oh what the hell., lose 'em. cut across marblehead. let's have some fun while we're at it.

Reid Garwin: [when teacher says Stephen King] Yeah! Dreamcatcher was the shit.

Reid Garwin: [seeing a girl in a short skirt, slapping a twenty on the table] Blue. Cotton.
Tyler Sims: [slapping down a twenty] Pink lace.
Pogue Parry: [slapping down a twenty] Boys, that girl hasn't worn panties since she was twelve.
Pogue Parry: [a gust of wind blows the girl's skirt up, revealing no panties. Pogue walks off with the money, smirking, and hands it to the bartender] Keep the change, man.

Reid Garwin: [snaps towel against Tyler's backside] SAY MY NAME!

[first lines]
Reid Garwin: 'Sup fellas?
Tyler Sims: Where were you? I stopped by to give you a lift.
Reid Garwin: Had things to do. How's the party?
Pogue Parry: Don't know. Just got here.
Reid Garwin: Well, hell, boys.
[eyes go black]
Reid Garwin: Let's drop in.
[jumps off cliff]
Tyler Sims: Shit, yeah!

Chase Collins: That guy's puking really came at an opportune moment.
Reid Garwin: Didn't it though?

Caleb Danvers: My power's greater than yours.
Reid Garwin: Not until you ascend.
Caleb Danvers: Alright, go for it tough guy.

Tyler Sims: So, what did the Provost want?
Caleb Danvers: Someone told him about the fight a Nikki's.
Reid Garwin: Feel like elaborating on that?
Pogue Parry: Oh, you got a piece of glass on your face.

Reid Garwin: Move over.
Tyler Sims: But it's my car.
Caleb Danvers: Move over baby boy, now!



Thursday, May 21, 2009

huiyo.. today PJ paper.
the others had addmaths after recess.. wah... see their faces also can stress liao.
tomorrow maths. i can't remember my PMR formulae. diediedie sial...

anyway, finally got THAT picture. haha. Kim was online and i quickly asked her to send it to me. it was... dun dun dun...


oh yes... the sesatness all written over our retarted faces. Eun! why you tutup muka LA. this happened like... 11pm+ liao. i think we were either going for dinner/supper or after dinner/supper at scampys.

anyway, nothing much happened again today. during addmaths paper, i was busy reading Empress Orchid by Anchee Min.

it's not a bad book actually.. it's just that it got kinda boring in the middle. I'm not done reading it yet but i can say that it's a really exciting, insight into Empress Tzu Hsi's life before, during and ending of her royal life :)

lol at this pic:

Domo Pictures, Images and Photos

damn you la eun.... DOMO DAMN CUTE LORH!! damn... haha... it's like a clumsy teddy bear :)

DOMO Pictures, Images and Photos

having jackassing meeting now.. tata


Tokio Hotel Pictures, Images and Photos
damn.. now i think bill kaulitz is hot. shit judy is gonna slaughter me. ahaha... from first glance bill looks gay, but i think he and Tom (twin bro of Bill) are hot. lol. DOOOOMMMMOOOO!!! XD


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

another paper gone :D
oh good day.. but then... might fail Econs... ngeh.
anyway, tomorrow is Addmaths and PJ. not that i'm taking add maths anyway, so it's just PJ. i can't believe we have PJ exam D:

anyway, yesterday's accounts tuition was chaos but we made it through. C:
nothing much happened today. parents' shop will be electricity-less from 2.10pm-7pm.
just now went to tesco to enjoy the aircond. parents stocked up on red wine. bought 3 bottles. lol. i saw huge bottles of gin, whiskey, martinis, tequilas and other alcoholic drinks. awesomeeee.... haha. came back at almost 5pm i guess.. nothing to do now tho.
~SpongeBii sleeping
~Abu working
~ShortayBear emo-ing (eh eun don't emo laa.... your troubles will go away :) that's why we have buddies to zha with. take it easy kayy)



Aryna asked me to write something bout her.. okay.. here it goes...
Ayrna is a Brad Pitt freak. :p

Monday, May 18, 2009


ngeh... nothing happened today. no paper ma..
we had a Teachers' Day perhimpunan after recess. bored.
after that, i borrowed Aryna's shirt hoodie thing and put on my earphones and went to sleep. :D
and i had shoulder pains after that.
not going school tomorrow tho.. no paper too. Science students good luck for you Physics paper tomorrow! c=

OH! and happy birthday leehom! XD


Sunday, May 17, 2009

pa, this is for you from mummy and me.

All for love a Father gave
For only love could make a way
All for love the heavens cried
For love was crucified

Oh how many times have I broken Your heart
But still You forgive
If only I ask

And how many times have You heard me pray
Draw near to me

Everything I need is You
My beginning, my forever
Everything I need is You

Let me sing all for love
I will join the angels' song
Ever holy is the Lord
King of Glory
King of all

Oh how many times have I broken Your heart
But still You forgive
If only I ask
And how many times have You heard me pray
Draw near to me

Everything I need is You
My beginning, my forever
Everything I need is You (x2)

All for a love a Saviour prayed
Abba Father have Your way
Though they know not what they do
Let the Cross draw man to You

Everything I need is You
My beginning, my forever
Everything I need is You (x2)

pa i hope this song speaks to you. i know what you're going through. but you can't let depression eat you up. even if you feel unworthy to be in God's house, it's okay. he's God. he forgives anyone who asks for it. just please be back to your normal self again. we love you loads.


camwhored in church toilet today with Sandra and Law

i just realized that we're all wearing black :D
my hair looks like shit. damn..

i tengah syok sendiri :p
just came back from movie:

damn chun lor the movie! :D the effects were so cool! XD i'm gonna give a 5 out of 5 rating for this movie. lol..
anyway, at first i thought it would be like the other x-men movies but this one is the ultimate man... damn.
so, after the movie, my hands were basically almost frozen solid. i could barely ,move my fingers! numb kau kau. then when the lights came on, i looked behind and...


haha... yeah. i was loud. most of the people were already out. they were like "wtf?" haha. serious.
so, i'll start from when i got to jj.
out of the blue, SpongeBii called me. i was "wtf?"-ing. Told her we were going to watch Wolverine and she said ShortayBear and Abu kena Bakar watching Angels and Demons. I was like.. "damn, they rated it 18+ here." lol. then my family and i went jalan2, with me still talking to Bii. then ternampak a BIG red 70% SALE sign. being a girl, who can't resist? lol.
so we went... and saw so MUCH baju and seluar and whatever else. and i was STILL talking with Bii. haha. VOIR, Applemint, Googles, Pepsi jeans and some other brands were having a sale. so, in the end my mum and I bought some jeans. i bought skinny black jeans. they're niceeee... :D

so, at 8.55pm, flew back to the cinema and bought drinks and masuk. haha. ngam ngam gonna start. so basically that's my night :)

gonna jackass on msn with spongebii, shortaybear and abu kena bakar now.. if only AKB and SB are not MIA-ing right now..... gah.


Saturday, May 16, 2009


ooo~ some people are organizing a PROM party for High School students at Regency Tower. AWESOME!! it's on the 19th of June 2009 at 8pm. and is RM30 my bad. it's RM35 per person. details will be up later. I don't know them myself :/ [these details were told to me by a friend. If incorrect, not my fault :) ]

P.S: mummy, please let me go KL to shop for a nice prom dress? :O

sick of exams

currently: watching Hitz. Tv


I got my BB Limited FILA T-shirt! :D thanks Aryna!

anyway..gahh.. exams week. so far, I'm done with BM, BI, Moral, Science and Sejarah. most of the important subjects :) Monday and Tuesday no papers. budden... need to go school. shit. dunno gonna do what in school. it's pretty obvious thati ain't gonna study anything gek..
lol.. eating an apple.. omg it's 'lau cap'-ing. haha
. . . Hitz.Tv is playing Jonas Brothers 3 songs in a row. and... gah.. this song brings back bad memories... "Burnin' Up". MGS girls 2008 Form 3s, you would know what happened last year. cat walk... scary.

anyway, i'm sick. and so are 1/3 of my class. i think i killed trees with my flu. i used up so many packs of tissue :s Eun and Bii are sick too. get well soon!! D:

ohoh! ytd, had Sej paper. my classmate fainted before the paper even started :/ i think it was from fatigue. she didn't sleep for 2 nights; studying away. madness i tell you.. in the end, she had to skip the paper.
note to self: don't study like a mad freak during exams.
i'm really random now.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

stoned dee.. I'm a changed person :p in a negative way

fu yoh.. today giler sial. woke up at 7.45am something.. went to USJ 13 with Bii, haha.. curi masuk la.. wearing my SCHOOL shirt some more... like some sesat fella only. lol.. people looking all..
sori la guys.. no photos :)

met Asikin. damn high.. she took me tour to the toilet.. lol.. better than my school toilet lorr! then then.. she had to leave me with Bii coz she had to interview some people for Ko-op. anyway, was stuck with Bii and in the end, I learned about CPR :) awesome no? haha.. the scouts sir damn good lo.. include me as well XD then at 10.30am, we went dunno where to makan.. stadium i think.. i was like.. stoned dee. dunno what's happening. then Bii's mum (aunty) came and fetch us at.. with the 2 dogs included. I was like... shit.. ahahaha.. anywho, came back, DUSH tido terus. ytd damn high in Hsiu Jiuan's house, didn't study any shit weh.. PJ folio also do 2 pages only, die sial.. i tell you ar, i kena corrupted like crap la..

anyway, back to today [shit.. Biiancaa's mum's laptop damn hard to type la] bangun balik at 12pm gua.. went tukar baju all and went back to sleep. damn tired lor. only had 4 hours of sleep last night. then dunno what happened la.. i think Bii called Eunice. damn on the phone they sound alike wehh... especially when they're both like.. half asleep.
Eun was going "and then, and then, and then, and then..." i was like.. "gahhh..." siao. she was asking if she should go Pyramid with us, in the end pergi jugak la.. Asikin was supposed to go but her mummy don't let and Hsiu Jiuan kena ground. kesiannnn...
so, we picked Eun up at SMK USJ 4 belok there and went to Sunway. we went Nando's first, Eun cabut lari somewhere dee.. after lunch we went and find her.. and I met Aaron.. another giler fella.. can die from laughing weh. went for 2nd lunch at Kim Gary's. (Aaron and Eun only laa) then there, all high like on crack or something la... seriously. My face red like i REALLY high and drunk. x boleh tahan wehh. after that, Aaron went back to work and we went jalan2 around part of Sunway. Went to snooker place first, but Pool table full.. and Eun can't reach Snooker.. (sorry to say this but Eun is um.... pendek.. don't fire me wehhh) so, give up dee.. bored like hell so went arcade la.. play some dancing thing with Eun that I never seen before.
I was like, "shit.. what's this la.. never seen before gehh.. how to play wan???" so we all high la.. basically, we were high throughout the whole entire day. Kimberly played ParaPara. lol. Sunway is Eun's 2nd home :) syok nyeeeeeeeeee~~~ Ipoh damn boring, can die.
anyway, at 5pm gua, met up with the rest of the Yeoh clan at Megamall (yes we dragged Eun along) jalan some more.. play at arcade some more.. seriously, Eun damn good at music games lo.. so pro at Para Para weh.. serious shit.. then shop for dunno how many packs of detergent, went to Scampie's for supper (10pm) we didn't have dinner. high some more.. Eun = stoned. funny wehhhhhh.. went back to ahma's house and we went jalan at the playground opposite, berborak kosong,gossip, whatever all.. then we lepak in ahma's room with aircond and more highness went on in the room... damn dumb la.. XD in the end, Eun's dad came to pick her up coz SO late dee.. like.. 1.40am.. finally, went back to Bii's house.. i tell you.. i stoned in her car. dunno what she say to me also.. sleep dee. then, mandi and blog. :)

seriously, Eun damn fun to be with lorh! haha.. can bully a bit gehhh.. XD never met anyone like her and most probably never will anyway. haha.. prone to highness. awesomeeee... Eh, if you're reading this, jangan perasan you know, after too high dunno what happen to you. :P

(as you can see, i seem to be more valguar now thanks to someone i knoww.. what they corrupt Bii's mind with la.. )


stoned dee..