Monday, August 30, 2010

(can't believe I typed in BM :D)

snip snip! Edward here.

Watched Edward Scissorhands today. I've heard about it but never got the chance to watch it. Even when I did, I'd switch the channel. So today, I finally sat down and watched half of the movie and what I can say about it, is that its one of the most touching Tim Burton movies I've ever watched. I teared at the end. Literally! There were LOTS of parts in the movie that made me go "awwww..." and some parts where I was going "wtf is wrong with you people??"
I mean, Edward looks so fragile to the point where you just want to forget his scissor hands and hug him real tight. What's more, it's Johnny Depp as Edward. :)
AND his voice just melts you off your feet. He sounded so... so innocent. Like a little child who knows nothing about the cruel world around him.

An incredibly short summary of the movie:
Edward Scissorhands is a 1990 American romantic fantasy film directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp. The film shows the story of an artificial man named Edward, an unfinished creation, who has scissors for hands. Edward is taken in by a suburban family and falls in love with their teenage daughter Kim.

It's a really good and really fresh plot to begin with. So, all the more reason to watch it. You don't see other movies such as this don't you?
I really adore Johnny in this movie :3 he portrayed Edward so well! I find Edward quite the charmer and his sweet, innocent, pure-heart attitude makes me adore him even more. Call me weird, but hey, didn't you already know that? :)

Here's the 1990 trailer from youtube. Enjoy!

Oh, and I just found out that there were rumours circling around stating that ROBERT PATTINSON is going to play Edward in the remake of the movie. OH HELL NO. he better NOT attempt in doing so. It'll ruin the charm of the movie for goodness' sake! No offense to Rob Patt fans, but I just don't like him as much as you do.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

but oh I miss Butterworth ;__; They were having SALES every-fricking-where omg.  T^T
and you know what? For the whole two days I spent there, I only bought.... stockings. Black stockings which cost about 20. *insert wtf here*
and besides that, I was in complete distraught when I was there. See, I thought I would look at some console games while my parents were shopping and when I did, I felt like burning the place down. They are close to stopping sales of PS2 games!!
Sooo anyway, it's my grandma's birthday today! *huge smiles* and I absolutely LOVE her. She's SO adorable I tell you :3
got to go sleep now! Some choir thing tomorrow at school for Merdeka :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010



Our SPM trials are FINALLY and OFFICIALLY over! :D *throws confetti* celebrated by playing my dusty PS2 from 2 plus (i think) to 6pm :3
so right now, our(my school seniors [form 5]) main priority is to:
  1. get prom/grad night dresses
  2. get prom/grad night shoes
  3. decide type of hairstyle for prom/grad night
  4. plan for prom/grad night
  5. everything prom/grad night.
Since graduation night is like... a month away, we should be VERY panicking right now about what to wear and stuff. I myself, have absolutely NO IDEA what to wear. Although I do know what colour I might be wearing, I don't know about the rest :s
PLUS, I'm running low on cash. So, it's gonna be a thrifty trip to the mall! (or boutiques)

oh oh! Sara has been bombarding me about Dolfies. I had NO IDEA what they were until she sent me the link

at first I thought they were Japanese, now I know they're Korean. == 
(teehee. I like this one because it sorta looks like me. only prettier :3)

There are many more (and i mean MANY) but these are a few examples :)
I tell you, these things are NOT cheap. NOT CHEAP AT ALL! Just click on the link and have a look at them beautiful prices that can drill holes through your bank account 6 feet deep. 
These dolls are "for-your-eyes-only". Don't even think of buying them. Trust me.

Monday, August 23, 2010

To tumblr or not to tumblr?

Hmm. found out a friend has a tumblr. or rather, my friendS have tumblr. and it looks very fascinating. Now I'm thinking: "should I abandon blogspot and move to tumblr?" OR "do nothing."
well, i can't maintain BOTH blogs.. either one has to go. what do you think?

Saturday, August 21, 2010


that's right! trials is 3 more days from ending. (well I don't take add maths. so it's minus a day. If you were wondering) It's been awhile since I last updated. Again, so much has been going on.. the concerts, exams, school, people, etc etc. With so much going on, it's hard to slow down and enjoy what God has placed in front of us: friends, family, nature, love, happiness..etc.

and sometimes, we have too much free time till we don't know what's going on! (like me :P)
for some unknown reason, I seem to have no feelings what so ever for this year's exam. my FINAL exam. THE EXAM that determines where I go. :S
terrible terrible me, i know. How can I even not CARE about my future? I don't know that myself! I'm still really calm and relaxed. (that's a really bad habit i need to kick) But, for some reason, I'm not worried! (even worse) I feel that God has a great plan for me ahead. I kept thinking: "what if I kept getting straight As? What if I keep achieving better? What kind of person would I be if I did?"
Well, maybe I might be a very stuck up person, or maybe someone who wouldn't depend on God; knowing that I can handle things myself down here. Maybe there's a reason why I keep failing in my studies? I might be wrong though. Maybe I keep failing and only achieving averages because God wants to keep me humble and not boast about my achievements? So many questions, so many vague answers. But now is not the time to be asking God "Why? Why not this or why not that?" Everything is planned. Everything has it's purpose. It's a matter of seeing past the doubts and disappointment and looking at the big picture.

I miss Hillsong :(

Friday, August 13, 2010


i shall let the video speak for itself :)

Friday, August 6, 2010


Just got back from Hillsong's Unite + Conquer Live Volunteer's meeting in church. :D
I tell you, the amount of people who came today literally blew me away! (almost ;] )

there were about 152 people volunteering for the WHOLE event! Thank God! there will be around 2000+ people attending the concert and since MUCH MORE people want to attend it, God has blessed us with an EXTRA DAY!!


so, the new information up till date:

TIME: 8.00AM - 12.00PM
DATE: 11/08/2010 
PLACE: SYUEN HOTEL, 2ND FLOOR, BALLROOM ( NOT DATARAN MERDEKA [or whatever it is. opposite parade there])
TIME: 7.30PM - 11.00PM
DATES: 11/08/2010 AND  12/08/2010

now tell me WHY you wouldn't want to go? :) 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

someone got sabotaged today~ ! :D

such a hilarious and unforgettable experience happened today. A bunch of us went to JJ after Kids'. Crystal, Jo, Mun and Sean Lim took ourselves to Vincci for some shoe-window-shopping. There were these REALLY AWESOMELY HIGH (pumps?) that I tried on. zomg they were so SEXY i can DIE! haha. I should get those for Christmas.. but but.. i think it's 4 inches high. i wouldn't want to break my feet walking in that. anyway, went to SASA next. We dragged Sean in despite trying to get away. But he succumbed to the awesomeness of make up. :P KIDDING.

Met up with Sean Mark Wilson (man of the day. lol) and Zhi Yang. We initially hadn't planned for Sean to come with us but Zhi Yang brought him so he just tagged along (not knowing the horrors that await him. mwahahaha!). Went to McD's for some yum-yums, then Zhi Yang, Sean Lim, Jo and moi went to get the ingredients for our sabotage on Sean (M.W). TEEHEE
and our Key Ingredients were:
  • Durian
  • Tabasco Sauce (rather it was red pepper sauce but never mind. Close enough)
  • Chili Padi
  • Sprite
  • Sharpie Marker
I had to frigging put ALL those in my bag. The poor thing smelled like DURIAN all the way back to church! We had to go Kwok Tai to meet Sean's mum and then walk/run to his house to wait for his mum cause she had some stuff to do. Then, when she arrived, we all squashed in and the first question she asked us was: "Is that durian I smell? Did some one eat durian?"
We were looking at each other and denying the fact that there were 4 pieces of Durian mush in my frigging bag. LOL.
Ayte. Just imagine what we did with those. I'll give you a minute.... .... ..... ....
okay. we celebrated Sean (M.W)'s birthday early. So yeah.. the typical procedure.. cake cutting.. blah. and that bloody Zhi Yang STUFFED my WHOLE bag in the refrigerator instead of JUST the things. bah.

right. THEN, Alex (Tan) took him and walked a distance away.

Let the sabotage begin. 

The guys tied him up with his shoe laces (hands and feet) and made him lie down on the grass (field). They raised his shirt and I was practically covering my eyes. LOL. it was so.. brutal XD
They first took the marker and practically drew all over his front. Then, came the chili padi. Ouch. they must really burn. Next came the stinking durians. gawd. I tell you, it was totally torture! the stench was all over! (I'm not complaining because i just love durians.)
Then came the tabasco sauce. took us some time opening the damn thing. It was then dabbed on Sean (poor sean) and then he attempted to hop away. (haha) and to top it all off, Sprite was poured on him while in pursuit.

Sorry sean.. the durian was my idea ;P hope you'll forgive me before you leave for England next next week T^T gonna miss youuu!

(video of the gruesome act will be uploaded here a.s.a.p ) :D