Sunday, January 13, 2013

Behold, a new fandom in my routine life.

I've just recently entered the wonderful Sherlock fandom and I have to say, 'I have absolutely no regrets'. Well, except that I regretted entering it quite late (2 years late in fact). 

It was evening and I was on a train back to my hometown after completing my exam and submitting my assignments in university. Sherlock Holmes (the movie) had just started playing silently with subtitles on a small screen just a few seats in front of me. I already had my laptop out; thinking of watching a random movie on my hard drive to pass the two and a half hours journey home. Well, I didn't know Sherlock Holmes was playing at first; so there I was, trying to identify the movie. I sort of had a hunch it was Sherlock Holmes, but I wasn't sure as I had not seen it before. 

Anyway, the train was already moving through the city and making its way out of it. About twenty to half an hour into the journey, the train made a stop at one of the small towns and literally just stopped; with its engines switched off, and since the engine was turned off, the screen went black as well. I literally rolled my eyes as my entertainment was cut short and proceeded to take out my laptop again (I kept it as I was engrossed with the movie on the little screen). Then I remembered that a friend had so kindly transferred two seasons of BBC's SHERLOCK into my external hard drive while transferring other files. 

Hence, commenced my 'fangirling' for SHERLOCK. 'A Study in Pink' was a fantastic experience. I watched; awestruck, as Sherlock explained how he knew so much about John's life just from the way he walked, stood, talked, and his cell phone. It was brilliant, and from that point on, I knew, that I had to share it with my friends. I knew (just) a few who were Doctor Who fans and even less of SHERLOCK fans (I might not be sure. They may be hiding underground from society for all I know). 

I was a little disappointed when I found out that there were only three episodes per season; and there were only two seasons. I was devastated. I wanted more. And so I googled about the series and to my absolute glee; there was going to be a season three! I was ecstatic. 

Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) and John (Martin Freeman)
I just finished season one by myself and had watched two episodes of season one with my dad (yes, he has succumbed to the intellectual, witty, awesomeness that is SHERLOCK as well) and I have to say, every episode is such an adventure. I've never had such a crazed fanatic over live drama series as I've only ever been engrossed over Japanese anime, so this is something completely new to me. I have tried warming up to Bigbang Theory and How I Met Your Mother, but all attempts had had me switching off the tele and going on to the internet instead. But SHERLOCK had retained my interest for the past three episodes and I am sure, it will; is going to continue for the next two seasons.

The wit and dry humour isn't the only thing I looked forward to when watching the show, Benedict Cumberbatch has proven to be [almost] perfect for the role of Sherlock. He has that crazed, eccentricity that radiates off of him when he solves a case, and that; in my opinion pulls the audience deeper into the fandom. Of course, how can one not adore his profile?

However, many would beg to differ on my opinion of Benedict. Some would say he's not all that great, or that good looking but who cares? He's fantastic!

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