Friday, October 31, 2008

HEELS. *ouch*

haha! yeah, as the title had stated, i wore HEELS in school with my uniform. XD
Noo... don't get me wrong.. I had permission. :) along with some other girls/friends who are participants of the Miss MGS pageant. wheee~ we did the catwalk today with Cik Azana.. she was hyper as usual. (heehee) We were supposed to say WHY we/I should be Miss MGS. I was like.. wth?? How am I supposed to answer that?? then, most of us just crapped it up. After that, we were taught to dance by this Form 5 senior of ours.. she's a good dancer :) then, some of us danced in our HEELS and omgawd.. PAIN TT~TT
then, we tak boleh tahan jor and TOOK OFF our heels!! then... the consequenses are... BLACK FEET. Ewww~ i was like... ish.. gotta wash pulak! then, when we finished went back to the class to find it EMPTY. of course it should be empty since school was over by then. But I was supposed to follow ARYNA back to her house since she asked me to call my mum during rehat. SHE WAS GONE. I was seriously frustrated. (=.=) then, luckily Sandra was still around waiting for her LATE transport. She is supposed to go to Genting with some buddies. (i didn't goo.. or else I wouldn't be writing this entry. lol!) Then, her car came (THANK GAWD) and we left. By the time then, it was almost 1pm and the bus was leaving at 1.30pm. It was already kinda late and the traffic was MASSIVE. Not to the extend of waiting at the same spot forvever though..
Then, after like... 1/2 an hour, i got home (thanks dad!) I straight away called ARYNA and she was kinda blurr at first. Then I told her..
" You know, I was supposed to go to your house today.." agitation could be heard. seriously. then she was like..
" you didn't tell me you COULD go." Then i said,
"Well, obviously, when I call my mum about going to your house, I always CAN go. Besides, you didn't even wait for me when I got back! AND, you know that I had to go back to rehersal after recess. And you didn't look for me. How was I supposed to tell you I COULD go to your house?"
then.. she was like.. "heh...hehh..mian hae...gomen ne.." (lol)
mehhh.. can't blame her (though half of me does) happens all the time.
Besides, I got to nap today. something RARE. lol!
(Ezzie!! When you read this, I bet you're already back from Genting or if someone brought their laptop there and you're at StarBucks reading this [haha!] don't forget my souviner!![is that how you spell it?])

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Today, so many events happened.
  1. GangStarz, Prinia; my class was first to perform
  2. For category B, we got 2nd place (yay!)
  3. I forgot today was Thursday and went back at 2.30pm. But got to talk to some people I don't usually talk with in school. *I know you're reading thissss... XD*
  4. Had a party in tuition for ICQ's bday, but she could not come; no transport.
  5. Jun Yeen got locked/stuck in the toilet for about 10 minutes
  6. Had a cake fight. Poh Yin looked like a clown (again) will update photos later
  7. Shi Ning's phone was STOLEN
  8. The thief was sending text messages to some friends of mine.
  9. The thief is still NOT CAUGHT
  10. He is one of the tuition kids
Arghhh!! *agitated* mehh... that stupid fella. WHY in the world did he steal Shi Ning's phone anyway?? Haiz. Dunno la now.. it's still hanging like that all.... Oh, today's my mum's birthday!! and ICQ's since it's after 12am now.. lol~
Anyway, the thief claims to like Shi Ning and her friend (told by a friend who got the text message) But, before we left the tuition place, Shi Ning's GRANDMA came and omgawdd... Shoud've seen her yelling in Hokkien. SCARY. I think it was about..... nearly 10 minutes non-stop? lol~ then, grandma reported to the police. Now, I don't know how it will end, but the KID is saying he wants to throw the phone away instead of returning it. bahh! Damn youuuu!! Now my eyes hurt and are very DRY from excessive... uh... looking?? haha! lol~
TOMORROW- MISS MGS, catwalk and dance rehersal. IN HEELS. omfgawddddd~~~
gonna die tomorrow... lolz~

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

/gg... rawr~

Right... Have been really lazy to update my bloggie these days.. Must be my lazy virus taking over again.. mehh. Anyway I'M INTO HONGO KANATA AGAIN! *MUACKSMUACKS!!* I can't believe why I left him in Japan and flew all the way to Korea in the first place! Omg he's so tall now.. *spazzing out*
Now I, Judith yeoh would like to RECLAIM him; Hongo Kanata as my own (again). lol!!Whoa!! Look at the beautiful piece of flesh!!

Yesh, Mary Ann has made me want to learn Japanese with her (again) but I'll have to start off as a n00b. Right... nothing else much to blog about. Lazy to blog about today. KANATA-KUN!! DAISUKI DES!! xD
Whoo hoo~ following JDorama : Seigi No Mikata.
kanata looks so manly here. Teeheehee~

Saturday, October 25, 2008

History Makers~~

Wheee! Like I promised, I WILL update on the History Makers event. Anyone can give me pictures? lol. so anyway, i reached Casuarina at around 6.50pm? was NOT late (thank God) Anna (not Anna LOI) was already there. So was Natalie, Jason Soon and Kevin Foo and some other people I sorta know. Me and Anna went to the bathroom to camwhore lol!

So, after that we went in andandand looked for a place to sit. Then the lights dimmed and I friggin couldn't see anything! Then we ended sitting next to the buffet table and near the entrance. yay-ness much? The food was nice but it was quite little. And I had sore throat so I had some "fungus" (lol.. purple lettuce) some pasta, rice, and veggie. LOL I turned vegetarian tonight. xD Anyways, did NOT take many pictures coz I'm the type of person to enjoy the event more that taking pictures of it. xP Then, the 1st thing was Praise and Worship.

Wow it totally blew me off. It was! (to me that is) FANTASTIC! Then, we makan and then was the drama. It was about the Worship leader's life and how he became what he is today. Kinda funny and dramatic if I must say so myself! =D After that, there was an alter call which means, asking people if they wanted to invite Jesus into their lives. It was great. Anywayl, at my table I met somr of my old friends which looked familar but didn't exactly recognise: Darren Boey, Chun Kah Chun(lol i dunno how to spell his name), and Alvin. There were some of my Church(CGMC) people too! Emmanuel, Weisoon, Pui Ping, Jason, Kevin. Deva and Desmond came too! lol, that Deva and his "rambut dawai" hairstyle. Crazy la that fella. Anyway, after the alter call thing, we had another praise and worship session. This was the closing of the event. Oh yeah, saw Jia Wei too(Daphne).Me and Nat

andandand... Desmond and Deva tumpang-ed my car home to his house. IIsshhh, Des kacau me. call me cacat worr.. ishishish. Des!! Are you going YOUTH CAMP??? MUST GO! lol ask Deva to go also. xP


Great. I have come to the conclusion that I have a viral throat infection. =.= which is bad..
going to see the doctor later to get some medication. eeesshh... I remember the last time I got this. Was suffering like hell. I think there's this viral disease going on around school, coz lot's of people are sick. (and i don't think it started from me) So anyway, when I woke up just now, I was feeling a twee bit dizzy. i hope I don't get a fever. =/ my throat feels HOT. DIE.. I have to sing for church some more. What laa~ Hope I don't sound like a rusty chain saw(NOT the Movie the SAW) on stage; in front of the mic; in front of everybody.

Lol.. this is what I had for breakfast

ok.. i don't know what else to blog about.
LOL! will update later about the History Makers event thing. =]

Just came back from the Doctor's. She said I have:
  • An infected throat which looks very red and swollen
  • Flu
  • Fever of 38'c
  • Cough
Here are the medicines I have to take
And doctor said not to eat/drink:
  1. fried stuff
  2. hard stuff like nuggets
  3. spice food
  4. HOT food
  5. cold water
  6. heaty food

andandandandandand look at the pretty cloud formations! :DThis is what I'm having for lunch. Yesh I know it looks funny (and very little) but ish nice!! xD

Friday, October 24, 2008

*cough* *cough* *spyt*

Yeah, so today was my worst but best day ever. Worst day as in my sore throat got 10 times worse, thanks to excessive laughing and of course talking and the occasional yelling. =] Now my voice sounds seriously out of tune and it HURTS A LOT.
Watched a movie in school today; The Invaders. It wasn't scary at any level of scary-ness. It was just a very hong pou movie about alien DNA being spread to the whole of US. The way the transparent goop stuck onto the host a.k.a us (lol) was just utterly disgusting.
oohoohooh!! I drank from a HUGE bottle today. :) Since I DON'T usually consume THAT much amount of liquid; I am quite bangga for myself! *treats self to ice-cream!* I even went to the toilet more than 5 times today; in school and that is very rare Andandand we played UNO STACKO!! lol..

Stayed back in school until around 3.30pm today, watched Chor play guitar while Crystal ajar her. lol... she kept making funny-staring faces everytime I look at her. XD hilarious! Even Ellysa said so. Anyway, I haven't showered since I came home (around 5pm) and I have to follow my mum to church for this All Night Prayer thingie which I am sure; will fall asleep in. for gawdsakes, it's until 5.30am! Seriously speaking, I don't think I would last until 12am. Unless some textes with me.. lol. I still don't know if I'm going shopping for our gawdforsaken GS(Gang Starz) outfit with Chor and co. She told us to wear black shirts and colourful 3quarters? ftw?? lol... but she said "Not the colourful rainbow ones arh!" i can't imagine myself singing on the stage with clown bottoms. Utter embarrasment! TOMORROW!! Going for the History Makers 7th Annivasary at Casuarina hotel. I think I know what to wear for tomorrow...
Gotta go shower or my mum will shower me with angry yelling. :P
Whee~ a random my panda slippers look like they ate a lot of dirt. sorry baby pandas.. :P

Oh bythaway, here's a vid my friend sent me. Lol stupeed video..: