Monday, November 16, 2009

I feel like Syit

Seriously. I just announced my fugly results to my dad in the car when he picked me up after Choir practice. UGH.
i feel like an ass right now. I feel like smashing my skull against the concrete wall multiple times till it cracks and my brain exposed. DDDDD:
i feel like a terrible daughter and student. I don't feel like having dinner with them today. I don't feel good.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

TaeYang is back babeh

Woke up several times this morning. Finally got up and washed up at almost 12pm, had Nasi Lemak for breakfast and read the newspaper. It was gonna be a long day. then i got online and on FB, Wailynn posted a new MV (to me, i haven't been updated on BB for the longest effing time T^T) it was called Wedding Dress. The song struck me deep. the opening piano was just beautiful i instantly went to download it. When I further watched the MV, it was something I didn't expect. Heart Break. I'll let the video explain for itself.

Then I saw another MV of TaeYang on FB called "Where U At" "The lyrics to the song ‘Where u at’ writes about TaeYang, who still have not had a girlfriend at age 22, talking about his future other half who is somewhere out there in the world." -YG Entertainment *credits to

Tae Yang's new songs are both equipped with awesome music arrangements and super cool dance moves! It was such a mouth gaping moment, watching him strut his stuff on the set. xD

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Horror!

I was supposed to confess to my mum about my terrible results today after school, in the car. But sadly, I didn't have the guts to do it. My brain kept screaming at me to open my mouth and talk but it kept shut all the way through lunch and until I got home. GAH. report cards are gonna be passed out next week. Oh, I'm learning guitar! Without a guitar. == Carl has agreed to lend me his for the time being.  :)
I'm currently learning the chords for "Two Is Better Than One acoustic" by Boys Like Girls.
Aryna was suppose to show up with her guitar so we could try out the chords but she didn't come. grr.. but anyway, hung out with Judy whom I suspect to be my long lost twin sister xD
The Form 3s had this Gang Starz competition (the same one we had last year) and we had the honor to witness half of this catastrophe. Nah... I'm kidding. Not all of the performances were terrible. Some were too Kua-Cheong/overly dramatic though. There even was a MJ impersonator (hardly) who sang to "Beat It" and attempted to do some of the moves and added her own and the MoonWalk (phailed). Over all, her perf wasn't all that bad; it was just that she was enjoying herself so much that she didn't even realize the song had finished and she kept on singing until the opening of "Smooth Criminal" played. xD Hilarious I tell you!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

*sneeze* *cough cough*

When I woke up this morning, I had a terrible sore throat. So I thought, 'Okay.. things couldn't get any worse right?' Wrong.
My sore throat was so bad I couldn't eat. And I drank so much water that left me with none after that.
Ahaha.. it's raining now. bleh. So, during recess, I tried my luck again at playing the rubric's cube. When recess was over, I was feeling a little tipsy. So when Aryna came in, I grabbed her hand and smacked it on my forehead. I had fever.
Then came the funny part.
"Eh! You tido la! Tgk, main rubric's cube lagi. Ni la akibatnye!" She grabbed the rubric's cube from me and gave it back to Melissa. "Tgk! Ju main rubric cube awk sampai demam lo! *something something*"
LOL. Aryna blamed it on the cube XD
Thanks for caring Aki  :)
Actually, it was from eating Durian and not drinking enough water after that. During accounts, I was so... idk.. tipsy? high? didn't felt like i was high.. anyway, i figured i had a throat infection; based on my past experience. so yeah. i wanted to sleep but Hanim would just "yak yak" again. So i bertahan for 2 periods, helping Aryna with her parents' anniversary card. I couldn't possibly sleep because it was just so damn hot. (inside and out)
when Add Maths came, Aryna ordered me to sit as near to the fan as possible and sleep, and sleep did I. Right until Mr. Cheang came 5 minutes before school was over and... until school was over.
Went for lunch with family and had meehoon soup with Bali. after that, went home, took a shower and popped two panadols and went to sleep until 7.30pm. got up, had dinner, watched tv, had a shower and here I am now :) now I have nose blockage. Joy. I'm feeling so light and floaty now. Kinda numb. the panadols finally kicking in?

Please pray for me   (:

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

He truely is

I was looking for guitar tabs for Beautiful Saviour by Planet Shakers and I stumbled on this video ^
The user took clips from "The Passion of Christ" and meshed it with this beautiful song. When the song started, tears started to flow. I couldn't stop crying for the whole 6 minutes. Muslims, Non-Muslims, Christians, Non-Christians; it doesn't matter who you are. We are all human and all children of God.
Normally I don't blog about this; but this is a video I recommend watching. Though it may not be suitable for the faint of heart. I couldn't dare or bear to watch some parts of the clip. It was just too painful.

Monday, November 9, 2009

External Optical Drive


Friday, November 6, 2009

I think I need depressants

My results for this term are shit i tell you. I just F-ed 4 flipping subjects. T^T
how am i gonna break it to my parents?? I hope they don't get a heart attack... argh. this is bullshit.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Did You Know that This Is It! My 200th post? ♥

Yay Yay!
I watched This Is It! for my dad's birthday! :D
I had one of the best experiences of my effing life.
He was so remarkable on stage even though they were only rehearsals.
I cried at some of the songs. And you know what? My left contact lens went up under my eyelid. I was like "wtf?? shitshitshitshitshit" and it was during "Beat It" too! Dang.
And so, I spent a good 1-2 minutes trying to get that blasted contact lens out of my eye and it finally fell out. Then I spent 20 seconds or more, trying to put it back on to my eye; without a mirror, in the dark. whee.
So anyway, another funny thing happened.
After the show, my mum complained that someone released a machine load of farts.
The first person that came to mind: "dad"
LOL. i told my mum "maybe it was papa."
then she said "I suspected him too. Ask him afterward."
When we got to the parking lot, I asked "Pa, did you fart during the movie?" ==
My dad just grinned. A very cheeky grin. I was like wth?? XD I couldn't stop laughing! I laughed all the way to the car and laughed some more when my dad explained the whole process. XD I didn't smell anything coz I was sitting the furthest in.

During the whole show, I found him exceptionally beautiful and not what people claim him to look like (although I don't listen to them) He was radiating so much energy and joy that it was hard not to smile when he danced! :D

He was fantastic. He was the King on stage. It was his final curtain call. Way to go Michael!

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Happy Birthday Dad!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Did You Know I'm into Inuyasha again?

HAHA. ok, from now on, i'm making all titles like "Did you know..."
[sorray Aki if I stole your idea. Gomen ne.. mian hae..]

So! I watched 3 eps of Inuyasha the Final Act on youtube earlier before dinner. Instantaneously, I fell in love with the anime again.

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A brief summary:
This 2nd season continues after 4 movies which was after the first season which contained god knows how many hundred episodes. In this season, Kagome [heroin] she continues to travel back 300 years into the feudal era through a magic well which allows her to transcend time. Apparently, it only works for her and other creatures from 300 years ago including the white haired, doggie-eared Inuyasha [hero] to come into her world.
Currently it's up till episode 5 or 6. Watching ep 5 on youtube now.
I find Inuyasha so adorable. And it's incredible how the seiyuu [voice actor] makes the character so real, unlike our Malaysian counter-part *cough*horrible*cough*

Favourite scene of ALL is definitely the part where Kagome gets pissed and orders Inuyasha to "sit!" or "Osuwari!!" then this happens:

osuwari!! Pictures, Images and Photos

*Pity that face of his..

This happens because 100 years ago, Kikyo, a priestess who guards the Shikon no Tama; a purple, holy bead thing that grants any kind of wish, gave him a beaded rosary and he just wore it without thinking much about it. Apparently, it can't be taken off by anyone except the priestess and Kagome who is Kikyo's reincarnation. Kikyo is dead by the way (killed by Naraku), but some witch revived her. But she is just made of clay and bones, human but not so human. So, when she was still alive, Inuyasha had grown fond of her and fell in love with her. But one day, Naraku (a guy made up of demons. Can't be killed unless the heart is killed; which isn't in his body) framed him by tricking Kikyo into thinking that Inuyasha attempted to kill her instead by posing as Inuyasha.
Kikyo who was furious, thinking that Inuyasha had wanted the Shikon no Tama all along and was bleeding to death and dying then seals Inuyasha with a purifying arrow with a Shikon shard to the tree with time transcending powers which the well is made out of. 100 years later, Kagome (from 300 years in the future) appears from the well and sees Inuyasha still pinned to the tree with the arrow in his chest, looking exactly the same. The tree's powers had kept him preserved while he slept there. (well, he looked like he was sleeping..) Kagome then accidentally released him when she was attacked by a demoness.

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Kikyo left; Kagome right

LOL. I just gave ya'll a crash course on Inuyasha. XD

Favourite picture of Inuyasha Final Act:

Inuyasha Final Act Pictures, Images and Photos

(their pinkies are connected by a red string. People belief that each person is connected to another with a red sting (obviously you can't see it) and that person is supposed to be your soul mate :] )