Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stay with me forever

I'm really hooked on Obata Yuuki's Bokura Ga Ita.
Although it's a manga & anime series, and even though it is kinda long (50 chapters plus and going on manga, 31 episodes on anime) (you can read the manga on mangafox) It's really addictive. Why you ask?
Well, it's not because that the hero is seriously handsome or because of awesome weapons or fight scenes (though there are none of that in either of the series), it's because of the bittersweet disappointment that we call reality.

In the story, we see life from Takahashi Nanami (heroine)'s eyes. As she goes through the hurdles life throws at her, she manages to pull through and also to find the love of her life; Yano Motoharu

Seriously, I don't usually favour long manga series. It makes you chase after them like addicts. But this one series (besides Hot Gimmick) just really reaches out to me. I can imagine myself in that situation and asking myself "Would I do the same thing?" The emotions that the mangaka depicts are really real and deep, deep enough for me to comprehend and understand what the characters are facing. I believe that the story these two characters share are among the many same ones that other couples in love are sharing.

 This is one manga that I truly and honestly mind recommending; even to those who do not read manga or watch anime. Even the soundtracks are really soothing and it somehow... depicts the feelings of the story :)


Besides, it's also to distract me from a certain something.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oel ngati kameie

Kaltxì ma frapo! :D
If you hadn't already guessed, It's "hello everyone!" in Na'Vi  =)
YES I'm learning Na'Vi! It's so exhilarating to explore and learn this wonderful language created by Paul Frommer for the movie Avatar. OH! also, all those who want to learn, Paul is having this petition put up here.
He wants to make a complete guide on how to speak and understand Na'Vi and as you have guessed, I already signed it. You can even hear him speak Na'Vi on a recorded message! There are currently 3524 people who have signed it, so please do the same so we can all learn this awesome language! :D

Eywa ngahu, kìyevame.

Friday, January 29, 2010

whee for the weekend!

Ah jeez... My birthday's in exactly a week  =D
As much as I hate getting older, I just love the fact that I'll be celebrating my birthday with friends this year!!
SOO sorry to those that I didn't invite. >.< please forgive me! My poor house can only fit that many people. We shall celebrate together some other time   =)
anyways, Danielle and I were talking so animatedly about The Sims 3 (which I had tried to download, but to no avail. My laptop is too cekap to have a disk drive. grr.)
I would love an external disk drive! *hint hint* Heck, it's super expensive these days. Anyone has one that I could borrow?
I can't wait to go back to KL for CNY!! Can't wait to play paint ball with the family again and go ice skating with cousins. awesome times~

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Oh, I'm starting to feel it now..

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Okay, since I was requested to blog about something new and since I am super bored right now, I shall do so.
Today, my mum called me, on my phone, at frigging 7.30am to.... walk the dog.
I was pretty much conscious by the moaning I was giving to my mum on the phone. I went back to sleep for a couple of minutes since Hiro wasn't making any noise downstairs = he's still sleeping.

After washing up, I got ready to walk him. That was when Hell started. At the field, I was attacked.
He thinks; or at least I think he thinks that he wants to play. He kept jumping up and down and attempting to chew any part of the super thick leash. I was really moody and grumpy for waking up so frigging early. That added to my stress meter. The attack resulted with a soiled shirt, soiled pants, and bite & scratch marks on both my lower arms and hands. Major OW. It's still quite visible now. No pictures cause my camera died. MEH.
NOW, my right shoulder hurts. I walked that dog TWICE today. ISH. Earlier this evening, he didn't want to poop. Even after 40 minutes. I was so frigging pissed. I was pissed at the weather (it was drizzling), I was pissed at my dad (he was laughing because Hiro hadn't pooped after 40 mins and that I looked super pissed), and I was pissed at the dog (TONS OF REASONS); Period.

Oh, oh! Tomorrow, Audrey is organizing a movie outing (God knows how many times I went out this month and I'm supposed to be grounded?) Gonna watch Alvin and The Chipmunks 2. I haven't even watched the first prequel yet! OH, Qi Vin shaved his mohawk off! he's like.. almost bald now. He's gonna shave some bits off tomorrow as well. Well dang, Yi Sheng shaved his hair off too!

Oh well, off to play L4D on FB now.. I so hope I don't get grossed out by the zombies. eww. On second thought, L4D is not my thing. I'll definitely get nightmares. ><

Friday, January 1, 2010

Revolutionary 2010

I haven't really been blogging on my feelings for things these days.. Meh

2010. A year closer to the end of the world. XD

Let's see.. about 2009.. It all seems so long ago.. yet so recent. Well, it was still 2009 two days ago..
Anyway, lot's of things happened last year that I'm proud of and not so proud of; and also some things that I regretted doing and had not regretted doing. I'm not really sure how to put this.. it's like a jar of mixed up thoughts and feelings. I don't really know what to say about 2009. It has been a great year with loads of surprises, yet there were lots of downfalls. I feel that.. 2010 is just like any other year, with a different number, with different experiences, different decisions, different views, different scenes of life. Everything's different. Nothing stays the same.

To be honest, I don't know what to blog about at all. I'm just randomly shooting sentences on the key board, listening to random songs playing on my player. No wonder this post is rather random. I guess I should blog about what I did on the first day of the whole entire year?
OKAY. Went to JJ for a movie+lunch+snooker session with buddies. The movie was super random. I can't even remember the name or even say it correctly. Imaginarium of Dr. P...something something.. Met up with other MYF-ers before that and met more of them at Food and Tea after the movie. Joon Yang complained that he was hungry due to the cold in the cinema. meh. Weakling!
Then, Audrey, JY and I went to the bowling alley to play snooker. some of them showed up when we were about done.

Sorry sweethearts, no pictures aye!


Happy birthday:

Sunny Half-Man! stop growing muscles!! D:
Subaashine! Miss youuu!
A truly random post by yours truly: