Monday, March 23, 2015

Moving On

Hello (whoever that still reads this dead thing)

This blog has now resigned, and will be kept on public space for nostalgia purposes.

-Cheers, fellows.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"The 10 Reasons Why No One Knows What They’re Doing in Their 20s" - thoughts

"The 10 Reasons Why No One Knows What They’re Doing in Their 20s"

I stumbled upon this article/blogpost on my facebook timeline, and having nothing to do with my time at that moment, I decided to just give it a read. I didn't think it would be a very long post until I quickly scrolled all the way down just to check how much time it would consume to read the post.

Although the website is mainly targeted at men, I believe this post in particular can be learned and applied by women as well. (I say men and women because, come on, you're in your twenties, not your tweens.)

As I read through the whole article, it made me think of what I'm actually doing with my one life.  I've been living my life, in the same way, every single day and thinking to myself: "Isn't there much more than this?"

Especially since it's freaking SUMMER BREAK, and having less than a month (29 days in fact) left before I go overseas to continue my studies, I should be doing a lot MORE than just working part time, surfing the net, sleeping, etc.

I should be living it out! I should be doing different things! I should be spending precious time with friends and family! But... it's not like I actually have complete freedom to do whatever I please; I have to consider the plans my parents and family have made, above all things, because family comes first right? Because of this, I've had to hold off/post phone/cancel some appointments made with friends. It's no fuss really if it's just once, or twice at the most. But when the same plan keeps getting canceled because of other arrangements or circumstances, it can really make a person mad and frustrated. It's as if the world is saying "NO."

Due to this, I'm trying to not plan so far ahead into the near future (not not planning 10 years ahead). I try to take things as they come, I try to not expect, I try to let go. Even with all that advanced, detailed planning, if the circumstances do not allow those plans to take place, what is the point anyway? However, in my opinion, general planning wouldn't hurt anyone.

This is just a quick summary of me ranting my thoughts on such matters.

I have set a short term goal to give my own personal thoughts and opinions on each segment of the article; one post a day. I pray to God I'll stick to it and not let it die a horrible, writer's block death.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Quick Rant Post

Just to quickly say something before I forget.

I know how I get over things really quickly; problems, bad days, bad experiences, people, games, celebrities. When I meant 'get over', I meant like not getting super excited and going all "OMG" all the time. Guess I'm habitualised to them, I suppose. It's quite irritating (to me sometimes and especially my boyfriend) that this happens so frequently. I can't help it, I get bored easily!

Of course if that particular person, object, game, etc can hold my interest till the very end like say, the Kingdom Hearts series, Okami (these are the only two games I finished on PS2 out of all that I own) Mass Effect 2 and 3 and COD: MW3, then yay!

But most of the time, I don't finish my games; Dishonored, Assassin's Creed 2 Brotherhood, Assassins Creed 3, Far Cry 3, The Last Remnant, Persona 4, Bully (exception; cause it's so awesome I didn't want it to end), etc.

For people, I suppose my theory is that if I'm exposed to them for too long; especially celebrities and characters I get, well, over them. For example, Thane Krios from Mass Effect 2; I was obsessed with that character for months until I finished ME3. Months after that, I slowly found myself loosing that passion I felt for that character from when I first started the game. So there.

And so my other theory to over come that (with people) is to not get so deeply involved; to not constantly google their faces everyday. Of course I run the risk of loosing interest completely if I refuse to be have anything to do with whatever that involves them said people/characters.

Plus I'm so absolutely afraid of loosing interest. Is it because it's not.. normal? Then again I've not really considered myself normal... So does that mean it's normal for me?

HAHA ignore my ranting. But I sometimes wonder if there are others who feel the same way?

Monday, March 4, 2013

Rurouni Kenshin (2012) review? + some ramblings

Just watched Rurouni Kenshin in the cinema the other day and I've got to say it was fantastic. I watched the film prior to that on my laptop, and I told myself that I must watch it on the big screen (which I did).

I thought Sato Takeru did a really good job portraying Himura Kenshin; the moves, the speaking style, the character itself seemed to have come to life on screen!

The rest of the cast was well picked for their characters too. And according to my housemate, the live adaptation was really accurate to the anime, including some of the sets and battle scenes! How awesome is that? I can't really remember much because the last I time I watched the show was about 11 years ago?

Anyway the story line was good over all, and the fighting scenes were really fresh. Fresh in a way where it wasn't all 'jibaboom' (explosions) and stuff. There's gore (for those who like seeing blood splayed everywhere) and there's really awesome swordplay!

and good Lord Sato Takeru is.... /giggles/

I was searching through my whole blog for this one particular post I did on Samurai X two years ago (here) to sort of reference this post (?) and while doing that I had to look through almost all of my posts. I've got to say, I was quite... rebellious? I mean while reading my old posts consisting mostly about me ranting about how horrible my life was; blablabla (teenage drama!) I thought to myself "wow I sound so spoiled". HAHAHA. Anyway, I have also come to realise that a majority of the pictures uploaded here on blogger are freaking GONE. What the freaking hell? Where the heck are my pictures?!

Yep. and that's all for tonight! Planning to head to the gym tomorrow morning. Hopefully it's not a 'all talk and no action' thing :S

Monday, January 21, 2013

SHERLOCK's Unaired pilot

Well. I just watched A Study in Pink; the un-aired version and well I've got to say, they made the right choice when they decided to re-film it again.

Sherlock appears to look much younger in appearance than in the canon episodes. His hair is a lighter shade of brown instead of black, less curly and slightly longer at the back, also. He wears jeans instead of slacks which makes him again, appear younger, almost amateur-like.

His personality, I would say is not as cold and calculating as the current Sherlock; doesn't speak as fast too. Sherlock was not expressed as well as compared to the revised episode. Here he seemed to be slightly sloppy, almost soft even. His cognitive skills were not shown as much as in the revised version where for example in the canon episode, Sherlock actually spoke aloud which route the taxi driver would take and what he would pass by or go through such as traffic lights and no entry roads.

I didn't quite like the cinematography used in the episode; a lot of medium close ups. I didn't get to see much of what was going on as compared to the canon episode 01, where a majority of the shots used were long shots. The medium close up shots kind of made me feel compressed and restricted. But, the extreme close ups of Benedict's eyes and other features of his face; oh I quite liked that.

Over all I loved the canon episode 01, and not quite so on the un-aired pilot. Though, it was a good head start on to the series as it helped to set the basic plot for the series, but the revised version definitely got the ball rolling.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Behold, a new fandom in my routine life.

I've just recently entered the wonderful Sherlock fandom and I have to say, 'I have absolutely no regrets'. Well, except that I regretted entering it quite late (2 years late in fact). 

It was evening and I was on a train back to my hometown after completing my exam and submitting my assignments in university. Sherlock Holmes (the movie) had just started playing silently with subtitles on a small screen just a few seats in front of me. I already had my laptop out; thinking of watching a random movie on my hard drive to pass the two and a half hours journey home. Well, I didn't know Sherlock Holmes was playing at first; so there I was, trying to identify the movie. I sort of had a hunch it was Sherlock Holmes, but I wasn't sure as I had not seen it before. 

Anyway, the train was already moving through the city and making its way out of it. About twenty to half an hour into the journey, the train made a stop at one of the small towns and literally just stopped; with its engines switched off, and since the engine was turned off, the screen went black as well. I literally rolled my eyes as my entertainment was cut short and proceeded to take out my laptop again (I kept it as I was engrossed with the movie on the little screen). Then I remembered that a friend had so kindly transferred two seasons of BBC's SHERLOCK into my external hard drive while transferring other files. 

Hence, commenced my 'fangirling' for SHERLOCK. 'A Study in Pink' was a fantastic experience. I watched; awestruck, as Sherlock explained how he knew so much about John's life just from the way he walked, stood, talked, and his cell phone. It was brilliant, and from that point on, I knew, that I had to share it with my friends. I knew (just) a few who were Doctor Who fans and even less of SHERLOCK fans (I might not be sure. They may be hiding underground from society for all I know). 

I was a little disappointed when I found out that there were only three episodes per season; and there were only two seasons. I was devastated. I wanted more. And so I googled about the series and to my absolute glee; there was going to be a season three! I was ecstatic. 

Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) and John (Martin Freeman)
I just finished season one by myself and had watched two episodes of season one with my dad (yes, he has succumbed to the intellectual, witty, awesomeness that is SHERLOCK as well) and I have to say, every episode is such an adventure. I've never had such a crazed fanatic over live drama series as I've only ever been engrossed over Japanese anime, so this is something completely new to me. I have tried warming up to Bigbang Theory and How I Met Your Mother, but all attempts had had me switching off the tele and going on to the internet instead. But SHERLOCK had retained my interest for the past three episodes and I am sure, it will; is going to continue for the next two seasons.

The wit and dry humour isn't the only thing I looked forward to when watching the show, Benedict Cumberbatch has proven to be [almost] perfect for the role of Sherlock. He has that crazed, eccentricity that radiates off of him when he solves a case, and that; in my opinion pulls the audience deeper into the fandom. Of course, how can one not adore his profile?

However, many would beg to differ on my opinion of Benedict. Some would say he's not all that great, or that good looking but who cares? He's fantastic!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My friend's assault case with her husband (clearance)

Following the recent assault case between an ex-classmate and her husband, I would like to present BOTH sides of the story. Since sharing her video on facebook many people have been asking me about the whole issue. Seriously, I do NOT know every single detail of the conflict. I'm just a friend who thinks that beating your wife is wrong.

Here is the video:

(yep its on youtube, but its not uploaded by her.)

Now, read his side of the story here:

LEARING THE AIR: Calven Chik telling his side of the story to Malaysian Digest reporters at his home in Ipoh yesterday. Pix: SM Amin.IPOH: “I know it was wrong. I knew it the moment the red mist cleared. I’m sorry.”
That is the admission by Calvin Chik (pic), the man who is at the centre of the controversy involving a series of videos which depicts him assaulting his wife in their branded goods boutique in Ipoh.
Almost overnight, the 26-year-old has become ‘public enemy number one’ on Malaysian social media networks, thanks to the availability of the videos, which has garnered him nationwide scorn and even earned him threats from strangers.
The videos, captured via the store’s CCTV cameras, were uploaded by his wife, 19-year-old Amanda Fong, on her Facebook page. Fong, who is two months pregnant, had also posted up pictures of the injuries she had sustained following the incident.
At last count, the videos have been ‘shared’ almost 25,000 times by Facebook users.
Met at his family home in Ipoh yesterday, Chik said he had no excuse for his actions and expressed remorse.
“I know that there is no reason or justification for my actions and I cannot defend myself over this. It was something that I should not have done. I regret it,” he told Malaysian Digest.
Chik claimed he and his wife had numerous arguments before, some of which had escalated into violence. He admitted that this wasn’t the first time that he had become physical with her, and vice versa.
“I don’t expect anyone to understand it, and I doubt if anyone ever will,” he said.

Bad Romance

Violence, he stressed, has not always been a feature of their marriage. The couple first met in June last year and tied the knot on Jan 17 this year.
He claimed that the marriage was good in the beginning, but was eventually soured by the presence of his mother-in-law, whom he claimed was a disruptive influence.
He believed that Fong’s mother played a prominent role in influencing her daughter’s behaviour and for driving a wedge between them.
“My wife had a troubled upbringing. Her parents separated when she was young, and she was raised by her mother and grandmother. This was related to me when we first started to know each other,” he claimed.
His mother-in-law, he claimed, was warm to his at first but he eventually sensed that she disliked him. He claimed that when he went to her to ask for her blessing to seek Fong’s hand in marriage, his mother-in-law rejected him the first time around.
Chik related several incidences of when the mother-in-law’s behaviour puzzled him, such as when the newlyweds wanted to go to Macau for their honeymoon. He claimed the mother-in-law demanded that she be brought along.
“I thought it was a bizarre request, and my wife thought so too. This was after all, our honeymoon. My mother-in-law only dropped her demand when my wife bought her a ticket to London for a religious event, something which the former had been pestering her for previously,” he alleged.

Newfound Wealth, Mysterious Phone Calls

Chik claimed that when he first met Fong, the family was not well-off. Both mother, daughter and grandmother lived in a modest two-room flat in Ipoh.
“Amanda wasn’t working, nor studying, she told me her family couldn’t afford it. But as the relationship progressed, I saw Amanda having quite a bit of money. She then enrolled in a course at a local college, claiming that the fees came from a sponsor from her mother’s company.”
Chik said he didn’t want to question where the money came from, but became increasingly intrigued as her spending increased.
“She later began accumulating expensive clothes, handbags and started dining at expensive places. She no longer had to rely on me for money,” he claimed.
However, his curiosity reached its peak when she declared that she was interested in buying a brand-new Volkswagen Beetle, which costs almost RM200,000.
Chik, who ran a marketing company, claimed he knew there was no way she could qualify for a loan, even if she used her mother’s name as the mother did not make much.
She eventually told him that the source of her new-found wealth was an “inheritance from her late grandfather”, who owned several orchid farms in Malaysia. She told him that she received the money when she turned 18 from the caretaker of the family business.
He was also puzzled by ‘mysterious’ phone calls she received, and claimed that she was secretive over the nature of the calls. She claimed that the calls were from the caretaker.
He claimed she also declined to let him accompany her when she wanted to go and meet the caretaker. He claimed she met the caretaker on a weekly or fortnightly basis.
“Each time she returned, she would take her mother and I out for either a nice dinner or a shopping trip,” he claimed.
Chik claimed Fong eventually bought a brand new Honda Insight, which costs almost RM100,000. She claimed that the caretaker had helped secure the documents for the purchase.
“I tried to avoid thinking about it, but I reassured myself that this was all above board, and there was nothing going on,” he claimed.

Infidelity Shock

He claimed that in May, while using his wife’s iPhone to use her web browser, he stumbled upon a series of messages between Amanda and another person. The messages, he claimed, were affectionate and personal in nature.
“I was stunned. I didn’t know how to react to this, so I spoke with her grandmother,” he claimed.
He claimed the both of them then confronted Amanda, who tearfully confessed that she had been having an affair. She claimed the other man was an Ipoh-based Datuk, who was then revealed as the source of her wealth.
Chik claimed that the Datuk, who was married, was someone she had known before she met him, but she was unable to break it off.
“She subsequently pledged to have nothing more to do with the man,” he claimed.
He alleged that after her admission, Amanda became hysterical and threatened to kill herself, claiming that her life wasn’t worth it. He claimed it took sometime before they managed to calm her down and the situation got back to normal.

Depression and Suicide Threats

Chik disclosed that his wife was diagnosed as being clinically depressed, based on their visit to the Hospital Bahagia Ulu Kinta. He showed Malaysian Digest his wife’s medical diagnosis report, which stared that she suffered from depression.
He also later discovered that he suffered mild depression as well, as is currently taking medication for it.
He claimed that she was prone to fits of rage, and admitted that it was not something that he could usually help her with. He cited several instances of difficulty in dealing with her rage issues.
“There was an incident where an argument broke out between us in her home. She then took out a knife and chased me around the flat, threatening to stab me. She then sat on the bed and gave me a choice, which was to let her stab me, or she would stab herself.
“I was at a loss, and I broke down in tears. Her grandmother then came home and diffused the situation. But this wasn’t before she had slashed both her forearms.
“We knew that if we took her to a government hospital, she could be charged with attempted suicide, so we took her to a private clinic instead for treatment,” he claimed.

The CCTV Beating

 The incident, he claimed, started from a petty argument within the shop and swiftly escalated into a massive fight.
“I’ve read the comments on Facebook  and on blogs. I know what people are saying. My wife has also accused me of attempting to harm the baby, when it was the opposite.”
He alleged that his wife had a history of driving off and “disappearing for hours” when they get into a fight.
“This always has me worried, given her pregnancy and her state of mind. There have been times when we were worried sick as she couldn’t be contacted for hours on end,” he claimed.
He claimed that he was trying to get her to remain in the store and not storm off. He also claimed that he was trying to defend himself from his wife’s attacks.
Chik, however, admitted that he should not have reacted violently.
“I have no excuse for that. It was something that shouldn’t have happened, it just went out of control,” he said.
He said he was fully prepared to face the consequences of his actions. Police are now investigating the case under Section 323 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing hurt.
If charged and found guilty, he faces a maximum one year jail sentence or a maximum fine of RM2,000, or both.
Chik said he was aware of the possibility and was prepared to face them.
“I know what I did was wrong. I’m not running away from it, I’m not hiding. I will accept whatever comes my way.”

- mD

- Credits to

so who is right and who is wrong? We are in no position to simply judge. However, it IS wrong to physically abuse a family member (especially a woman because our society is sexist) but at least he owned up to his mistakes and is ready to face the consequences.

I believe he needs his story shared just as much as his wife's video was shared.

Spread the word. (and keep your judgments to yourself)