Sunday, September 26, 2010


Heyyy~! I have something super amazing to share with you guys!
I was on facebook at about 8, and a friend shared a video about an acapella of Teenage Dream by Katy Perry and Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars. at first, i was surprised that my friend was online at 8 something in the morning. Then I thought i would just watch what she shared, and i was blown away by this guy's talent.

His name is Mike Tompkins

This guy is simply incredible! He remakes songs with only his mouth and voice. Impossible? not so :)
Feast your eyes on these!



Oh, and I like Jayesslee 's cover too! :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My trials are over!! *hysterically happy*
it's been a SUPER long time since i properly sat down and used the computer to surf the web.
so, here I am! and i am proud to say i have improved a whole lot since my last exam. this time, there are no red results! :D

anyway, a very funny thing happened on thursday. My dog, apparently broke the outdoor tap. (used to water the plants and wash the car.)
when i got home from school in the afternoon, water was spraying everywhere!! and my dog had the guilty look on his face. (haha!) the day went on as usual and till the next day.
when i got home on friday, i had a desperate need to wash my hair. and i was worried whether if there was gonna be any water for me to shower with.

when i checked, there was water. and like 5 minutes later, when i turned on the tap, water was hardly dripping at all! I was like: "omg." the next thing i knew, i was in the shower for almost an hour; trying to get water from the shower, the tap, and other water sources. T^T

anyway, the outdoor tap is fixed now and we have running water again! :D Thanks dad!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

you people are just so retardedly rude. go screw yourselves.

No, I'm not pointing at anyone I know. But I AM pointing to those idiots out there who have nothing else better to do than to spam someone's video on Youtube with negative comments. I was just watching a video about "irregular braid" tutorial, and I read the comments. Some people are just so... UGH. Annoying.
some were complaining how in the world did a video like THAT could get 900,000 views (this was uploaded on Aug 14 2010)
simple answer, nitwits. People want to learn what she has to teach. *rolls eyes*
it doesn't matter how many hits or views a video has. it's about enjoying what you watch for crying out loud!
And, some are stating how adorable she looked and how they feel about raping her. like wtf?? what's wrong with you sick minded people? there was one really irritating comment. and i quote:

"looks like a turd coming out of a dogs ass"

well yeah, as if YOU know anything, retard.
what I'm trying to imply here is, don't comment if you're gonna speak ill of some one. It's just plain idiotic to be wasting your typing stamina for some stupid comment that is gonna be flagged as spam or countered by another negative comment about your comment. lame.

okay. nuff said. I just wanted to get this off my chest. and girls? Don't comment if you're jealous. go scribble your diaries instead. and guys, quit being so horny. In actual fact, girls preferred to be called beautiful than hot. "Hot" makes us sound like sluts.