Saturday, March 24, 2012

Assumptions are bull.

i came across a video someone posted on facebook about bigbang's fantastic baby being satanic. my first reaction was "wtf?" sure their music videos for their new album "Blue" is a little weird with their new hair-dos, outfits and tattoos, but honestly how are they satanic? "please explain more" you may say. Fine. This is AprilandWayneShow's youtube page.

So now you may be asking, "what's wrong with that?" sure spreading the Good News is well, good. But doing it like this?

Yes, Islam does state that Jesus isn't God but only a prophet, (which i know is not true) but, to the extreme of calling Islam a false religion? Might as well ask for another 9/11 to strike! Calling other religions false and stating them in such statements just makes me hide my face with shame. I am a Christian, but I don't go around preaching that my religion is better and you should just convert, no! This kind of act just... makes Christians look bad. No wonder so many people are calling Christians violent, hypocrites  and posers.
Something else to add, I feel that these users (since they are mother and daugther) are really the hypocrites themselves. Why would they want to filter out the comments in their videos? Why would they want to disable the ratings for their videos? Why?

My conclusion is that these people want to show that there are many who support their ideas and to hide the fact that there are millions more who oppose them. If I were to preach something like that; for example, i would do it in a un-bias manner. Saying things like that just makes you look bad to other people and making a huge mockery of your own religion. Now let's talk about the content (which you can see for yourself in the video

At first I thought "hmm maybe they have good points about why they're saying this." But after their first explanation about owls being a sybol of witchcraft, I just felt like flipping a table on  my own forehead. after that came a bunch of nonsense about the third eye which was somewhat irrelevant to the music video. In the MV Taeyang is seen sitting in a meditating position and they're saying he's influencing the viewers to practice meditation/yoga/third eye thing/etc. Honestly, when I first saw that scene the last thing on my mind was to do yoga or meditate. I mean, seriously? I think they're just over assuming everything. There are possibilities that people may follow, but what are the odds? Many people are already practicing yoga long before the MV. They would know better than to blindly follow what their Korean Idols are doing, we do have a brain and mind to think for ourselves. 

There are other implicit ideas about the MV in the video. Feel free to watch it and have your own opinions. Whatever it is, I still support Big Bang all the way. By the way, i wonder if they know that all of Big Bang members are Christians and that the majority of S. Korea are Christians as well? (29.9% being Christians and 22.8% Buddhists) Also, S. Korea has the 3rd highest percentage of Christians in SEA following the Philippines and East Timor. So, how could they assume that Kpop is satanic? I wonder...