Monday, January 21, 2013

SHERLOCK's Unaired pilot

Well. I just watched A Study in Pink; the un-aired version and well I've got to say, they made the right choice when they decided to re-film it again.

Sherlock appears to look much younger in appearance than in the canon episodes. His hair is a lighter shade of brown instead of black, less curly and slightly longer at the back, also. He wears jeans instead of slacks which makes him again, appear younger, almost amateur-like.

His personality, I would say is not as cold and calculating as the current Sherlock; doesn't speak as fast too. Sherlock was not expressed as well as compared to the revised episode. Here he seemed to be slightly sloppy, almost soft even. His cognitive skills were not shown as much as in the revised version where for example in the canon episode, Sherlock actually spoke aloud which route the taxi driver would take and what he would pass by or go through such as traffic lights and no entry roads.

I didn't quite like the cinematography used in the episode; a lot of medium close ups. I didn't get to see much of what was going on as compared to the canon episode 01, where a majority of the shots used were long shots. The medium close up shots kind of made me feel compressed and restricted. But, the extreme close ups of Benedict's eyes and other features of his face; oh I quite liked that.

Over all I loved the canon episode 01, and not quite so on the un-aired pilot. Though, it was a good head start on to the series as it helped to set the basic plot for the series, but the revised version definitely got the ball rolling.

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